General Conference: The protesters

A brief photo montage of some of the faces on the sidewalks during today’s conference. With each is a brief audio interview. Enjoy!

img_12231img_12241Red Button Singers

img_1239The Blind Prophet

img_1240Hugs Dude

img_1242img_1243Reuben Israel

img_124717:17 Guy

img_1262Abortion Man

img_1264Zion 4EverMan

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  1. Free hugs?

    I’d be all over that.

  2. Don’t know how it escaped me that this protesting went on, but yowza. Steve, you rock for compiling this anthropological record. Thanks!

  3. Wow nicely done! This was a great set of sound bites, thanks for sharing.

  4. FAIR’s been covering protesters for a while, but gave up, since it’s just reruns ;)

  5. Was it difficult not to argue with some of these guys?

  6. I want to know more about zion guy. What’s his photo of Mt. Oly all about? What does he think Zion is?

  7. John Hamer says:

    I think I’ve seen all these same folks protesting gay pride. Too bad the enemy of the enemy is also the enemy.

  8. that was really fascinating steve, thanks. did you have any protestors turn down your request for interviews, or were they all happy to chat?

  9. A couple turned me down, citing that the media is all lies.

  10. Entertaining, Steve–entertaining.

  11. Steve L says:

    stupid liberal mormon media

  12. More evidence that BCC is the best LDS web site out there. Thanks.

  13. Rameumptom says:

    Who were those protesters in the third photo? You know, the guy with the red tie matching the girl’s red hair? They looked like they were ready to give the prophet a wet willy or something….

  14. It’s sad that these people spend so much time doing this based on such obvious misconceptions. That’s really sad.

  15. Latter-day Guy says:

    This was really cool. Thx, Steve.

  16. randyandmeganchristensen says:

    THe singers are there trying to drown out the ranting of the others, if I am not mistaken…

  17. Reuben’s a busy guy. He also showed up outside the Cali Supreme Court Prop 8 hearing.

  18. I really don’t know how you refrained from engaging with these folks. Quite admirable restraint.

  19. Yes, I’m impressed with your journalism. I don’t think I could have just listened without trying to challenge them on some of their statements. Way to go!

  20. willswords says:

    Interesting stuff. Off the subject, but what kind of recorder do you use? Also, you might find the Yahoo Media Player useful for making mp3s a little more seamless on the site:

    All you have to do is embed some javascript and you get play buttons next to mp3 links.

  21. I have to ask, did you get a free hug?

  22. lamonte says:

    Steve – I’ve only been to General Conference once but I remember the protesters being a bit more hostile. You obviously have a positive influence on folks if you can receive such a calm responce to your invitation to vent.

    Great stuff.

  23. The Right Trousers says:

    My favorite protester story: On our way to our cars after Priesthood session, we passed a street-peacher-style protester. It was all the usual until he pophesied about our final judgment.

    “You’ll stand before God and he’ll say, ‘TOO LATE, SUCKERS!'”

    Whatever else he said was drowned out by laughter.

  24. “I don’t want to get a prophecy from God from a pervert.”

    = Awesome

  25. makakona says:

    SO cool. i clicked on a link below the “red button singers” on my iphone anyway and wonder of all wonders, i could actually listen to it! i didn’t even know my phone could do that!

    yes, quality journalism to get just a snippet from some of them without gong beyond. i’ve never attended general conference in slc, but from pictures, these guys seem more tame than garment-waving protestors of years past.

  26. Thomas Parkin says:

    I just got home from SLC, and I’ve got to say the protesting seemed relatively minimal this time ’round. Generally I can hear them from my folks apartment early and all day, but I could hear nothing but the choir’s singing. I also generally encounter at least a couple protestors in route to a session, as well. Not this year. All was quiet on the west side of the C Center. ~

  27. Elphaba says:

    Was it conference down there or a circus show?

  28. Steve Evans says:

    Starfoxy, I am a JOURNALIST! No free hugs for me.

  29. I want to say that as of April 12, 2009 I have been a member of the Church for one whole year. I find it to be saddening that the outside world finds it suitable to behave in ways such as was experienced during General Conference. Protest if you wish but remember that CHILDREN, INNOCENT CHILDREN are in your presence and should not be subject to your bitterness. Think of the things these people said in the presence of KIDS.
    There was an ELECTION. You have your right to protest our conference as is dictated by the Constitution. IN addition, it is our God Given right to STAND UP and raise money, and awareness of Gay Marraige. We have our rights also and we exercised them and because of that Prop 8 passed.
    Just so you will know only about 250,000 LDS people are of voting age in California. How many MILLION people voted in favor of Prop 8? Nothing like singling out the minority, huh? Then again nothing says I support civil rights like an angry group of Homosexuals who justify their destruction of Church (GODS) property. Just a thought…..

  30. Bert, congratulations on your baptism anniversary.

    The general conference protesters were not protesting prop 8. You can see that in the photographs and interviews above, and it was widely reported that anti-prop-8 folks had no plans to protest conference.

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