Sunday Afternoon General Conference

img_1227We’re pleased to liveblog and report on the final session of this remarkable conference. Predictions: more tears and more talks of persevering amidst adversity.

Rutter-esque “Now We’ll Sing With One Accord.” Hmmmm.

And another ERS text. I wish they would announce the composers and arrangers, or at least put them up on the website. Wilberg’s are mostly pretty recognizable, but it would be nice to know about some of the others.

Elder Oaks: “”LDS are unique in the extent of their selfless service.” really? That’s a pretty bold statement, upon reflection, even if we do have a lay clergy. Dogs instead of children, however, strikes me as an interesting move. “LDS are uniquely committed to sacrifice.” Yes, unique perhaps in terms of method, but do we really sacrifice more than others? “Great sacrifice and continuing personal pain” from defense of marriage efforts… indeed. “We do not serve our Savior well if we fear man more than God,” which Elder Oaks then links to immodest dress. Is Elder Oaks endorsing C.S. Lewis’ determination that the Fall had nothing to do with sex? MONEY QUOTE: “The effects of greed and entitlement are evident in the multi-million dollar bonuses of some corporate executives.” Apparently also sacrifice means not whining about how bad Church is, either: “Some say ‘I didn’t learn anything today’ or ‘No one was friendly’ or ‘I was offended’ or ‘The Church is not fulfilling my needs.’ All those answers are self-centered and all retard spiritual growth.” Elder Oaks should quote the Beatles: “in the end, the love you take…is equal to the love you make.”

The crowds mill about the Conference Center in-between sessions.

Too bad for the kiddies that “temple” is not the candy word of the day!

Elder Bednar: “These scriptures [D&C 105:33, 124:39, 109:2-5] help us understand that the process of taking upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ that is commenced in the waters of baptism is continued and enlarged in the house of the Lord. As we stand in the waters of baptism, we look to the temple. As we partake of the sacrament, we look to the temple. We pledge to always remember the Savior and to keep his commandments as preparation to participate in the sacred ordinances of the temple and receive the highest blessings available through the name and by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, in the ordinances of the holy temple we more completely and fully take upon us the name of Jesus Christ.”

“We do now and will yet face great challenges to the work of the Lord. But like the pioneers who found the place which God for them prepared, so we will fresh courage take, knowing our God will never us forsake. Today temples dot the earth as sacred places of ordinances and covenants, of edification, and of refuge from the storm.”

“I bear solemn witness that the fire of the covenant will burn in the heart of every faithful member of this Church who shall worship and honorably hold a name and standing in the Lord’s holy house.”

Cheese! Lots of couple photos during Conference.

Elder Stevenson’s talk makes a nice pairing with Elder Bednar’s–first tying the temple theologically to other rituals and doctrines, then tying it to homes and daily life.

Elder Teixeira: “The words ‘to do good continually’ depict well the standard we need to apply as we use our free agency.”

“Never lost when you can see the temple,” and conscience as GPS–what is this anxiety about getting lost? Especially in beautiful gridlike Utah??

I think I might need to write another Primary songs paper, about which ones get quoted in Conference. Is this the second mention of “Follow the Prophet” this year?

OK–this is getting weird. Does the Correlation committee hand out metaphors before people write their talks?

Elder Watson: I really like the attempt to add some specificity to “follow the prophet,” to note some of the distinctive characteristics and teachings of each one by personal reminiscence. I like it when our gerontocrats just speak as old men imparting the wisdom of their lives’ experience. (Then again, since I’ve been alive to hear all but one of the seven prophets, perhaps I should not make so much of his advanced age!!)

“As one who has been taught at the feet of living prophets, and of these latter-day witnesses whom I have known and love, I testify, in all truthfulness, as members of this Church heed the words and commandments the Lord gave to the Prophets of the Testaments, and followed by the Lord’s Prophet even today, we will more fully understand “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

Here’s my favorite from Elder Perry, a nice conclusion to the “lost” meme: “Usually, when I think of herding sheep I think of the requirements or stewardship of the shepherd to do everything he can for all of his sheep. This experience, however, reminded me that it is the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and my thoughts turned to the precarious nature of that one lost ewe, all alone and unable to find another step up the rock face and equally unable to turn around and find her way down. How frantic and hopeless she must have felt, completely powerless to rescue herself, one step away from certain disaster.

It is important for each of us to ponder how it feels to be lost, and what it means to be a spiritual shepherd who will leave the ninety-nine to find the one who is lost. Such shepherds may need the expertise and assistance of the Search and Rescue team, but they are present, accounted for, and climbing right beside them to save those who are infinitely valued in the sight of God…”

Alrighty, the folks who bet on President Monson to conclude win the wager. His delivery is just right for pronouncing benedictions.

And, hey, he’s including women in the warning not to sin. Cool. Technology and porn are equal opportunity snares. (And, phew, no mention of the evils of blogging :)). Also, interestingly, no mention of Prop. 8 from President Monson.

Here’s the conclusion: “How grateful I am, my brothers and sisters, for the restoration of the gospel in this dispensation and for all the blessings that have come into my life and into your lives as a result. We are a blessed people, for we have the sure knowledge that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ.

I pray heaven’s blessings to be with you. May your homes be filled with harmony and love. May you constantly nourish your testimonies, that they might be a protection to you against the adversary.

As your humble servant, I desire with all my heart to do God’s will and to serve Him and to serve you.

I love you. I pray for you. I would ask that you would remember me and all the General Authorities in your prayers. Until we meet again in six months’ time, I ask the Lord’s blessings to be upon all of us.”

Amen and hallelujah.

img_1272img_1266img_1232 (charles savage approves) img_1260

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  1. I love the BYU Creamery.

  2. I’m not familiar with this song. Are any of you?

  3. Anne (UK) says:

    this is the session during which I struggle to stay awake, time differences et al.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    Ben, I too saw that creamery commercial. Now I seriously want some ice cream.

  5. Love the Tabernacle Choir. Here’s some random trivia – “tabernacle” in French-Canada is quite a rude word.
    On the subject of the choir, does anyone know why Craig Jessop really left?

  6. Robert B. says:

    Yea – it’s the time difference. That’s why I have a hard time staying awake. (NV) – Of course, Anne, it is still better than waiting a few weeks to get a taped version of conference.

  7. o my father!!!! yay!

  8. I didn’t see the creamery commercial, but you all have me missing BYU Chocolate Milk (The Only True Chocolate Milk).

  9. Rachel, I was talking to a guy in the SLC church music committee, and he said nobody except maybe Monson knows why Jessop left.

    Ardis, was it you who posted that beautiful tract showcasing this song?

  10. Kristine says:

    Rachel, I’m pretty sure nobody knows. There are a few semi-plausible rumors, but they remain only that.

  11. Droylsden says:

    What is it, 9pm in the UK! That’s dedication!

  12. My Uncle is in the choir and he said they don’t know much more than anyone else as to why Craig Jessop left –except it had to do with spending more time with family. Which seems strange since he took a new position at the music dept. at USU in Logan…

  13. Robert B. says:

    Since when can the MoTab brothers have a moustache?

  14. Kristine, what rumors have you heard? I’m terribly curious.

  15. Anne (UK) says:

    agreed, Robert. Tapes were like attending a birthday party weeks after everyone else.

  16. iloveicecreamtoo says:

    I love the choir. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of this song but despite that, they sound great.

  17. Kristine says:

    Ariel, I don’t want to pass them along. Partly because I really, really hope they’re not true.

  18. Anne (UK) says:

    yep Droylsden, 9pm- 11pm.

  19. Well, I’m sure Bro. Jessop will help make beautiful choirs wherever he goes. I miss his energetic face in front of the choir, though.

  20. AzMeemah says:

    #1 Hi Ben. #2, it’s in the hymn book, but isn’t sung as often as it might be. #3, hang in there!

  21. I”m predicting we’ll hear from Perry, Bednar and Oaks, as well as Monson this session. Have I forgotten any of the other apostles that have not yet spoken??

  22. Rob, as my father said, “You have a good grasp of the obvious.” *grin*

  23. The best part of conference at home — starting off with a quesedilla and a plate of nachos. I Think during the intermediate hymn, I’ll make some popcorn as well.

  24. Tanya Spackman says:

    Rob, we already heard from Pres. Monson last session, and since he’s not conducting, I doubt we’ll hear from him again this conference.

  25. Chelsea says:

    That section of “Oh My Father” when the women broke into 4 parts was just stunning.

  26. Oaks first, I think, but Rob is probably right.

  27. TrevorM says:

    I have friends in the choir, who said that Craig Jessop was a preparatory gospel if you will. That it was time for him to move on.

  28. The “Word of the Session,” for a pack of gummies, is Savior.

  29. let’s see how Oaks fits in with the overall theme of the conference.

  30. Julie M. Smith says:

    “Kristine, what rumors have you heard? I’m terribly curious.”

    Yikes. I guess we need to hear a talk about gossip.

  31. Tanya — I beg to differ. I think we’ll be hearing from PRes. Monson at a quarter to (insert hour of conclusion in your time zone here.

    For us, that’s going to be a quarter to two.

  32. is our service all that unique?

  33. Chelsea says:

    “You can never love the Lord until you serve him by serving His people.” I love that.

  34. Tanya Spackman says:

    Rob, I’d offer a bet on whether he’ll speak, but that might be inappropriate in this context ;-)

  35. Chris, it is in the specific ways that Elder Oaks mentioned. Now he’s talking of non-unique service.

  36. Rob #6 provides an amusing response to Rachel’s question in #5.

  37. 9: Thanks for remembering, Ariel. Here is the link to the “Oh, My Father” brochure with the John Hafen paintings.

  38. LDS in KC says:

    “Not how many positions you hold”–YES! Right along with Matthew 25. Nothing abut positions there.

  39. Offer it up Tanya — I’ll take that bet, and raise it.

  40. Cousin Mose says:

    “Mother’s suffer pain…” and “Father’s adjust priorities…”
    I’m currently tormenting my kids by hitting the instant replay button on the TIVO over and over again to replay these quotes. They’re loving it….NOT.

  41. dogs=bad

  42. Here is a conversation on Br. Jessop.

    Now back to conference!

  43. I think I’ll make a motion at family council this afternoon to trade in our 8 children for a new puppy.

  44. There goes the shout-out to Prop 8.

  45. Kevin Barney says:

    Yeah, prop 8 involves continuing personal pain for me, too.

  46. C.S. Lewis sighting. Is this the first one of this conference?

  47. Sweet goatee on John A. Widstoe (first time I’ve seen his picture)

  48. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Yeah, this seems to be the response to the prop 8 response.

  49. Anne (UK) says:

    was that the first Prop 8 shout-out of Conference?

  50. “We live in a time when sacrifice is seriously out of fashion.” Great statement.

  51. And immodest dress….

    And a C.S. Lewis quote that I usually hear from anti-Mormon Evangelicals…

    Not sure where he’s going with all this.

  52. LDS in KC says:

    Lots of nonMormons were involved in the Prop 8 service. And there is also civil disobedience, political action, and lots of other of that type of service/civic engagement. This is different from direct service to those in need (just an observation).

  53. I wonder if Elder Oaks is aware that the sentiments expressed by C.S. Lewis are usually used as a SLAM on Mormons for believing that we can become like God.

  54. Kevin Barney says:

    You can’t be a lifeguard if you’re living pornography to all the men on the beach…

  55. Oh crap Tanya….He’s speaking to us now. But I still want that bet.

  56. Steve M says:

    Wait, my satellite feed went out for a little bit there–what was the Prop 8 shout-out?

  57. Oaks letting his liberal self out a bit, poking at AIG exec bonuses.

  58. Seth, whether he does or not I think it’s great to see him using that point from Lewis. The idea that we will become gods apart from God our Heavenly Father is, in my view, an unwarranted view that Mormons should eschew.

  59. Kim Siever says:

    I’m late to the party, but during my last conference on my mission, we watched it the bishop’s house and they pulled out a 5-gallo pail of BYU ice cream.

  60. Kevin Barney says:

    Wasn’t the me generation the 80s?

  61. Elder Oaks, laying the smack down on Wall Street! Snap!

  62. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    “Many Saints have gathered together to sacrifice in defense of marriage in recent elections.”

  63. Steve M says:

    Thanks, NCN_T.

    I think Pres. Monson had a Prop 8 shout-out this morning.

  64. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Roughly. I’m not like some people and have it written in front of me.

  65. iloveicecreamtoo says:

    #60 – I think the 80’s was the Pepsi generation. lol.

  66. LDS in KC says:

    Yea!! Reference to Mother Teresa!

  67. Natalie says:

    Wow! References to Mother Teresa. We really are seeing a lot of references to other religious faiths in this conference. That’s great.

  68. Did Bednar just say he was a Stake President at about the age of 26? (If memory serves)

  69. Rob, yes.

  70. Kevin Barney says:

    Love the shout out to Mother Teresa.

  71. KerBearRN says:

    As a nurse who loves the work I do and feel the presence of the Spirit frequently during my workday, I am very appreciative of Elder Oaks’ mention of Mother Theresa. She is my mentor and a marvelous example of ministry.

  72. We are still watching Oaks

  73. Yay for Catholic nuns!

  74. OK, I just wiki-ed him, and I was off by about 10 years.

  75. SP in 1987

  76. Wow–this time warp thing is kinda cool (some watching Oaks while some are watching Bednar). I wonder if General Conference in the eternities will be like that.

  77. Anyone recognize Oaks’ quote from a friend? It felt like Eugene England’s “Letter to a college student,” But I don’t have my copy to compare it with.

  78. Left Field says:

    He said 1987. I love how people from the past and the future talk to each other here.

  79. Tanya Spackman says:

    Rob, I’m game :-). I bet something Washington, DC-ish purchased from the store Groovy DC (less than $15 in value) that we will not hear from Pres. Monson again. If I win, I want something unique to wherever you live.

  80. Natalie says:

    #60 – I think this is more of the igeneration.

  81. The use of Alma 26:5 is a prooftext, but a long used one by Maxwell and Oaks.

  82. I knew he said 1987, but I was tagging that age based on what I thought his current age was. I was off by 10 years.

  83. Left Field says:

    Traditionally, the president gives the closing address, even if it’s only a few minutes.

  84. Chelsea says:

    the narrator (77) I think the quote was from his wife.

  85. Is it wrong for me to say that I have never left a talk from Elder Bednar with anything but a sudden distaste for pickles?

  86. It’s a, ummm, deal Tanya….I’m in Alaska. I’ll get a couple of dog booties from a musher that ran the Iditarod this year to send to you. Just kidding, but I’ll come up with something.

  87. What do you guys think of the idea that the sacrament prayer tells us that it’s the temple in which we take the Lord’s name?

  88. Pres. Monson will give some closing remarks methinks.

  89. Cousin Mose says:

    Casting lots? What a wild conference.

  90. Ariel: personally I think the sacrament prayer stands as it stands, imo.

  91. Rob, perhaps a tube of pig-lipstick?

  92. Or was that pitbull lipstick?

  93. Steve M says:

    That’s a hell of a lot of hell.

  94. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Awesome BY quote – anyone know the source?

  95. matt w. says:

    Regarding the aig bonuses: while bad, they pail in comparrison to the 1.6 billion in bonuses the US govt have given out while trillions in debt.

  96. I’m fine with the idea that taking on the name of Christ is continued and enlarged by the temple, but to say that it is not done (or even completely done) until the temple seems a bit contrived and contrary to the BofM and NT.

  97. NoCool: The quote is:

    Brigham Young, March 3, 1861, Journal of Discourses, 8:355-356.

  98. Chelsea says:

    Did he just say “hells bells”?

  99. TrevorM says:

    “ill-advised criticism.”

  100. Tanya Spackman says:

    Okay, I clearly really need to be better about my temple worship.

  101. Kevin Barney says:

    The time warp thing is entertaining. It’s like turning a session of GC into an episode of Lost.

  102. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Awesome BHodges, thanks. I’ll have to read that later!

  103. Too many people think that caring for their family counts as sacrifice. I think it is a blessing and a privilege.

    No pickles in this Bednar talk. I am enjoying it a lot.

  104. Tithe-paying members who occasionally rush through the temple.

    That’s a very direct way to describe it.

  105. Tanya–Just curious how long you’ve been a member and paid attention to the patterns of conference?

    There are 2 weeks a year that I ALWAYS teach the lesson in our FHEs, and those are the weeks before General Conference. (I also have other turns throughout the year.) We always talk about the organization of church leadership, and one thing I always tell my kids, is to pay attention to what the prophet tells us at a quarter to two on Sunday.

    Also, while I let the kids under 8 wander in and out rather freely throughout general conference, I call them all in at the end of the meeting to sit and listen to the closing words of the prophet.

  106. Anne (UK) says:

    the time warp thing is great. Bhodges just referenced a quote Elder Bednar hadn’t said yet. :-0

  107. Tanya Spackman says:

    Rob, I’ve been a member since age 8. I just like living on the edge ;-)

  108. CLAY — It was pitbull lipstick. And who knows, maybe I could get it autographed. I happen to know her dentist.

  109. @96, my thoughts exactly.

  110. Juliann says:

    I wonder how many greedy recipients of bonuses are Mormons holding church leadership positions…..

  111. Leahhona says:

    Doesn’t the Prophet always do a Blessing on the Members at the end of Conference, whether he conducts, or not?

  112. Left Field says:

    I hadn’t heard the quote yet, but when Chelsea asked about hell’s bells, I knew which one was coming up.

  113. Steve M says:

    I dig the “Come, Come Ye Saints” quote.

  114. iloveicecreamtoo says:

    #108 – autographed with lipstick would be awesome.

  115. Natalie says:

    Hmm…I didn’t know that 70’s were retired at age 70.

  116. Anne (UK) says:

    our stake trips give us little choice other than ‘rushing through’ sessions. An overnighter and you get maybe three sessions if you rush and skip lunch before the bus leaves to go home.

  117. I think I’m going to go out on a limb, kind of like sports figures do before big games, and GUARANTEE that President Monson will address us prior to the end of this meeting.

  118. TrevorM says:

    Elder Bednar, said it thus, “please repent.” he has always been blunt.

  119. Tanya Spackman says:

    “The fire of the covenant” – I really like that phrase.

  120. “The Fire of the Covenant.” He’s said that twice now.

  121. Anne, fwiw, I don’t think he was thinking of those temple trips.

  122. Steve M says:

    “The Fire of the Covenant.” Isn’t that the name of some LDS fiction series?

  123. “Hi, this is my one shot to speak at conference, let me open with a blatant kiss-up to the FP and Q12”.

    That pattern is as cliche as opening a sacrament meeting talk with a story about trying to avoid the bishopric phone call.

  124. Chelsea says:

    Another temple talk.

  125. J. Michael says:

    #115 – Retiring the 70 at age 70 is a practice that has sort of been set aside recently (for example, Elder Parmley of the 2nd Quorum will be 73 this year, I believe). Word on the street is that President Monson has put out the word that the policy will be followed more strictly henceforth.

  126. NoCoolName_Tom says:
    Gerald lund’s Martin and Willie handcart book.

    Didn’t really care for it, personally.

  127. Tanya Spackman says:

    Steve, if it is, the series is surely a blight upon literature everywhere (but don’t mind me; I’m just bitter about the sad state of LDS literature).

  128. Steve M says:

    Is touching the temple kind of like rubbing it for good luck? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  129. CLAY–We recently received some interesting instruction from our stake presidency — have the executive secretary make the calls to give people the speaking assignments. THe bishopric still decides who will speak. The Executive Secretary is just the messenger.

  130. “You are never lost when you can see the temple” I like it,

  131. Uh oh, “spiritual eyes”. Lou Midgley just bared his teeth.

  132. TrevorM says:

    132, I thought Midgley’s teeth were always bared? ;)

  133. Extreme Home Makeover: Spiritual Edition

  134. Left Field says:

    Do the towers of the Logan Temple qualify as spires?

  135. Steve M says:

    My spiritual eyes are currently on. . . . Unfortunately, my home doesn’t look any tidier than it did before. . . . Hey, it’s the sword of Laban!

  136. So he gives a shout out about media that offends the spirit, and follows it up with a shout out two Home IMprovement and Extreme Home Makeover. I wonder what the Stevenson Family watches on TV on Sunday nights.

  137. Uh oh. More stuff about clean homes.

    A pixel dies at fMh every time a GA mentions housecleaning.

  138. Clay:

    Got anything other than snark to add to the conversation?

  139. 1st quorum retires at 70. 2nd quorum serves for 5 years from date of call regardless of age, IIRC.

  140. Time to go pop some corn.

  141. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    I’m torn. I can tell he’s nervous but I also can’t help but think of little jokes and funnies while he’s talking. :-(

  142. #138: Funny.

    I got a weird Mr. Rogers vibe from the “can you say the word temple?” bit.

  143. …………………………temple………….

  144. Oh wait. It’s supposed to be capitalized.


  145. TrevorM says:

    Who is conducting the choir?

  146. Steve M says:

    Good song.

  147. Blair, I’m picked out of the whole crowd? Oh right, I mentioned the name of an apologist. My bad.

  148. He just said temple, temple… looking forward to the good song.

  149. LDS in KC says:

    Great Protestant hymn!!

  150. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #126 – I didn’t realize they had slipped up on the “no 70 over 70” program. I remember how shocked I was when they announced John Carmack’s emeritus status. “Hey, wait, I know John and he’s only a few years older… ulp.” But he still beat me by about 5 minutes the one time I ran the Deseret News 10K.

  151. No, I just thought you have other places to beat that drum as is your wont. ;)

  152. Tanya Spackman says:

    If anyone else is watching on BYUTV with closed captions, do you get a lot of Spanish captions mixed with English? It’s kind of weird.

  153. Aaron Brown says:

    Yeah, I guess the “can you say the word temple” bit is effective for some listeners in conveying the temple’s holiness and helping them appreciate his point in a memorable way. But it just makes me cringe. I really don’t respond well to the teary-eyed, hushed-toned, affected solemnity strategy at all. But there’s something for everyone, I suppose.


  154. Elder Teixeira presided at a Stake Conference last year. He shared a lot of fascinating things with us, both in the general sessions and in the various leadership meetings. He has a fascinating background.

  155. Speaking of a GPS Receiver — any geocachers here?

  156. What about Geocaching?

  157. Tanya Spackman says:

    Yay for mention of GPS receivers! I’ve fallen in love with mine, as DC is a miserable place to find your way around.

  158. My family went Geocaching yesterday between conference sessions.

  159. I love his accent. “‘istory” “centoory,” and “sekoority” all made me smile.

  160. I live in a small town of about 4,000 people, but just being the Tech junkie that I am, I own a Garmin Nuvi 260c and a handheld 60csX

  161. Steve M says:

    “What did you get out of Conference?”

    “I think God wants me to buy a GPS Receiver.”

  162. Tanya Spackman says:

    I have to admit, I’m absolutely loving the GPS allegory.

  163. I’m an admitted FTF hound in my area.

  164. GPS reference is working for me.

  165. follow-up on #155 – It doesn’t surprise me he is using a technological analogy, given how much he talked with us about using technology to share the Gospel.

  166. LDS in KC says:

    I love it when we make a wrong turn, the GPS says: Recalculating. And puts us back on the path. A lot like a spiritual journey.

  167. Aw man, I used the GPS/HG reference in testimony meeting years ago!

  168. By The Rules says:


  169. iloveicecreamtoo says:

    I love hearing all the accents at conference. I like his accent.

  170. KerBearRN says:

    Wait a minute… did I hear that correctly? Did he say “Heavenly Father will never force us to SHOES” ?? Does that mean we can be barefoot to church?

    sorry, sorry, sorry… :)

  171. “the ability to believe” – I like that phrasing.

  172. Heheh…Jer 7:4 Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, are these.

    Ok, his talk and the passage are completely compatible in context. But I dislike talks that create unrealisticly high expectations about one’s temple experience, especially when so few receive quality temple prep instruction. It sets people up for some serious disconnects…

  173. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Ahh! It’s stuck in my head now! No!

  174. J. Michael says:

    #140 – Jim, I think your understanding of the “term” for 2nd
    Quorum members was understood as policy at one time. However, Elder Parmley was called six years ago today, Robert Oaks nine years as of today. Don Staheli also served nine years in the 2nd Quorum. According to Elder Parmley, the policy will now be followed as you describe.

  175. Steve–I was just reading your summary about and caught your reference to the word of the day. Let me just say that the kids cashed in on TEMPLE during RIchard G. Scott’s talk yesterday. They’ve done OK this last session on SAVIOR.

  176. 169 ?

  177. Ben 173: I have some blog posts pending about that very topic, and plan to reference a talk from the recent Draper temple dedication where one speaker noted we ought not always expect some singular feeling in the temple.

  178. I would like to see one of these talks given in spanish with subtitles for us gringos.

  179. NR — that would be fun.

  180. Molly Bennion says:

    Agree with Aaron that the emotional approach doesn’t work for me, but, after experimenting with the church’s new test program for online family search and preparation of names for temple work, I can appreciate the emphasis. The pilot program available to us in Washington is astoundingly easy! Really exciting actually.

  181. By The Rules says:

    My Stake emergency prepardness work, youth/scouting outdoor work are all much improved by the marriage of walkie talkies with GPS. You can “Poll” the position of other units, and they will show up on your units map, and the other unit doesn’t have to do anything. Made by Garmin, model: RINO.

  182. Steve M says:

    Re #179–I wholeheartedly agree.

  183. We’ve had some fun family times going geocaching. I love it. Don’t do it at all now that we’re in Nigeria. Not a place to go out looking for any hidden treasures.

  184. 179–

    Isn’t your TV equipped with an SAP feature that would allow you to listen in Spanish?

  185. Leahhona says:

    182 – OOOOohhh. I thought it was the OTHER meaning of RINO. LOL

  186. [nr] (179), Elder Teixeira speaks Portuguese, not Spanish. But, I would like to hear him speakin Portuguese, and y’all can read the English subtitles.

  187. #179 – actually, he’s portuguese, but I understand the sentiment.
    #185 – I think [nr] meant that it would be nice if the speakers were allowed to speak in their native language

  188. Steve M says:

    Implied Prop 8 shout-out. Or maybe just a general warning to liberal Mormons. Or maybe not.

  189. Anne (UK) says:

    ~181: molly, my experience has been the exact opposite- after 30 years actively researching and submitting names, I have lost the will to even face nFS. everyone I have spoken to feels the same. It’s a mess.

  190. LDS in KC says:

    The Temple is the only building with no ceiling of any type separating us from Heaven–it is just all one. I am always amazed at the way attenders, carrying little suitcases, walk across the busy streets to the Temple, like nothing special is going on, and drivers just observing these pedestrians like nothing unremarkable is occurring when in reality it is all totally remarkable–what is occurring and what is about to occur.

  191. I am listening on the internet. If I switch to another language, do I get subtitles? My mistake on the spanish – I suppose I am guilty of profiling.

  192. Tanya Spackman says:

    Did that quote by Pres. Monson just say it was from 1839?

  193. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Erg, I hate the phrase “Lord’s Mouthpiece” – it carries the red-phone-to-heaven connotation.

  194. molly, my experience has been the exact opposite- after 30 years actively researching and submitting names, I have lost the will to even face nFS. everyone I have spoken to feels the same. It’s a mess.

    I’ve had the same thoughts. I haven’t got that much time or experience yet, but I’ve been a ward FH consultant and have taught SS classes on FH and FS and PAF, etc.

    But the vast, vast masses who haven’t gotten started yet seem to love it.

  195. Chelsea says:

    Tanya (193) I’m wondering the same thing.

  196. That’s three “supernals” this conference so far.

  197. I Met L Tom at a BYU CES Fireside in 1992 or 3. He’s tall.

  198. Left Field says:

    Speaking from the Past to the Future:

    I think it was supposed to be President Monson quoting a First Presidency message from 1839. But why would they show his picture as if it is his statement?

  199. I hereby dedicate to solving the mysterious fate of the ewe in the next Police Beat Roundtable.

  200. Robert B. says:

    #190 / #195 – I too have spent 30 plus years working on Family History and am amazed at NFS. It isn’t perfect but I have managed to fix problems that have existed for years. Give it a chance – especially if you use one of the “approved” software programs that eases the synchronization of your data to NFS.

    (Ancestral Quest is my personal choice)

  201. Thanks, Steve. I don’t like stories without endings.

  202. I thought we weren’t supposed to use the word “non-member”

  203. I believe that survey after living in Alabama, Ohio, and Michigan!

  204. Steve M says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the missionaries will soon be knocking at our door in search of referrals again. Better keep the lights off, just in case.

  205. CAW–Looks like geocaching would be difficult to do in Nigeria anyhow. Only 2 published in the country.

  206. Elder Bednar sure told us about being full time finders at a stake conference 1 1/2 years ago!

  207. #204 – Mary, I also do after living in Alabama and Ohio – and being grateful for not having lived in Michigan. (Yes, I’m in Ohio now.)

  208. Anne (UK) says:

    Elder Perry came to our ward sacrament in 78 or 79 ish, I was in the youth and sat in the back row. he deliberately came to us before the meeting started, spoke to each of us and shook our hands. Said he liked to ‘win over the back row’. Worked on me!!!

  209. Elder Perry is the only General Authority who from time to time wanders through the Church Office Building lobby and cafeteria, shaking hands with anybody who wants to meet him. He’s impossible to miss — 6-foot-something tall and at least half that across the shoulders.

  210. Ray, I live in Utah now and am so overwhelmed at trying to find someone to hear the Gospel who is not so hardend by bad examples and bad behavior of those who should be more tender.

  211. Anne (UK) says:

    201: we’ve been using nfs for a year now, and every consultant I know is at wits’ end with it.
    The ‘approved’ this free? or do we have to get members to buy it?

  212. KerBearRN says:

    A question to all– I believe it has been mentioned, but I’m just clueless–is there a place online that we can access this a.m.’s talks already? If so, anyone care to post a link? Thanks!

  213. I don’t know why we don’t use our local PR people to exoand our exposure in places like NY, where we currently live. Many people around here don’t even know there is a local mormon church.

  214. Molly Bennion says:

    190 and 195, What am I missing? Haven’t prepared names for the temple in years (did lots of it long ago), but, though I had to experiment awhile to figure out how to correct my own mistakes and I still have some general questions with which I need to play, most of it seemed straightforward.

  215. Chelsea says:

    Ardis (210) that is great. I’ve never met Elder Perry but he strikes me as a friendly guy. He always has a big smile in his “official” apostle pictures, while the others tend to go for more solemn poses.

  216. KerBear —

    This AM’s talks aren’t yet posted. Yesterdays audio files are here:,5239,49-1-1032,00.html

    Everything else will be there soon.

  217. Now some members will think Elder Perry has dictated the exact order of what we should share with others.

  218. I would love to hear Elder Uchtdorf’s speak in German. I would rather that everyone give their talks in his or her native language, but could you imagine how difficult it would be to have all the translators going from, say: Portuguese to Laotian, German to Hmong, and Japanese to Haitian Creole? Each added source language becomes an interpreter-multiplier. English is the Lingua Franca of General Conference and likely always will be, unfortunately.

  219. I agree that NFS is dismal — it was built by computer geeks who knew nothing about genealogy and didn’t bother to ask anybody, and it tries to force you to do genealogy in a way to satisfy the computer, rather than having the computer be a tool to help you do and record the research as genealogists have been doing for generations. When it becomes the only way to clear names for temple work, I’ll be forced into it that far — but I certainly will continue to use a commercial program (I like Roots Magic, but there are lots of good ones) for my day-to-day work.

  220. LDS in KC says:

    I like it when pictures of GAs make it seem like they are joyful and happy rather than stern and judgmental.

  221. #213 Links are at Go to the GC link on the front page and follow the trail to watch conference on line. The links to other sessions are at the bottom of the viewer, but the last time I tried I only got Sat am session.

  222. Robert B. says:

    #212 – unfortunately the software is not free. The site is good for those who have no information in the system yet. It is really designed to have everyone do a little bit instead of one or two trying to do it all.

    Ancestral Quest will license their software for free to a Family History center and it is compatible with PAF if that is what you use.

  223. #213 – I think you can always time shift on BYU-TV online and listen to what was on earlier.

  224. Elder Perry is in my ward in SLC. He comes once or twice per month. He always stays and shakes hands with all who want to. We were new to the ward and he asked my wife, “Does he treat you properly? Because if not, you come talk to me and I’ll take care of him!”

    Despite his age, I’m sure he would.

  225. SO, how do I get my WAshington DC Memento sent to me?

  226. NFS is not meant to replace Rootsmagic or other personal genealogy programs. We have had it for about 6 months. Generally speaking, I am happy with it. It is certainly a step up from the old FamlySearch.

  227. Tanya Spackman says:

    Dangit! Wait… no, I mean, er, yay, we get to hear from Pres. Monson again. :-)

    Rob, send me your mailing address: tspack at gmail

  228. That is, I’m sure he could. He’s the nicest guy in the world

  229. “I hereby dedicate to solving the mysterious fate of the ewe in the next Police Beat Roundtable.”

    Silly Elder Perry. The “ewe” is on the mountain in Salt Lake. The one down in Provo is a “wye.”

  230. KerBearRN says:

    Rob–Thank you! In some things we are behind the times and too often have simply waited for our Conference Ensign to show up. But several of the talks from this conference bear immediate sharing with friends and family.

  231. Tanya Spackman says:

    Pres. Monson: “Read the Ensign, slackers!”

  232. Ardis, have you ever noticed E.PErry does the same thing at the grocery store? He’d be completely justified at annoyance when people won’t let him contemplate the melons in peace, but no, he gets all friendly and recommends the asparagus.

  233. Not to pick an old scab, but could a sister give a prayer at conference?

  234. 1. How could anyone keep driving and not find out the fate of the ewe? Am having anxiety attack just contemplating a metaphor rooted in actual possilbe trauma. Waaaaaah. I tire of the controlling metaphors but got waaay to invested in this one!

    2. I have a polyvocal GPS, literally and figuratively. Problematic. More reliable than evil mapquest, though!

    3. Awwww, true to form, President Monson starts by talking about kiddos. One of the reasons I love this man–he seems genuinely enamored of small children.

  235. LDS in KC says:

    Has a sister ever given a prayer in GC? When did sisters start speaking–two decades ago?

  236. Btw, comment #234 was prompted by Pres. Monson’s acknowledgement of the pray-ers. I’m actually not caught up in gender issues in the church, but I’m curious what you all think.

  237. Robert B. says:

    #227 – Amen – too many of us “genealogists” need to wrap our mind around “family history”. They are similar but not identical tasks.

    President Hinckley was big on getting a system that worked everywhere and would simplify the process and allow everyone to participate. NFS might not be there yet but it is close.

  238. Anne (UK) says:

    Ardis #220- agreed. Ab-so- lutely. (said in very English accent0.

    Robert #223- I’m the only member in my extended family. the process of trying to enter 30 years’ worth of ancestors onto nfs is driving me mad. I agree with your comments about good for those who don’t have much on system already. For those who do though- aaarrggghh.

    I fail to see the point of having to go to FHC to use AQ. i thought we were trying to help members submit from home?

    it’s 10.42 pm- Rob (I think) was right!

  239. Tanya Spackman says:

    Uh, oh. Internet warning.

  240. 237 — If so, probably only a closing prayer.

  241. Rachel–the traditional cadence of LDS women might cause us to fall asleep during the prayers. I don’t hate the cadence generally (am used to it even though I prefer a Sister Clyde delivery), but with my eyes closed? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  242. 227 — ?? That makes no sense, nr. If you don’t use it as your personal database, then you have to maintain two databases, with all the garbling that implies in going back and forth and keeping both updated.

  243. When Elder Perry started by talking about tranquilizer darts and going after “lost sheep,” I got my hopes up for the announcement of an exciting new church program. Maybe next time…

  244. Rob–aw, the last word :) . Excellent.

  245. LDS in KC says:

    Rachel, #237: Well, the women’s sessions in September were launched to fill a need, but men are not required to listed to the women there as women listen to men (and now a few women) in GC. Many ‘old timers” regard this is great progress–and it is, along with women voting in solemn assemblies. For others, these inroads are not quite there and still lacking…

  246. The porn talk.

  247. lol janet. Not what I was thinking. I wat thinking about “the unwritten order of things,” which causes some to believe that women can’t offer the opening prayer in a sacrament meeting.

  248. I think we all hold our breath every time the internet comes up as a topic. We keep wondering if what’s going on over here isn’t going to be denounced as apostate any day now.

  249. the narrator– more like a porn nod, yes? They didn’t have on last night in PS? I liked the nod–short, direct, loving, and firm. Brief enough to keep a 13 year old’s attention without making him/her feel forsaken of God. Good job, PM!

  250. Kevin Barney says:

    bcc become living interntet pornography to those who view it.

  251. Left Field says:

    Question for People From the Future: Does he announce any new temples?

  252. LDS in KC says:

    Our ward invites women to offer the opening prayer, as well as the closing.
    For awhile, when women could offer prayers in sacrament meeting, it was opening prayer only, and it was deemed important for a priesthood holder to place a stamp of approval on the proceedings of the meetings and women obviously were not deemed capable of exercising that judgment.

  253. Chelsea says:

    No new temples that I heard.

  254. English is the Lingua Franca of General Conference and likely always will be, unfortunately.

    Well, then you probably hate everything else in the world… :)

  255. 252) no.

  256. Rob– I am a subversive little twit, reading things as I most like them ;). But a female-offered prayer at the end, with full traditional cadence, would set us up PERFECTLY for the post-conference nap! Excellent idea!

  257. Ardis – I place nFS in the same category as online scriptures. Great as a tool, but I need my own at home. This is especially true since you do not have personal control over your family on nFS. Other family members can make changes to the info just as you can. I heard in the beginning that eventually nFS will be the “Book Worthy of All Acceptance” (? I hope I got that right). I certainly isn’t, yet, but it is a step toward that end.

  258. “As we return to our homes…”

    It’s nice to already be here!! DINNER TIME!!! Hope that whoever closes blesses the food. It sure smells good.

  259. Ardis, in 220, wrote:

    I agree that NFS is dismal — it was built by computer geeks who knew nothing about genealogy and didn’t bother to ask anybody, and it tries to force you to do genealogy in a way to satisfy the computer, rather than having the computer be a tool to help you do and record the research as genealogists have been doing for generations.

    Hear, hear. Most Church software falls into this category.

    For records management, ds MLS is bad eno

  260. KerBearRN says:

    I think this conference is the first time I have seen a woman (now two) at the organ. Course, could be b/c I have this weird fixation with listening to conference (and not watching) from the kitchen while baking… (better listening with hands busy…like blogging??)

  261. I vote for Ardis to give a GC talk on family history. She’s the only one who ever really lit a fire under my intimidated arse and got me started. Ardis, Ardis, Ardis! (Double thanks since the illnesses have kept me home lately–means I can still do churchy stuff from my couch)

  262. Robert B. says:

    #243 – It takes some time to get your mind into it. But it works well – the theory being one correct database hidden in “the cloud” – no need to backup or worry about corrupted disks.

    If you ever submitted anything to Ancestral File – then tried to correct it you will appreciate it.

    Like I said – it takes some getting used to because it isn’t genealogy – it is Family History (done by computer geeks).

    Robert B.

  263. Ardis, in 220, wrote:

    I agree that NFS is dismal — it was built by computer geeks who knew nothing about genealogy and didn’t bother to ask anybody, and it tries to force you to do genealogy in a way to satisfy the computer, rather than having the computer be a tool to help you do and record the research as genealogists have been doing for generations.

    Hear, hear. Most Church software falls into this category.

    For records management, MLS is bad enough, but the ward websites (LUWS) is downright impractical. If it was possible to write something less in tune with reality than MLS, they found it.

    You have wards changing how they minister to families based on making it fit MLS, rather than making MLS/LUWS fit the ways wards actually operate.

  264. I Wonder if there are any husband/wife couples in the choir who get to sit in the “dividing line” beside their spouses.

  265. hey, do y’all wonder how the cameramen decide who to focus on in the choir?

  266. Alas, my internet connection died just as President Monson brought up the internet, so I didn’t get to hear what he said. (But I was at least temporarily free of its potentially dangerous influence.)

  267. AWESOME slight revision to The Lord’s Prayer. Yay, I say, Yay! “Hallowed IS Thy name” indeed.

  268. KerBearRN says:

    Rob–great idea! We are having pulled pork sandwiches and brownies (…well, we already at the brownies…), and indeed it smells YUMMY!!

  269. Rachel–DH has noted in the past that any choir member of color is bound to have the cameral fixed upon his or her visage so often that the poor dear starts to feel stuck in an Orwellian TV show.

  270. Anne (UK) says:

    “I heard in the beginning that eventually nFS will be the “Book Worthy of All Acceptance””

    that’s what really scares me. trying to verify and combine thousands of ancestors is likely to take past the Millennium.

    I could write an entire blog post on the horrors of nfs to date, including the ‘ tech support’ email which lectured on me on having faith after my divorce, when I queried why my marriage was still shown.

    Anyhow, never mind. Conference has been wonderful, and at 11pm tis time for sleeps!

  271. KerBearRN says:

    ***already ATE the brownies

  272. Kevin Barney says:

    The death of the subjunctive mood.

  273. Lynette–(dangit, this bcc thing is addictive, like unto porn), you are now responsible for the most recent snorting of diet coke out my nose :) .

  274. Tanya Spackman says:

    Well, all. Thank you for the fine conversation during conference. It was fun. Let’s do it again in 6 months.

    Rob, don’t forget to send me your address (tspack at gmail).

  275. because it isn’t genealogy – it is Family History

    Nope, sorry. If all it records is names, dates, and places, it’s genealogy. It’s only family history when you get beyond that point, and NFS isn’t designed to go even one baby step beyond genealogy. And it does it in a clunky, kludgy, way, one that only tech-nerds who never did a lick of research in their entire lies could possibly have dreamed up.

  276. Ardis, your tech nerd phrase is getting sent to my tech nerd sister. It rocks.

    Thank you, BCC, for your excellent and entertaining coverage! See y’all in 6 months!

  277. 264: That’s what you get when your chief hiring criterion is a temple recommend rather than ability to do the job. That failing really shows up starkly in the IT department.

  278. Kevin Barney says:

    Great job, everyone. This is definitely the way to experience conference for me; I get so much more out of it. Thank you all for your participation, and special thanks to Steve and Kristine for doing the heavy lifting in SLC. A new bar has been set in conference blogging coverage.

  279. Just updated the post with some final pictures. Thanks everyone.

  280. KerBearRN in #261,

    There are two female tabernacle organists, and one of them generally plays for at least one session of General Conference, and also for the general RS and YW broadcasts (I think).

    I always pay attention to who is playing, because one of the organists is a friend of my mom’s — in fact, she introduced my mom to the Church in high school.

  281. belledame2 says:

    I liked all the talks about the temple. I’m also looking forward to coming to Utah for the first time in 25 years since I’d graduated from the Y (YES!) and do a live session at the Salt Lake Temple.

  282. So with T&S out of conference blogging is it safe to say BCC is the new home?

  283. 264: That’s what you get when your chief hiring criterion is a temple recommend rather than ability to do the job. That failing really shows up starkly in the IT department.

    As one who has discussed open IT positions at least twice with the Church … I can just say that the Church IT department has some interesting challenges in recruiting and retention. Some of those challenges are self-inflicted, to be sure. Certainly, the requirement to live in Utah doesn’t help with recruiting. The temple recommend requirement wouldn’t even be an issue if they wouldn’t force people to live in Utah.

  284. It is my understanding that IT positions working for the Church don’t pay very well compared with the rest of the industry. If that is the case, then I would guess that the real problem is that you don’t get very good applications when your #1 hiring criterion is the willingness to be underpaid for your skills.

  285. With half the IT companies here in Colorado collapsing and hundreds of applications per job opening at the local McDonalds, I seriously doubt that the Church is having any problem getting qualified people to work for them.

  286. I wonder what Jesus is thinking now that conference is over.

  287. #287 – Why? You didn’t seem to care while it was going on. ;)

  288. randyandmeganchristensen says:

    I know this is late for most:

    24 and 83: He who is the presiding authority has typically been last to speak. In this case it is the Pres. of the Church, Pres. Monson. This should be the pattern which other meetings use, also.

  289. randyandmeganchristensen says:

    Also, I liked the use of “igeneration” in #80! and the AIG/US Gov’t bash in #95.

    Thanks all for entertaining me (or letting me be entertained) with all you comments this evening while my wife is headed to her mom’s 4 hours away for the week. I will miss her.

  290. Sanford says:

    Thank you to the BCC worker bees that made these Conference threads possible. I am still sort of astonished and maybe even a little uneasy that you can experience Conference in this manner but I watched the broadcasts more closely than I have in years. This is so much less passive than just sitting and watching on the couch. Following real time comments is very engaging and helps me see things I missed. Thanks.

  291. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    This. was. dang. awesome. Thanks all!

  292. anonymous says:

    Regarding viewing internet pornography President Monson said, “…the involvement in such will literally destroy the spirit.”

    This is an interesting statement. I hadn’t heard of one’s spirit being destroyed. I’m not arguing with it all, but am curious what this means. When would this happen? Could my spirit be destroyed already? If so, what then?

  293. #293 – The ultimate literalist. *grin*

  294. Eric Russell says:

    So was nothing controversial said this weekend? These comments are pretty boring.

  295. anonymous says:

    Ray (294), what do you mean?

  296. anonymous says:

    If you are saying I am taking the statement too literally… well he did use the qualifier “literally” in the statement.

  297. Latter-day Guy says:

    Maybe he is suggesting that Pres. Monson used the word “literally” as more of an emphatic addition and did not really mean porn will cause the “more refined” matter of your spirit body to disintegrate. On the other hand, I believe that if you have ever intentionally viewed boobs that don’t belong to you (or to someone you’re married to), then you will be completely legless in the Spirit World. Anything worse than that and you’ll start losing arms.

  298. Latter-day Guy says:

    But sincerely, if that’s your struggle, I would worry more about it destroying/replacing relationships and lowering your sensitivity to the Holy Ghost. I also really think that God will reward your best efforts and that He is more merciful than we give Him credit for.

  299. I have a question to anyone who understands how organs work. Why, if the thing has all those buttons and controls, does it all sound alike? I love the singing but the organ was starting to get to me.

  300. anonymous says:

    Thanks Latter-day Guy for the perspective (and humor),
    I’m sure he wouldn’t have encouraged people to get on the straight and narrow if there wasn’t hope, so I’ll go with the interpretation that he was talking destruction in the long term if I don’t turn things around.

  301. Holden Caulfield says:

    #299–if I literally read latter day guy’s post, I will be legless in the hereafter having looked at my dad’s boobs. It definitely wasn’t worth it.