Googlicious Deseret News Archives, 1850-1988

For some time now, the universities in Utah have collaborated to digitize and make available historic newspapers in the state. This project is now hosted as Utah Digital Newspapers, and is truly an invaluable resource for researchers of history and genealogy (among other disciplines). The Deseret News has been available through that service up to the first decade of the twentieth century. In a move that I can only hope becomes more common, google has continued its goal digitize and make conveniently searchable the entire universe and given us the News from 1850-1988.

While Utah Digital Newspapers is splendid, it can be difficult to search. Google has employed its technology that many are familiar with using in its google books search. While it has its idiosyncrasies of its own, this is a very big deal. Yay.

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  1. John Hamer says:

    Wow, that is super cool news. I love digitized old newspapers.

  2. Researcher says:

    “Yay” is right. I’m glad they’ve done this. Thanks for the heads up. I just spent a few minutes searching and found some articles and a few leads to possible information about ancestors that would not have been passed down through the normal channels (i.e. Grandma never told me about that lawsuit!).

    I suppose the idiosyncrasies you mention would include the fact that a few of the sheets look like they may have been used to wrap fish, as someone so elegantly put it, and that the character recognition is not perfect, but it’s still a wonderful service.

  3. I’ve used this collection a bit in my own research. I can’t say how glad I am they’re updating the search features. Thanks for the headsup.

  4. Left Field says:

    Is there a way to browse a specific date? I tried entering a date in various formats in the search space, but nothing worked. Does it include the Church News?

  5. I don’t think it is yet finished, because I was unable to access items I know to exist. For specific dates, I would use the Utah Digital Newspaper website.

  6. When I was researching the death of Elijah Abel’s wife, Mary Ann, I used microfilm to see what was happening during the week she died. On Dec. 5th, 1877, an article about “the opening of Africa” appeared in the Deseret News. I excerpted portions of it while I was creating Mary Ann’s funeral in the second book of the trilogy. I just read the article again using this uber-cool link. Thanks, Jonathan!

  7. Last year we found the name of an ancestor’s wife that had eluded us for decades in one of those digitized newspapers as well as some fun small town social news items. Small town newspapers are a treat. It’s been a pleasure being able to access them from afar.

  8. I’ve also found some odds and ends in researching some of my family history in the Utah Digital Newspapers collection, so this expansion is good news.

  9. J. — I’ve tried to use this database. When a search brings up a newspaper, I get a two-page spread appearing in a box about the size of a 3×5 card. How the heck do you enlarge it so that it’s readable? I’ve tried saving it to my desktop as an image so that I can use the features of any of several image programs, but in all cases the type dissolves into mushy gray pixels long before it’s large enough to read.

  10. Hullo? hullo? Is anybody there?

    (I’m commenting in hopes someone will see this in the Recent Comments box and come to help with my question above.

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