Lily Allen Tweets Her Way Into the Font

Why of course you know who Lily Allen is, she’s a indie-pop-rock phenomenon with no.1 singles on the UK and Australian charts, and top 10 hits in the United States. She is known for her internet presence, irreverent sense of humor and third nipple. She also recently tweeted about Mormons.

Lily, whose profile reads “im a hustler baby, i just want you to know,” commented last night, “I’ve just been on wikipedia and still can’t figure it out. What is a mormon ?” Hilarity ensued as Twitterers around the globe dutifully responded with their most helpful definitions of mormonism, in 140 characters or less. It has been interesting to observe the responses, some painfully earnest and some just painful. Here are a few of my favorites. If you have never been on Twitter, these will probably strike you as borderline illiterate. It may also be a revelation to you as to how Mormons are perceived on the outside by the Twitter demographic. With answers like these I think we can rest assured that Sister Allen will be joining Gladys Knight onstage any day now.

Watch the embedded video whilst you enjoy.

-The only religion with a Bible you have to read with (truly)3-D Glasses-and their main angel is named Moroni.Humans is weird.

-Its a fairly new religion. Their book of beliefs (like the christian bible) is believed 2 have fell from the sky.

-Mormon is a person who believes in Jesus Christ and also believes in modern revelation from God…

-a mormon is someone who gets their own planet when they die, has a super secret afterlife name & 10 kids minimum.

-Lol! A Christian denomination that believes in modern day revalation n that the purpose of life is 2 learn 2 live happily.

-random but i have a friend that is 1.. hard 2 xplain but they r like fullon christians. no alcohol or sex b4 marrige + stuff.

-A Mormon is someone whose religious beliefs are as crazy as any other. But all the other religions still hate them anyway.

-a mormon is a follower of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and they have magic underpants!!

-mormons are a bit like ewoks, only slightly less hairy and more clothed… the men wear ties and badges and knock on doors

-I am a ‘Mormon’ Latter Day saint, its a religion that has many untrue and false views given about it. Its actually fantastic

-check out the blogs nie nie dialogues and c jane enloy it if want to see mormon saw them in mail and inspiring blogs to read

-Isnt it something to do with being a member of the church of jesus christ (just googled it)

-Big Love shall teach you. and make you kinda like em tooooo

-Christians that follow the book of Mormon-written by prophets The book is a tru record of gods dealings with civilisation

-isnt a mormon a man with a fish tail?

Now, aren’t you glad that Mormons are so well understood?

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  1. Ewoks? Too tall for that. Wookies, maybe.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    I’ve been wondering that myself. That cleared that up.

  3. Norbert says:

    -Isnt it something to do with being a member of the church of jesus christ (just googled it)

    This comment is a metaphor for all communication today. Someone asks a kind of stupid question, and so someone else Googles it, probably picks up something from Wikipedia, and Twitters (tweets?) what they just read but don’t understand in the slightest. Fantastic.

  4. Norbert says:

    Blockqoute FAIL. Waaaa!

  5. All that is bad about twitter condensed.

    But I think this is just Steve’s cry of help to have you follow him at @darth_flannel and make silly quips to him.

  6. Silly quips, cocoa-boy? We’ll just see about that, @clarkgoble.

  7. Sheesh. Norbert just outed my modus operandi, and Clark just outed Steve’s.

  8. @kathrynsoper all your base is belong to Norbert.

  9. If anybody else is on twitter, go ahead and put up your addresses. It’ll be fun, honest.

  10. @mechta5

    I’m not feeling any funness yet.

    I’m in the middle of your book–you are an amazingly gifted writer.

  11. So little to do; so much time. Wait; reverse that.

  12. mmiles, I love you!

  13. Ah, illiteracy, thy name is kids (and young adults) who learned to write on teh internets. And cell phones. And all those other things that kids these days learn to write on.

  14. y’know mmiles, maybe if you didn’t restrict your tweets and started letting people follow you, you might start having some fun.

  15. Just RTd this on Twitter (@kmonson). Brilliant, as is Lily Allen’s SLC adaptation of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.”

  16. @markcquinn

    Ummm, I think she’s trying to be funny, but go ahead and take her all seriously if you like.

    Anyone actually going to her concert? She’s not really my thang, but I’d be interested to hear how her show goes.

  17. I’ve heard her concerts are pretty fun, actually. MCQ, you like boy bands like the Killers — why not girl bands?? Next thing you’ll be hatin’ on Kelly Clarkson.

  18. Speaking of kids and learning to write, my ten-year-old had to make a wiki-page for school, and participate in a conversation there. His classmates were using text-speak and spelling. That is a problem. And they were using it as a chat room to talk about who likes whom. Oh what will become of scholarship?

  19. Wow! I suddenly have a lot of followers. I feels so very popular. Don’t let me down. I’m looking for some fun.

  20. mmiles, try adding @robcorddry. And @ericdsnider.

  21. @rainnwilson is pretty good too.

    mmiles, why is it you sound like a late night ad for a coed chat line?

    Steve: you are a still a heathen, despite your recent change in citizenship. As you are no doubt aware, (I think it was on the test) the Killers are nothing close to a “boy band” except to the extent that they are all, in fact, (despite the feathers) male.

    I’m actually tempted to go to Lilly Allen’s concert tonight. If anyone else is planning on it, drop me a line.

  22. StillConfused says:

    I am not on twitter. All I want to know is — what about the third nipple?

  23. @cougartex Might as well join the fun.

  24. MikeInWeHo says:

    Now if somebody could help me understand exactly what the purpose of Twitter is, that would be great.

  25. MikeInWeHo says:

    Oops, maybe that’s supposed to me:


  26. Scott B says:

    @MikeInWeHo This will clear it all up:

  27. MikeInWeHo,

    I think you meant

  28. I *heart* Lily Allen! My wife wouldn’t have enjoyed her concert, though, so we’re going to see the Ting Tings tomorrow night instead.

    I confess, I don’t really get the Twitter thing. Where’s a good starting place?

  29. Mike, I’ve tried to tell you previously on twitter that twitter has no purpose. It’s like looking for meaning in cotton candy. Just enjoy the sugar high, man.

  30. Twitter really doesn’t have a purpose. Really.

  31. #28: FHL, I refer you to Scott B’s link in #26

  32. Scott B says:

    @FHL, see my (26.)

  33. I think Twitter was invented solely to make bloggers feel better. Now we can point to twitter and say, “see! we’re not as inane and time-wasting as those guys.”

  34. Steve, at least I am a man without an alias.

  35. Steve Evans says:

    Only because you have an undesirable name, Clark Goble. Lots of Steve Evanses = required aliases.

  36. Well, I watched it. So… micro-blogging? Only people who subscribe to your feeds see your broadcasts? Instead of texting one friend, you text them all at once? Sort of?

    Hmmm, is this the future (present?) of social communication?

  37. Scott B says:

    I’m sitting in a chair….I just found a parking spot…

  38. If people are that inane, I block them. To me, twitter is the modern equivalent of the sacrament gem. Remember those? Just give me the theme of the hour or of your day, or week. Your distilled essence. Don’t tell me you just bought jam.

  39. Steve Evans says:

    FHL, it’s sort of like facebook except it’s just the Wall part. It is the present of social communication.

  40. Those descriptions are awesome. How did our secret about the fish tails get out, though? Can no one keep a secret?

  41. MikeInWeHo says:

    re: 38
    Now that’s helpful, Mark! “Theme of the day…” Got it!

  42. @rustyclifton

    Right now my Twitter feed is filled up by two people: a friend who works as an Internet marketing consultant (CONSTANT updates, all about the biz), and a friend who likes to post a million articles backing his political ideology (very conservative). And then GC happened and I open my feed Saturday afternoon with 85 tweets to read from BCC. Nice.

  43. Steve Evans says:

    We aim to please Rusty!

  44. Oh wow, that was beautiful on so many levels. You might even say that list of tweets is “believed 2 have fell from the sky.”

    And @markcquinn, I just bought jam. Distilled essence of strawberry. (re: 38)

  45. MCQ–
    I’m ahead in the co-ed late night game. Twitter @___ will be the new phone number in the bathroom stall.

  46. Matt Rasmussen says:

    People used to complain that MTV caused short attention spans but twitter is just a waste. Not that I am an intellectual giant, just sayin’.

  47. Oh dear (sigh). Hopefully there is no bad publicity or whatever the saying goes.

  48. MMiles, I don’t think those numbers were for co-ed…

  49. Matt W. says:

    Jacob: 40, It’s not secret, it’s sacred.

  50. Brought together like this it was like reading some sort of collective consciousness poetry.

  51. Twitter is a fast way to hear about what people are doing without getting distracted by the other FB stuff.

    I thought it was fairly useless until GC and then I liked it– I felt very connected to two of the three types of tweeters(?):
    1) Funny/snarky like the BCC guy
    2) Insights or serious comments that make me reflect on what I was hearing
    3) Holla/word to your mutha listening to GC from x city

    I am not a holla back girl but I liked the others. Thanks to those who made it an interesting experience and kept me alert and engaged during conference.


  52. It took me long enough to get on Facebook – I don’t have the energy to start something else yet.

    As for Lily Allen – I just heard her stuff last month with my ongoing new music exposure program. I pull random CD’s of artists I have never heard before from my library’s music collection. Sometimes I get some really good stuff like Lily Allen, and sometimes not so good like my 10 minutes with Godsmack.

    As for describing Mormon in 140 characters, well that would be a challenge.
    Well muscled old guy writes religion on gold to give to son before walking away. Be good or allegedly righteous others will set you straight.

  53. I’m @tendercargo and already my day is improved my knowing what some of you look like :)
    I do not look like my twitter icon at all. sorry.

  54. Funniest series evah (or at least today):

    Steve Evans Says:
    y’know mmiles, maybe if you didn’t restrict your tweets and started letting people follow you, you might start having some fun.

    mmiles Says:
    Wow! I suddenly have a lot of followers. I feels so very popular. Don’t let me down. I’m looking for some fun.

    MCQ Says:
    mmiles, why is it you sound like a late night ad for a coed chat line?

    mmiles Says:
    I’m ahead in the co-ed late night game. Twitter @___ will be the new phone number in the bathroom stall.

    Clark Says:
    MMiles, I don’t think those numbers were for co-ed…

    Thanks one and all!

  55. Elphaba says:

    Lilly Allen has a drug problem, or so report the ever reliable TMZ and PerezHilton. So I’d take anything she (or anyone else for that matter) tweets with a huge pile of kosher salt.

    This one is my favorite:

    -A Mormon is someone whose religious beliefs are as crazy as any other. But all the other religions still hate them anyway.

    Ya know, there is a lot of truth to that statement.

  56. Brandon Flowers of the Killers is a mormon.

  57. S.P. Bailey says:

    So is Donny Osmond.

  58. So are most of the old ladies in Mo Tab

  59. The Lily Allen show was really really awesome. She did a great job. And she Twittered that it was the best audience yet. And she doesn’t just Twitter that about every city, you know.

  60. anonymous says:

    Lily Allen went to Wikipedia to ”find ‘ information. She attempted to educate herself about it none the less, that’s more than I can say for any” reporter that writes about her. As far as Lily Allen having a drug problem Elphaba”’ she does not have one. She is suing a magazine for misquoted drug comments, after being asked about her song Everyone’s at it,(an anti drug song) You consider, T.M.Z. to have reliable information! Harvey Levin features reports, on a bag lady that lives on the street in Hollywood, and won’t do much better than chasing down Kim Kardasians second cousin (twice removed) from out of town. If you like Perez Hilton, you have serious issues, why not just start your own cult that sticks needles in somebodies eyes? Or better yet you eye!

  61. Interesting. The anonymous person sticking up for Lily Allen, also commented on my blog (at least I assume it’s the same person) basically also saying that Lily is not a drunk (which is not something I implied). But it looks like someone is Googling the show for any blogs about it in order to clear up any confusion.

    Who is it? A defensive fan? A publicist of some sort? Weird.

  62. Leave Lily alone!!!