The First 25 Years of the JWHA Journal

Reprints of Vols. 1-6 of the JWHA JournalThe John Whitmer Historical Association Journal is the best Mormon studies journal that you’ve never read and that isn’t in your local or university library. (If you have read it and it is in your library, you’re part of a happy minority.) I’m biased, of course. Like the guy on the old Remington Microscreen Shaver commercials who believed in the product so much “he bought the company,” when I first encountered JWHA in 2003, I enjoyed the experience so much I volunteered to become one of its directors.

The first perk I got with the job was a complete set of the JWHA Journal. This was a rare treat because volumes 1-4 (1981-84) had long since gone out of print. When I got my set, I immediately began devouring them. It was like getting the DVDs of a complete run of a TV series I’d missed — I was able to consume them all at once instead of having to wait for them to come one at a time.

The good news is that now, for the first time ever, that same experience is available to you. (And you don’t even have to volunteer to run the association to get it.) We’ve reprinted the early volumes of the journal, and we are now able to offer complete sets of its first 25 years (1981-2005). Even better, we are selling these sets (volumes 1-25) for the package price of just $100, which is $200 off the original cover price of $300.

These volumes contain a wealth of articles by contributors including:

James B. Allen, Lavina Fielding Anderson, Leonard J. Arrington, Valeen Tippetts Avery, S. Patrick Baggette II, Philip L. Barlow, Alexander L. Baugh, Barbara H. Bernauer, Gary James Bergera, M. Guy Bishop, Davis Bitton, Alma R. Blair, Andrew Bolton, Carol Freeman Braby, Junia Braby, Jeff Braithwaite, James R. Brigham, Newell G. Bringhurst, Noel A. Carmack, Anthony Chvala-Smith, Richard Clothier, Don H. Compier, Todd Compton, Susan Curtis, Kathryn M. Daynes, Mario S. De Pillis, Maurice L. Draper, F. Henry Edwards, Lyman F. Edwards, Paul M. Edwards, Jessie L. Embry, Robert Bruce Flanders, Craig L. Foster, Arthur L. Gardner, Ross Geddes, Kenneth W. Godfrey, Imogene Goodyear, Robert A. Gunderson, Wayne A. Ham, Marshall Hamilton, Norma Derry Hiles, Richard P. Howard, David J. Howlett, Richard T. Hughes, Anthony A. Hutchinson, Massimo Introvigne, Robin Scott Jensen, W. Paul Jones, Danny L. Jorgensen, William E. Juhnke, Richard Ian Kimball, William J. Knapp, James E. Lancaster, Richard B. Lancaster, Roger D. Launius, Stephen C. LeSueur, Arlyn R. Love, Christin and Lachlan Mackay, Carol Cornwall Madsen, Robert Ben Madison, H. Michael Marquardt, W. Grant McMurray, C. Robert Mesle, Robert L. Millet, Thomas J. Morain, Adam Mueller, Thomas W. Murphy, Linda King Newell, Richard D. Ouellette, D. Michael Quinn, John Quist, Isleta L. Pement, Levi S. Peterson, Michael S. Riggs, Ron Roberts, Eric Paul Rogers, Ronald E. Romig, William D. Russell, Richard Saunders, Mark A. Scherer, Janet Burton Seegmiller, William Shepard, Joyce A. Shireman, Dale W. Smith, George D. Smith, Gregory Smith, Melvin T. Smith, Vickie Cleverley Speek, Geoffrey F. Spencer, Hugh G. Stocks, W.B. “Pat” Spillman, Graham St. John Stott, Patricia Struble, Lori Elaine Taylor, Grant Underwood, Clare D. Vlahos, Dan Vogel, Barbara Walden, George N. Walton, Edward A. Warner, Joni Wilson, Biloine W. Young.

(And that’s not counting Book Review contributors.) I think there’s no denying that this is quite a smorgasbord for $100 + $12 shipping. The order form and instructions for mailing a check can be found at

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  1. Wonderful news, John.

    (If you have read it and it is in your library, you’re part of a happy minority.)

    BYU has them in Special Collections, which is terribly annoying.

  2. John Hamer says:

    We’d like to get them another copy for circulation and at $100 for a set, the price is right. We’re trying to do a major push to get into more libraries, UVU, for example. I think in Utah, we’re only at BYU, UofU, and USU, which is somewhat crazy.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    John, that strikes me as an excellent deal — is there an electronic (searchable?) version?

  4. [slowly reaching for wallet…avoiding eye contact with spouse…]

  5. JH–I’ve run out of shelf space entirely, alas, but would love access. Is there any way to buy PDF access to the full complement instead of a paper copy?
    You’ve done fabulous work on all these projects.

  6. I have only read one issue, the one published a few months ago, and I must concur that it is an outstanding publication.

  7. You know, if you’d set up online ordering, I’d bet you’d get more takers. Who writes checks these days?

  8. #7 Oh ha, I should have visited the site before I said anything [putting wallet away…wiping sweat from brow…can’t find his checks…]

  9. John Hamer says:

    Re (#7-8): I absolutely agree with you regarding online credit card processing. The only reasons we haven’t implemented it yet is that most of our members, like MHA’s, are from the check-writing generation, and also there’s a bunch of monthly and other fees associated with credit card processing and we’ve been very, very cheap. However, you’re quite correct that it’s a sine qua non of business these days and so it’s coming.

    Re (#3, 5): No, the digital version is not available commercially yet. A DVD-ROM will eventually be offered that includes the entire run of the JWHA Journal, Restoration Studies, Courage: A Journal of History Thought and Action, Saints’ Heritage journal, and the Community of Christ Seminary Theology journal.

  10. Glad to hear about the DVD-ROM. I have no room for books and the local university libraries have no shelf space for further acquisitions.

  11. Any chance there is a sample issue online that could be read online?

    If John Hamer says it is excellent, I believe it. But I’ve never read it before.

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