My First Kiss

When I was 17, I think, I was riding shotgun in a car with a group of church friends either driving to or from a church activity in another town. As I was sitting there with my right arm resting on the arm rest, I felt a girl’s hand slip into my right hand. The girl–who I’ll call Eliza–who was sitting behind me had reached her hand forward through the opening between the door and the seat to caress my hand.

That was an extremely gutsy move on her part, I thought. But it was perfectly fine with me. She was tall and slender and cute with short, blonde hair, and I certainly liked her. So we started going out together. She was at least a year older than I was, and I was very inexperienced with girls, so going out with Eliza was a great learning experience for me.

I don’t recall how long we went out, but it wasn’t very long; maybe a month or two or three. As it turned out, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and I was just her rebound guy. My role was simply to be someoone to have fun with and take her mind off of her break-up, but she wasn’t interested in me for the long haul. Which was just as well, as I still had college and a mission ahead of me.

I still remember the night when she broke up with me, euphemistically saying she wanted to “slow things down.” I have to admit that I didn’t see it coming, and in the moment I was disappointed, although upon reflection I realized it was just as well. Apart from being Mormon and being in mutual lust with each other, we really didn’t have much in common.

Anyway, I guess as a parting gift, she kissed me goodnight. We hadn’t kissed before, and I had never kissed a girl before that night. I’ve got to give her props–it was a sensational kiss. She really knew what she was doing. It was as wonderful a first kiss as I ever could have hoped for. I still remember driving home that night–even though we had just broken up, it literally felt like the car was flying about five feet off the ground. I knew that I had experienced a major landmark in my young life–my first kiss. And it was a good one, even though it came in the context of another landmark–my first break-up. But since this was all so new to me, I wasn’t at all traumatized by the break-up; I just absorbed it as a life experience.

OK, I went first, now it’s your turn. Tell us about your first kiss.

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  1. I was 16. I was dating a guy, I’ll call him Matthew, who was 17. He was not a member of the church, but he was taking the missionary discussions. We had been dating for about four months. We would hang out at his house after school, and we were by ourselves because his mom (who was single) worked during the day.

    Matthew and I had both wanted to kiss for some time, but we were both too chicken to make the first move. Finally, one afternoon, he got bold enough to give me a kiss. It was awkward because neither of us knew what we were doing. Later that evening, after his mom got home, he walked me out to my car, and we had a proper kiss. (I guess we were quick studies.)

    The funny thing is that he told me the next day that his mom had seen the goodnight kiss through the window and was relieved. She was apparently concerned that we hadn’t been kissing. She then gave him a lecture on contraception, and he explained the law of chastity to her.

  2. I was 14, and it was at a stake youth dance in a very dimly-lit cultural hall.

  3. He was married (I didn’t know it then, of course), the skunk.

  4. I was 18; my future wife was 17. We had been dating regularly (and, in my case, exclusively) for a year. I asked her if I could kiss her; she said yes.

    It was special, but not expert in any way. (a first for both of us) There were plenty of much more expert kisses in the following months., since we also were quick studies.

    Keri, that’s hilarious.

  5. Ardis!! How horrible!

    I was 16, in my bedroom, with a boy I met at art school ( I went as a high-schooler). My parents let him stay the night in a sleeping bag on my floor. After it was dark, he climbed up on my bed and kissed me.

  6. Does 2nd grade hiding next to the TV count?? He was my dad’s CB buddy’s son.

    If not, it was when I 17 to my now husband.

  7. laurenlou says:

    no better to time officially de-lurk than a first-kiss-story-sharing time, right? i was 18, and had proudly (and loudly) maintained my VL status all through high school and 1.5 semesters of college. a week before opening night, my fellow cast members convinced the director of the play i was in to add a kiss to a scene between me and the male lead. i remember acting horrified and martyr-esque when they, giggling, told me the news at the end of rehearsal, but i was secretly thrilled. i grabbed the guy and took him outside for a quick, private rehearsal so as to avoid having my first kiss witnessed by the entire cast.
    we stood about 6 feet apart behind the auditorium, he awkwardly fiddled with his script (even though we’d been off book for a few weeks) and i stood stiff as a board with my hands at my side. he started his speech that would lead in to the kiss. about half-way through, i closed my eyes. he finished and i heard him step closer. i closed my eyes tighter and was suddenly aware that i really needed to pee. then his lips were on mine, and i remember thinking, “i wonder if i should do something…”
    he pulled away, and i heard a muffled cheer. the cast had clumped around the windows and watched it all. my inner drama queen flaring, i squealed at them and ran back to my dorm, collapsing in wild teenage hysterics on my roommate’s bed while he and his friends sang “one last kiss” from bye bye birdie under my window.

  8. My first kiss was not a happy event. I don’t recall exactly how old I was, but I know it took place around stardate 5784.2, when I was being held captive by Parmen, the evil Platonian ruler. After making me dance around in a ridiculous outfit, he used his psychic superpowers to force me into kissing Lieutenant Uhura (this was not entirely bad, as she was lovely, but we just weren’t meant to be).

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, Parmen made my little dwarf buddy kill himself.

  9. Welcome, laurenlou. We always love to hear from delurkers.

  10. especially, laurenlou, when it’s to share a story like that!

  11. My first kiss was at 18, outside the front door of my dorm building, in full view of the security camera. My then boyfriend (whom I’ll call first kiss man) had a beard, and was a very thoughtful kisser. We stayed friendly after we broke up, but I suspect that was mostly because he was hoping I’d change my mind.

    The weird part, though is this- I met first-kiss man during a post-high school trip to London, and I met my husband years later at school in AZ. When first kiss man came to my wedding reception, we discovered that he grew up in the same stake as my husband, was the same age as my husband’s older sister, and first kiss man’s older brother regularly baby sat for my husband’s roommate and good friend.

  12. The night before my mission farewell, after I’d gone to a movie with a girl I’d chased for awhile and who’d blown me off (she was my prom date and eventually married a BYU professor; we ended up just good friends). She gave me a goodbye kiss on her doorstep.

    I prefer to think of my second kiss. I’d been home from my mission for only a couple of weeks, and was going to be hanging out with a friend from my freshman year, who’d actually written me during my mission. She was leaving in one week on her mission. I had just moved into Heritage Halls that day, so she picked me up and we went to Doc Hollywood and then went dancing at the Bay in Provo. A lot of flirting, but and we’d known each other for awhile, but never exactly dated. And, I mean, she was gong on a mission. Anyway, as we left the Bay, we got to her car, and she turned around, leaned against her car door, and paused.

    Despite my woeful inexperience, I knew what was expected and performed admirably. Said sister missionary left on her mission the next week, although I think I surprised her mother by giving her a hug at the MTC.

    (Of course, she eventually came home, after I’d almost gotten married twice while she was gone. And we’ve been married over 15 years and have three kids. And that’s the rest of the story.)

  13. Justmeherenow says:

    INteresting stories, guys.

    Mine was when and I (and she) was Sixteen or seventeen. She sat near me in my public speaking class. (My first girlfriend from a year before was in the class too. My first girlfriend’s best girlfriend has finally started to intimate to me that my first girlfreind had wanted me to kiss her. But I never said anything to this suggestion and I never tried. I was too nervous to since I didn’t know how.)

    This new girl and I started eating lunch together. One day during lunch she drove me in her used, baby blue Ford Fairlane to a public park to hang out and talk. We both sat on the grass as she gazed into my eyes, the fingers of her hand gently tugging on the material on my shirt and her face only a few inches from mine.

    It suddenly occured to me, “Hey. Maybe I ought to give her a kiss.”

    I lunged to bridge the teensy, remaining gap between us — too quickly to expertly accomplish the objective but successful in pressing my too-firmly puckered lips to her extremely soft ones. She’d shifted her weight back to absorb my approach and accept my embrace and said to me (something like), “Do it like this….”


    We became daily makeout partners.

    After awhile she began to more and more brazenly broach the idea of our going further but I steadfastly guarded our boundaries.

    I finally myself broached the subject of my religion — to which she listened, politely.

    Something I never did tell her is that I’d felt torn: I’d enjoyed our necking ever so much her but felt our relationship was based almost entirely on the physical. She began going out with a guy she worked with at Dairy Queen and she broke up with me. I felt more relieved than sad.

    Immediately after this, I tried to ask out this girl who was in my art class and who I had this mad cruch on: a religious girl who I’d finagled a way to sit near so that I could talk with each day during class. But that’s another story.

  14. idahospud says:

    At 14, at a party, under the mistletoe, with a fellow 14-year-old who completely blew my mind (I had thought french kissing would be gross).

    When, four years later, I finally met a guy who could kiss like The First, I knew I had to marry him. Yowza.

  15. Oh no. I couldn’t. Too embarrassing.

    However, I will be kind enough to confirm that the date of the first kiss was August 31, 1997, when I was 15 years old. I remember the exact date because it was the day Princess Diana died.

    I’ll also say that the first guy I kissed and the second guy I kissed both happened on the same day, and they were brothers.

  16. Perry Shumway says:

    I was sixteen, lanky, shy, awkward. She was a year older, recently baptized, but with a too-recent history of sexual conquests about which I was gleefully ignorant.

    It was the end of our first date, at her house, as she kept moving closer to me, and I kept backing up and smiling bashfully. She finally pinned me to a wall and nailed my lips. I broke free – exhilarated liberated and violated at once – mumbled “bye,” and rushed outside to my waiting Honda Civic.

    I turned the key and the motor started but for a split second something was wrong – there was no sound from the radio, which was perpetually left on full blast. Then the song came on, and I realized that I had started the motor at the exact moment in this particular song in which there’s a brief gap of silence between the first few verses and the final repeating cadence of the chorus. As soon as the music started and Kevin Cronin launched into the familiar refrain, I knew the words were providential.

    The song? “Time For Me to Fly,” by REO Speedwagon. True story.

  17. First girl I ever kissed was my wife after we slipped away from chaperoning a youth dance at a mountain resort. Sat down in the dark under the pine trees next to a large fishing pond and started talking, then more.

    She says I stunk at it. Which she actually found somewhat charming since it was obvious she was my first (which was also flattering to her I guess).

  18. Ardis, yours reminds me of that luminous parenthetical of Nabokov’s–(picnic, lightning). Sorry for the trauma but delighted with the presentation.

    I wish I had a clue what/when my first kiss was. I do remember my first love, though, which seems most important to me. I married her. The first kiss with my first love was on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine in a giant Egyptian cotton tent on a cool day in autumn. That I will never forget.

  19. Kevin Barney says:

    Wow, I’m loving the terrific stories! Keep ’em coming.

    (Jack no. 15, I’m glad to see the spirit of polyandry lives!)

  20. It was kindergarten. The story goes I lined up every girl in the class. I don’t recall any of the details, except being in trouble.

  21. #19 Kevin ~ I’m glad to see the spirit of polyandry lives!

    Huh. You know, I never thought of it as the spirit of polyandry, I always thought of it as the spirit of being a naive, bewildered teenage girl who lacked the assertiveness to tell horny teenage boys to keep their hands off of her. Now you’ve got me wondering if all my joking about polyandry and making Jason Statham my second husband isn’t part of some dark, actual desire deep within me.

    This will send me into at least 2 minutes of serious introspection.

    For the record, there have only been 4 guys that I kissed, and I waited 5 years between the third guy and my husband. I’m only a little bit of a slut.

  22. Jack you are now required to tell that story!

    Mine was after school in 8th grade. We were both 14 and our friends were watching. It was embarassing and exhilarating at the same time. I remember having no idea what to do with my hands, and being so excited I almost passed out.

  23. I was eight years old, and it happened in the balcony of the Chabot Theater with Pamela Hobbs, who was nine. It was a Saturday matinee double feature, with “Old Yeller” and “Bombers B-52”. As you can see, it didn’t make much of an impression. Except, now that I think about it, this may explain this thing I always had for older women.

  24. 16
    and i can’t stand to think of it.

    but i’m enjoying all of yours. especially jack’s. i’ve only kissed two boys in my whole life.

    (ok. just kidding)

  25. Alan LeBaron says:

    Summer – 1962
    16 years old
    Corral drive in theatre
    Calgary, Alberta
    Back seat of a Morris Minor
    It was fantastic
    No memory of what was playing

  26. She was my first love. She was a model LDS young woman. We dated for about 4-5 months before I realized that kissing was an option. We talked about it openly, but for a while whenever one of us was ready, the other wasn’t.

    After she came and listened to one of my orchestra concerts, we went to the same restaurant where sparks had first flown between us. We hadn’t been there since. Back at her house, the time was right. We could tell because we were both shaking.

    My journal record is remarkably romantic and embarrassing. “Time itself seemed to stop,” etc. The kiss itself was no more than three seconds, but it certainly made an impression!

    In addition to my detailed journal description, I wrote a poem about it, which I proudly shared with my parents and grandparents. They thought it was cute. Unfortunately, I can’t find it.

  27. I was 19, the beginning of sophomore year of college, with a guy I’d been going on dates with for about a week. It was outside my apartment door when he took me home after a date. It was quite nice, and luckily no one was peeking out the window.

    The best part of the story, though, is that we kept dating for quite a while, and months later I asked him about his first kiss. He told me, and then asked me about mine. I looked at him dumbfounded and replied, “Um, you were there.” It took me a while to convince him that that had really been my first kiss. I’m still flattered by that.

  28. Alright, MCQ, just for you. Some context is necessary first though.

    People may think I’m an “evangelical babe” now based on the pictures on my blog and Kevin Barney’s drooling over me, but I was quite the ugly duckling growing up. I didn’t just get hit with an ugly stick; I fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Bottom line, guys never paid attention to me when I was younger and I was quite the tomboy.

    So the day was August 31, 1997, I was 15, I was on a last-summer-fling vacation with my family at a lakeside resort in Washington state, and I had recently discovered the joy of the midriff-baring shirt. I had make-up on, my hair was pulled back into a bun, and I was wearing a tiny little midriff-baring navy blue t-shirt with a pair of stylish jeans. I daresay that for once I looked like a girl, and not an altogether ugly one.

    I had wandered off to the resort’s basketball court and was shooting hoops by myself when a tall, blond guy showed up and started shooting hoops with me. We chatted and flirted as we played. His name was John, he was 17, and that’s about all I remember about him. It wasn’t long before he was playfully grabbing my exposed midriff as we played, and then it happened really suddenly. He just pulled me in close and kissed me.

    I remember reading an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio in which he described his first kiss as “the girl just grabbed me and injected my face with saliva and it was really gross.” It was a lot like that. I was so confused and bewildered as it was happening, I didn’t know how to react. I had just met this guy, like, 20 minutes ago! And the kiss was gross, and there was no Princess Diaries foot-popping magic, so I felt robbed. And I felt used, but I was too damn timid to tell him “no” and walk away.

    We hung out a little bit that morning and he introduced me to his brother, Kenny, who was a year younger than me, and I got along much better with Kenny than I did with John. By the end of the day, John was ignoring me and flirting with other girls around the resort. I think he was on a scavenger hunt for a girl who would sleep with him or something.

    So it was nighttime and I was sitting on the dock by the lake with my toes in the water, feeling absolutely horrible about that monumental “first kiss” moment in my life having gone to waste, and Kenny came out on the dock and sat next to me. To cut to the chase, I wound up kissing him, too. We spent the weekend at the resort together boating and swimming and honestly had a good time—we were out on the boat the next day listening to the radio when we heard that Princess Diana had died, so I remember that. I can’t say it was love, but he was a lot sweeter than his brother, and he honestly seemed to think I was beautiful. Maybe he was the first guy to be right about that.

    I saw John at a mall in Puyallup a few years after that, but I never saw Kenny again.

    So what are the morals of this story?

    1. Trashy shirts. They draw the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of guys.

    2. My first kiss with my husband was much better than everything I just described here.

    Sorry this was so long, but you’re the one who just read every word…

  29. Jennifer in GA says:

    Age 14, after a Stake New Year’s Eve Dance. Clint Cassidy was his name.

    My friend had brought his non-LDS friend to the dance, who was a guy I kinda-sorta knew from school. We danced all of the slow dances together, and during the post-midnight breakfast we slipped outside to the steps by the stake offices. He kissed me and then asked me to be his girlfriend.

    For the next week we talked on the phone every day, and even met up the next Saturday at some stake function. On Sunday, the day before we went back to school, he broke up with me, and never spoke to me again. Jerk. :P

    However, the experience proved useful in the upcoming years, as I discovered that the stake dance chaperones never seemed to check the steps by the stake offices. So if one wanted to have an interlude with the cute boy from a few wards over you’d been flirting with over the course of several stake firesides and dances, the stairs were the place to go! ;)

  30. That was great, Jack.

    Oops, I forgot to tell my age in mine (#26). I was 17.

    I also wanted to mention my other first kiss. I was a return missionary at BYU, cleaning toilets in the Tanner Building in the early hours. Several times I ran into a returned sister missionary from my mission, who was a student in that building. The first time I asked her out she was busy. The second time we did go out, and we had a great time.

    We started dating, and watched General Conference at her parents’ Davis County home. There was a talk (by Elder Ballard?) about reading scriptures, so we started reading together in a Tanner Building first-floor study room after I finished work.

    One morning after we’d read I told her I was nervous. It was true. She asked why, and I told her that I wanted to kiss her. She said something like “What’s stopping you?” It was lovely and very sweet, and the rest of the day I could taste her lips on mine.

    We were married less than four months later, and we used to joke that if we had a son we would name him Tanner.

  31. R.K. Peery says:

    Nervous but excited, I had it planned out in my head. Suave, smooth, earth-shattering, perfect. The reality was a little awkward, tentative, sort of fumbling in an elevator between the first and second floor of the building. But still pretty dang perfect. And memorable. It still makes me smile.

  32. Researcher says:

    Curious discussion for Easter! The first time I was kissed, I was about 14 or 15 and in a curio shop in Nogales. I was in a back corner of the shop, looking at carved ironwood birds or stone turtles or marble chess sets or whatever they have in those places and a kid who worked in the shop started talking to me. Not understanding Spanish, I turned to him to try and figure out what he was saying, and smack!

    I was mortified. The first time I was kissed and it wasn’t even someone I knew.

  33. #32 – Researcher, that was his kiss, not yours. We want to hear about your first kiss.

  34. Kevin Barney says:

    No. 28 “and Kevin Barney’s drooling over me” almost made me shoot my vanilla cherry Dr Pepper out my nose all over the keyboard. Classic line, Jack!

    These stories are great; I’m really enjoying them.

  35. Good story, Jack. I am a big fan of trashy shirts.

  36. We had dinner at Martine. Tapas. Then we walked Temple Square and enjoyed the lights. An hour or so later, we walked towards Brigham’s grave. He’d parked his car there, and we stood chatting for ages. The night was over, and we kissed goodbye. I stood there, as he drove off. Then I floated down the hill and grabbed a pack of gum from the mini mart in the ground floor of President Hinckley’s building. I was certain that I was glowing. I certainly felt like it.

    I was 32.

  37. Kevin Barney says:

    Silus Grok no. 36, those last three words of your account were very dramatic. Thanks for sharing that.

  38. It was in the park across the street from her house–I was a junior in high school and she was a sophomore. I got the impression that she was better at it than I was. But then, she was Fawn Brodie’s niece.

  39. she was Fawn Brodie’s niece.

    So she knows (firsthand, besides you) your first kiss history…

  40. Oh, I just love getting a chance to tell my story. We had been going out exclusively for, oh, a month? Maybe more? I wanted him to kiss me but wasn’t bold enough to do it myself. (Hey, it was my first!) Finally, one night he was dropping me off at my apartment after a date and we stood there talking for a few minutes, as always, and I got up the nerve to ask: “Don’t you think you should kiss me sometime?”

    There was a long, awkward pause as he thought about it. “Is it okay if I say no?” he asked.

    “Of course,” I said, and turned to go. He sighed, “Fine, I guess I could” and kissed me. How’s that for romantic?

    (We then dated for another year and a half. The kissing got better as time went on.)

  41. I was 16.

    I kissed a girl and I liked it.
    It felt so wrong, it felt so right.
    Didn’t mean I’m was in love that night.
    I kissed a girl and I liked it.
    I liked it.

    She made fun of me because it was my first time.

  42. Man. Some of you guys sound like you had enchanting foot-popping magic for your first kisses. Makes me jealous.

    I was my husband’s first kiss. He was such a valiant and chaste Melchizedek-priesthood-holding returned missionary determined to take a worthy Mormon girl to the temple… and then he met me.

    It’s been fun to read these stories, thanks for sharing.

  43. I was 18, it was the summer after my freshman year. We were parked at a gas station in my rural Arizona hometown. I’d known him for about a month, maybe, but I was living in Provo and so we mostly talked on the phone and when I came down once a month. My mother did not approve. I laughed DURING our first kiss.

    I later found out he was a major shmuck, so now I always refer to him as shmuck boy.

  44. It has been a long time since I thought about my first kiss. I’m racking my brain and I can’t find the memory of the actual kiss, which is really kind of disturbing. I definitely remember the girl, as she’s the only girl besides my wife that I have kissed. I think I might have let the memory go because it’s a little painful to think about this girl because she died a few years after we stopped dating. I have guilt because I left her in the lurch unsure of her status with me while I was on my mission and kind of avoided her afterward because I was too cowardly to be upfront with her about my lack of interest in continuing a serious relationship.

    I’m pretty sure I know the circumstances of the kiss. We were 17 and we both worked at Movies 8 in Provo. We went to an 80’s-themed all-night triple feature of Top Gun, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, and The Breakfast Club. Apparently we were immune to the powers of angsty teen romance and Tom Cruise’s silhoutted tonguing of Kelly McGillis because we sat in the dark theater for six hours with nary a peck. But there was some serious hand holding going on.

    After the movie we lingered in the parking lot leaning on her giant brown junker of a car until it emptied. Dawn was breaking but the sun wasn’t up. I was hoping that this would be the time that I would get the courage to kiss her. My delay tactic was long, tight hugs. But really those hugs were awesome enough to overshadow in my memory what I’m pretty sure happened next because I remember the exhilaration of the hugs but I don’t remember the kiss. It would have been short and closed-mouthed because I know we didn’t do any Tom Cruise-style stuff for a while.

  45. Researcher says:

    Very funny, Ray (33). I understand your distinction, but a couple of subsequent kisses from my dating years would probably also fit into that category. To be merciful to the guys, it was probably the first time either of them had kissed a girl.

    My TMI meter is set rather low, so I’ll avoid discussing any of the other guys I dated (including my husband), but thanks for asking; at the distance of fifteen or twenty years the memories are all pleasant.

  46. I was 11. She was 11. Her name was Emily. We went to the same school and had been a bit of an item (I love that you could be boyfriend and girlfriend for some time without great expectations). I believe I had asked her if she would “go with me.” Where to seems to have been understood.

    Anyway, she lived much farther away than my 11-year-old transportation could conquer, so I only ever saw her at school. But on one particular day, she was staying the afternoon at Jill’s house, and Jill lived 3 doors up.

    I don’t remember everything, but I remember wanting desperately to kiss her but not knowing how to go about it. Judging from how long she lingered on the porch with me, she also wanted to and was willing to let me figure out the mechanics. I kissed her. It was magic. I was completely out of my head with joy and proceeded to run into the woods and hunker down behind a hill to savor the moment.

  47. former nerd-guy says:

    I was that nerdy kid nobody noticed for most of my early teen years. I had a 7 year crush on a girl (nonmember), but she didn’t seem to ever have any idea who I was except I was the guy in cross country she could beat in a distance race.

    My sophomore year, I also had a lab partner (also nonmember, lds females being rare in that town) in biology who I liked, but she had a jerk of a boyfriend. She told me way too much stuff about their relationship, which involved much more than kissing. Still I enjoyed talking and joking with her during class. She hugged ma lot though, which was weird because the jerk boyfriend was also in that class.

    That summer we moved. I used the opportunity to stop being nerd-guy. I started dressing better and working on my image, since nobody would know me as nerd-guy in the new town. It worked pretty well and I asked a girl from my seminary class to go to Homecoming. She accepted and we started hanging out more in the weeks approaching homecoming. We were in the parking lot after one of the Homecoming week events. I walked her to her car. Before getting in she looked up at me, and before I could think about the situation I kissed her. Our teeth banged together, and it was awkward. I had plenty of opportunities to work on my technique after that though.

  48. Sweet Em says:

    Nearly 17 – New Year’s Stake Dance. I left and he walked me to my mini-van. His lips were so tight I might as well have kissed the mini-van and he never got any better so I was lucky that I moved a few weeks later.

    I told my new girlfriends about his guy and lo and behold one of them ended up being his neighbor at BYU. As far as I know, she never kissed him.

  49. Actual first was when I was 16 in a girl’s basement with a group of friends listening to Bread’s “Baby I’m a Want You.” Great song, pretty good kiss.

    Better story was my first Kiss after my mission.

    I was cast as “Rodolfo” in “A View From the Bridge.” This character was a singer from italy and was considered a little too effeminate for the lead “Eddie” a dock worker in Brooklyn. Well in the second act it all comes to a boil and Eddie drunkenly attacks Rodolfo and says that what “R” really wants is a guy and so he knocks him down, lays on top of him, and kisses him full on the mouth. Very intense moment.

    So, anyway, my first kiss after my mission was with a 40-year-old, bearded guy! So proud!

  50. I was 26 and a half years old and still had my VL card. I had taken the dating and chastity counsel to new levels of pharasaical interpretation so I was always terrified of the potential pifalls of kissing, coupled with extreme anxiety surrounding my complete lack of knowing what to do and same sex attractions. Finally, I came out to my trusted friend regarding my attractions and VL status. I asked her to kiss me so I could experience it and learn. She said I did pretty good and told me how to improve and what to look for when a girl is interested in being kissed. The next girl I took out, I made out with in my car on our first date. Kind of pathetic, but I’m glad to have great friends that patiently teach and guide me.

  51. “I asked her to kiss me so I could experience it and learn.”

    “experience it and learn” gimmick.

  52. Kevin Barney says:

    ???, what does one look for when a girl is interested in being kissed? I obviously have no clue:

  53. Tiffany. I was 14. She was 13. We were both participating in something they used to do in the summers in American Fork called the Pageant of the Arts which involved recreating famous paintings with live models. Each night you would pose motionless on a floodlit stage for a minute or so while the narrator said something about the painting before the curtain fell.

    We would arrive early and sit together. Eventually we found a piece of scaffolding where we would sit facing each other and I would wrap my legs around hers. For two weeks that was heaven.

    In my “painting” I was posed with her friend as one of two lovers on a swing in “Le Printemps”: The last night she switched places and we sat together, my heart was ready to explode and I knew I was going to kiss her. Afterwards we sat alone in the mostly dark halls of the high school as I tried to act casual and tamp down the excitement and fear in my guts. Eventually time ran out. She had to go and I watched her walk down the hall knowing I had blown it like no one had ever blown it before.

    About 10 minutes later I cut through the parking lot on my way home. Her mom’s car was still there. She got out, walked towards me-the beams from the headlights to her back- leaned in, kissed me and said goodbye. It was perfect–and I was in love.

    The post-script, of course, is that I wasn’t in love. She attended a different junior high than me but planned on attending my high school. Somehow during the pageant we had agreed we would start seeing each other in two years when she showed up at American Fork High. Four years later, when I was a senior the teacher took roll call rather than just noting who present and absent on her sheet as usual. I heard her name called out and a “here” directly behind me. I turned around and now knowing the name, recognized the girl who had sat behind me for most of a semester as my first kiss. She had known who I was all along and, it turned out, was hurt.

  54. My friend told me that when a girl is interested in being kissed at the end of a date, the biggest give away is that she will play with her hair (if it’s long enough). She will assume an open body posture, look deeply into your eyes, and smile. I’m sure there’s more and also variables from girl to girl. But as I’ve looked for those cues, I’ve had tons of success.

    As an added bonus, if she’s only mildly interested, indifferent, and not sending signals, you can earn tons of man points and get a second chance if you make the move and perform well. I’ve become a huge proponent of kissing asap, physical touch, and affection. Though this strategy probably won’t work well on the Molly Mormon types. But in my case, I screen those out right away and up front, so no worries there.

    So after my first kiss experience, I was on a first date and wasn’t sure if I was ready to kiss on the first date with this girl. We were sitting in the car talking and sure enough, I saw her twirling her finger in her hair. I thought, “What the hell, balls to the wall,” and made my move. I wasn’t too concerned about whether I liked her enough to kiss, if the first date was too soon, or any of my usual hangups. But I could tell she appreciated my aggressiveness because she wouldn’t stop texting or calling me for two weeks. What’s funny is her brother and best friend were also in front of the house, making out in their car right next to us.

  55. Like a couple of others, there was a difference between my first kiss, and the first kiss that I really wanted. THAT one was well over 20 years ago, and I still remember it. It was a Christmas party, and this hot freckle-faced redhead, Pat, was standing under the mistletoe. She almost dared me to come kiss her, and it was soft, tender, and perfect. Of course, she laughed as soon as it was through, and we never kissed again. In all my life, I’ve only had a couple of kisses that even come close to that one.


  56. I LOVE first kiss stories. So fun to read all these!!! :)

    My first kiss was when I was 18. His name was Brady and we’d been dating for something like a week. It was a warm summer’s evening, so we took a long drive up Logan Canyon until we came to a beautiful grove with a lake. He’d packed a picnic, which we ate under the moonlight. We were talking and laughing and then he asked if he could kiss me. I said yes, and my heart was about pounding out of my chest. As I recall, it was a great kiss that lasted approximately 1.2 hours.

  57. ??? (No. 54) wins the “Don’t Let Your Daughter Near This Guy” award.

  58. I attended the Erasure concert at The Canyons (ne Park West) in 1988. This was a mountain venue with the stage at the bottom of the main ski hill. We were at the very front of the crowd, pushed against the railing that separated the stage from the throbbing wall of humanity.

    On my left was a beautiful girl close to my age (16) and on my right was my little brother. I was unavoidably flattened against the girl and she kept glancing back at me. By halfway through the concert I placed my hand on her shoulder. She reached up and grabbed it. By the end of the concert I had my arms wrapped around her. During the first encore she had turned around and we slow danced (swayed really) in a classic bear hug position.

    At the start of the 2nd encore she kissed me on the cheek. Shocked but thrilled, I led us a little further back into the crowd. There was no chance my first kiss was going to be in front of my brother.

    We kissed until the music died and then I rejoined my brother. I couldn’t tell you her name, school, or anything else about her. In fact, the only word I said was “Bye”.

    Due to the venue, I was initiated to heterosexual delights at the same time I was introduced to gay culture.

  59. Ugh. 7th grade. Didn’t want to do it. Bossy friend basically commanded the boy to kiss me in the back seat of the van. I can’t remember if there was an adult in the car or not, I guess there probably wasn’t. It took 2 more boys and about 6 more years before I finally had good kiss.

  60. I too had a fake first kiss. I was 19. I was at an outdoor concert at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake. It had been raining earlier in the evening, but then it stopped so my girlfriends and I hid our umbrellas in some bushes so we wouldn’t have to lug them around. There was this group of guys by the bushes and they started flirting with us. Suddenly, this guy Poli (he was from Cameroon) had me around the waist. It was very shocking because no boy had ever touched me like that. I did not know how to extricate myself at all. He kept asking to kiss me and I kept saying no and finally I got exasperated and said “Whatever.” So he kissed me. It was awful. He didn’t move his mouth at all and then he tried to slip me the tongue and I shoved him away and ran.

    I was very upset that this was my first kiss and I determined then and there that I HAD to kiss someone for real within two weeks. So I was at a party later and ran into the little sister of the only guy who had been dead gone on me in high school. We had almost kissed on our school’s choir trip to California (we’d sat next to each other the whole bus ride down), and we’d spent a lot of time talking on the phone during my first semester at BYU (he wasn’t Mormon and was going to the U). But I had shot him down too many times and we weren’t really in touch anymore. So anyway, I see his sister and say “Tell your brother to call me.” He calls me the next day and we decide to hang out. We spend the whole night driving all over Salt Lake and its environs and all the while I’m trying to figure out how to make this happen. Finally it’s after midnight and he brings me home. We are sitting in the car and I’m determined not to leave the car without erasing the counterfeit first kiss. But the guy isn’t making a move. Suddenly my sister and her fiance drive up and I freak out and tell the boy to drive off (no way was my sister going to have any chance of witnessing this). So we’re driving along and I say something like “I need to be frank, and I can’t be frank while we’re driving.” So he pulls into the parking lot of Liberty Park and I say something like “I don’t know if I like you but I want to kiss you.” He doesn’t really respond and I say “So will you kiss me?” And he does. For 2 hours. It wasn’t the most fantastic kiss I’ve ever had, but I remember not wanting it to end.
    I went out of town a couple of days later. When I got back I called and told him I would like to give a relationship a go…and it was his turn to shoot me down. So nothing happened again until at our 10 year high school reunion, he got my phone number, called me up, took me out, and made it known after a few days of intense hanging out that this was not going to be a fling of any sort. Two and a half years later we’re still together…

  61. Yikes, I was a baby. I was 13, visiting my older sister during the summer, 4000 miles from home. He was the only boy my age at church, and made me feel quite welcome. We became an “item” pretty quickly, and after a few days of pressure from him, finally let him kiss me in the back seat of his dad’s fancy old car in his parents’ garage. Was the first for both of us, and it took us awhile to figure out when lips should be closed, when they should be open, etc. I went home, and a couple of letters were exchanged, and that was the end of that.
    First kiss with my now-husband: Second real date; we both called in hooky from work, and head out on a camping trip to the olympic peninsula. We arrive at the park, set up camp, he realizes he forgot his own tent (and he still claims to this day that re really did forget) get the fire going, still cold. Go to the tent to get a sweater, he says, “So, you wanta make out?” My recently-divorced and wary response….I can’t do that without getting pretty emotionally involved and committed. “I already am”, he says. The kiss, and the following ones were mind-spinning. Two weeks later he proposed, and 3 months after that we were married.

  62. bestfriend :] says:

    my first kiss was when i was 16. i don’t wanna mention his name, it started with a hug during our seniors ball, then he said he love me, i didn’t mind him that time. we just hugged each other and danced,.. after a week he wanted to meet me, but i don’t wanna see him, i don’t know why but i am afraid to see him, finally we met again, we were best friends, =]
    we met in our school. then he took me to our room. this room is very significant in both of us. we laugh, cry and talked much in that room before. he thought that i’d love it if we’ll go back to that room.
    in that room, he signed my scrapbook, and asked me if he can have my last dance and last hug.
    of course i agreed with him, he is my best friend, nothing malicious. :]
    he hugged me. i hugged him back. saying goodbye.
    i knew that he loved me more that friends but i keep on telling him that if he will continue his love for me i will never meet him up again..
    so he limited his love for me as his best friend.
    we hugged tightly each other for a long time, we can even feel each others bodies.. knowing that we don’t wanna let each other go.. after the long hug, he keep on fixing my hair, he kissed me in my neck, in my forehead, then in my nose, but i don’t want him to kiss me in the lips so i pushed him away from me,. many times he attempted to kiss me but i keep on pushing him away.. but in the end i finally gave up. i really love him, i just don’t wanna admit it. .
    we kissed for a long time, maybe 10 minutes. and it keep on going after a kiss we keep on talking, then he snatched my lips again. then talked and talked then kiss , kiss. kiss. we even fell on the floor, and i can feel his’ lying on me,, i can feel his [edited!!] so i pushed him away.
    and told him to stop kissing me and go away.
    i pushed him out of the room. but he came back to say sorry. he kneeled in front of me, and we had our last kiss. the last kiss was just a smack. i didn’t let him to kiss me that long again..

  63. We’re a family show here, folks!

  64. I was 13. I had learned to roller skate backward, and I had put my skeels to use at Skate Country on a Saturday afternoon with a girl in the eighth grade whom I admired greatly. She walked out to the bike rack with me, and she just stood there with her eyes closed and her head tilted back, mouth puckered. I had seen enough Love Boat to know what I ought to do.

  65. Kevin (#52): if you don’t know by now, it’s better not to ask.

    Randall (#58): No. Freaking. Way. I was at that exact same concert and had a similar experience with a girl I never saw again. Was it something in the water up there, or was Park West just known as a site for random NCMOs?

  66. Or, MCQ, were you and Randall in drag at different times of the night?

    and now you know the REST of the story . . .

  67. And to think the name of the tour was “The Innocents”.

  68. My first kiss was unremarkable. Eighth grade at a party at someone’s house, with a high school freshman I thought was dreamy. I’d just met him that night, and we ended up sitting in a big chair together chatting and kissing for much of the evening. Funny thing was that I’d seen his picture in my older sister’s high school annual, and thought he was the cutest guy in his class. I’m sure I was a terrible kisser but at least it wasn’t too traumatic. I was relieved to have finally kissed someone, since I felt far behind everyone else who had been going steady and stuff since 5th grade. I was disappointed that it didn’t lead to us dating, though. My mom let me start dating when I was 14.

    My first kiss with fireworks came later. Oddly enough, it was with freshman’s older brother whom I dated for a few months the next year.

  69. My first kiss: there was a woman in the neighborhood that would let you do anything you wanted to her if you brought her smokes, liquor, or pills that you stole from your parents. She was old and kind of scary, but as I look back on it and remember the learning experience that she presented for me, an 11 year-old boy, I have to say that Kevin Barney’s mom was a wonderful woman.

  70. Latter-day Guy says:

    Wasn’t there a comment from gst just a minute ago?

  71. Ray, LOL.

  72. Hmmm … I always feel like the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who accidentally got on the bus with the chess/debate team when I read BCC, but this post totally confirms it :-)

  73. My first kiss was in the spring of my freshman year of high school. The annual Sadie Hawkins (girls-ask-boys) dance came up, and to my utter surprise, I was asked by a girl in one of my classes, Remette. We went to the dance together, then started ‘going together’. She lived about two miles away, so I would walk over to her house to see her. I don’t remember how long it was until we first kissed, but I do know it was on one of the visits to her house, and that she (probably tired of waiting for me) took the initiative. I got a bit better with practice. :-)

    Some time in there, Remette invited me to a hayride/dance put on by her church (she wasn’t LDS). The closing song of the dance was the entire second side of the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” album — all under the stars out in the countryside — and remains one of my all-time favorite dating memories. ..bruce..

  74. Why do I follow links from Jack Meyers’ site? Heaven knows how much time I spent reading through the comments here, and now I have to type mine again because my &@#%$ computer thinks it’s hilarious to refresh pages without my consent… (And no way am I believing her “ugly duckling” claim without evidence.)

    Anyway, I was around 17 when I had my first kiss. I’m not very good with judging time, so that may well be somewhat off. I was visiting my second girlfriend at her place, and she’d taken me back to her room to spend some quality time together, and to show me around since it was my first time at her house. She was a few months older than I was, I think, and because she had been afflicted with a number of years previously, she had no capacity for speech, and her lips and tongue were essentially paralyzed.

    At any rate, I could tell that she wanted me to kiss her, and as the sentiment was rather mutual, I gave her some fair warning and then kissed her for a couple minutes. (But see previous cautionary note regarding my ability to estimate the duration of temporal intervals.) Needless to say, because of her condition, the act was fairly unilateral, but hey, I still enjoyed it, and when it was over she swooned and described one o’ them ‘fireworks’-type experiences. I think we dated for about a year after that, give or take maybe one or two brief breaks somewhere in there.

  75. Forgot to mention what she’d been afflicted with: Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  76. Think I was 14. As I recall it was a party at a ward members home around Christmas time. There were a few party games. One involved everyone seated in the living room. The first person grabbed a person of the opposite sex by the hand lead her to the kitchen and returned after a moment. She grabbed a guy by the hand and the three went into the kitchen returning after a moment and this continued until only me and another girl was left. Then it was my turn. As I was lead by the hand at the end of this long line of smiling laughing peers the mystery of what had been happening in the kitchen was revealed. The first person kissed the second, second the third well you get the idea. I received my first kiss. Then proceeded back into the living room to where I took the last girl by the hand and received my second and third kiss in swift succession. I don’t remember who the girls were that I kissed but I do remember having some negative feelings about being one of the last to be picked. After a few moments of reflection I was comforted by the fact that I wasn’t really interested in any of the girls there so any more than two trips to the kitchen would have been way too much.

    Gave a fourth kiss that night to a very willing girl who insisted that I must kiss her since there was mistletoe directly over her head. Don’t remember who she was either… The experience was much more pleasant a few years and a couple kisses later when I was genuinely interested in my partner.

  77. Bro. Jones says:

    Dentist’s office at 16. Don’t ask.

  78. Ah, my first kiss…

    The best day of my entire mission!

  79. Kevin Barney says:

    78 Brother Matsby FTW!

  80. I was 15, and my brother and I were in Holland for the World Scouting Jamboree. Lucky for me, scouting is a unisex operation in the rest of the world, because we camped for over a week next to an amazingly attractive group of Swiss girls who thought that American boys were better than chocolate and illegal caches of gold. While the rest of my troop spent the better part of a week making out with these girls, I played it cool, hanging out with one of the girls quite a bit. On the night we were supposed to leave, about three hours before leaving, she came up to me and started hugging me and would not let go. (Not that I was complaining). Naturally, her being hot (and Swiss), my reaction was to hold on, and then, having seen all my friends making their moves all week, swoop in for the kiss. It was awesome. So, my first kiss ended up being a 3-hour makeout session. Apparently I picked it up quickly. Or, she just wanted to tell her friends she made out with an American boy. Either way, I ended up with a pretty good first kiss story. I mean, who else brags about their first kiss being at a Scout Campout?

  81. Kevin Barney says:

    Awesome, Antihero. Most first kiss stories at scout camp don’t turn out nearly so well…

  82. Cassandre says:

    I was 18, as was he–freshmen at BYU. I had pulled a little switcheroo so my roommate wouldn’t have to go out with him (that’s a whole ‘nother story), and he fell for me pretty hard. After six weeks, some arm-around-the-back-tactics, and Domino’s, I decided his lips were worthy of mine. ;) The first kiss was good the second; not so much . . .

    My second second kiss, on the other hand, was fantastic, with the wind whipping through my hair and that particularly Utah combination of sun and rain.

  83. Cassandre says:

    But perhaps my favorite (and last!) first kiss story was in the oh-so-romantic locale of my living room couch . . . third date, just started kissing with no warning, and he announces (mid-kiss!) “I think we’re allowed to this now.” (Apparently.) This a day after the rather blunt announcement of “I find you attractive.” I’ll let you guess which of the pair hadn’t kissed someone for four years :eyeroll:

  84. I’m 13, and just 4 the record have never been kissed…:) But, my moms kiss (yeah, I no totally wierd.) It wasn’t her first… but it was my moms first WITH my dad (rather not think about any others)…
    anyways, as it happens, she was 17, he was 16 and it was in the back of the bishops car… on the way home from a youth dance… I found that funny…;)

  85. Haha I wash there were some pretty girls when I went to scout camp…actually I wish there were some girls period. All I remember were guys and old women (my mom worked there so I had to stay in the faculty/staff camp area).

    My first kiss was two weeks ago. My best friend got a little drunk (Vodka just doesn’t sit right with chicks for some reason) and before I knew it she wanted to dance and then me in the next room and on the bed. I was trying to make sure stop from making a mistake. Worst part was is the fact that I like her and wanted her for almost two years. Ended up having to kiss her so she’d let me go and it sure didn’t make me happy.

    Oh well, life isn’t suppose to be fair I keep being told.

  86. I randomly just happened on this posting while google searching for something totally unrelated, but I thought I’d add mine :)

    I was 15 and was seeing a 19 yr old guy who had his mission call already and was about ready to leave. We were in his truck and he pretty much shoved his tongue down my throat. We made out several times over the next couple of weeks and then I ended up dating his friend who I later married and divorced. Super romantic, eh?

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