BCC Zeitcast 38

Season 2 Album Artwork In which Ronan shouts at John C, and Amri confesses her love for Iowa.

MP3 can be directly downloaded here.


  1. Mark Brown says:

    Amri, as long as you are in Iowa City, you must, absolutely MUST go visit the handcart memorial. Iowas city was where the handcarts started out. Look here:


  2. Without doubt, The Best Zeitcast ever.

    Only I need to learn not to google the unfamiliar terms you characters giggle about. Ick.

  3. Thanks, Ardis. I don’t know if that speaks to how good this one was or how much previous ones needed me. :)

  4. I love how Amri starts giggling in the background with the mention of a particular term that starts with T (right here in River City).

    The podcast seemed to end sort of abruptly, and I didn’t hear Ronan yelling at John. Dang, I was really looking forward to that. =)

  5. I think the yelling part was when Ronan got into high dudgeon over the Teabaggers.

    Amri, have you met Alex Dezen? I think he’s teaching there in Iowa.

  6. But Amri, those flies are beautiful. As are all insects.

    I’m with Arids on the quality. Great job!

  7. I have not heard John C’s voice in a long time. Fun.

  8. SteveP, I link to the following for your insect loving benefit:
    The Insect Picture of the Day

  9. Fun stuff!

  10. I agree with Ardis, this was one of the best Zeitcasts ever.

  11. OK, I’m not saying I *wasn’t* a bad missionary. But if I was, it had nothing to do with refusing to help some lady take out her garbage. That story is spurious. Spurious!

  12. The “students” to which John C refers are a cipher for John C himself, Hannityist that he is.

  13. #11 Eric– I just report the facts as I hear ’em!

    #1 Mark, I’m going to Mormon handcart park on Saturday morning to weed the park (with the stake, I think)

    #4 FHL, it’s my fault it ended quickly, we’re talking talking talking and then all of the sudden, I’m like WE MUST GO TO CHURCH. And then everyone stopped.

    #5 MCQ–I haven’t met anyone yet, I’m just here a few weeks, the back to Peru then I’ll be here for good in the fall.

  14. Great work, team.

  15. Why aren’t the podcasts showing up on itunes? The last one I got was 2.10!!

  16. Kent,
    They’re registered under Steve’s account and he hasn’t updated the feed. LAZY GIT.

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