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According to the LDS Newsroom website, tomorrow is a day of service in eleven Southern states, but I have noticed that stakes in other areas are participating too. All in all, the church is mobilizing hundreds of thousands of volunteers to join with volunteers of other organizations for the purpose of community betterment. This thread is an invitation for you to share what is happening where you live. Please give as many details as you can and if you can take pictures, that’s even better. You can email them to Ronan, who serves as BCC photo editor, will gladly upload them to the thread.

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  1. I will gladly post photographs on this thread. Starting with that one of you in the French Quarter…

  2. Mark Brown says:

    Which one?

    Our stake has promised the mayor that 500 LDS volunteers will turn out at 7:30 a.m. We have been assigned to do home repairs and painting, and landscaping in public areas. Pictures will appear tomorrow evening.

  3. Mark Brown says:

    Also, that map on the Newsroom site is of curious workmanship. Who knew that a state which borders on Lake Michigan is considered Southern?

  4. We have a ward service project tomorrow and I know what time it is, but haven’t the slightest clue what we will be doing. I know we’ve been collecting stuff for the women’s crisis center.

    I also know my children plan on playing freeze tag during that time…they’ve been talking about it all week

  5. I’ll have (hopefully) some pictures from Texas, even though we are not one of the states formally involved.

    Welfare training last night and now this…pure religion indeed.

  6. Our stake has events at three buildings plus the youth are going to visit two “old folks” homes. Blood drives at two buildings, community gardening project, quilting projects, gathering food (for the last month) for the food bank and then working at the food bank to stock shelves, getting emergency training from the state, child school packet distribution, and a few other things going on.

  7. Our youth conference is at the Special Olympics tomorrow. I think we kind of overwhelmed them with our numbers of volunteers (275) but it will be great.

  8. Chad Too says:

    Our NC/SC stake set it up so that every ward decided at the ward level what their ward would do. Of course, that mean that ward splits will happen the weekend before. :)

    Our ward in its new configuration is doing a food drive to help stock a local food bank. The YM/YW passed out bags last Wednesday and we’re all gathering them in on Saturday.

  9. Our stake in OC, SoCal is participating tomorrow.

  10. Don’t you realize that the day of service conflicts with date night? May all of your marriages suffer because of your ill-timed Christian service.

  11. A service date night. Totally do-able. Ta-da!

  12. The Raleigh North Carolina Stake had a 5k “Lengthen Your Stride” race Saturday morning at the Wake Forest ward’s building. To register for the race you had to donate at least 10 canned goods/food items or ten dollars each. An announcer said that over 1000 people were running. No food was given but will be later. A great idea and activity for something I hope becomes an annual event.

  13. #3 — Indiana FEELS like the Bible belt, so the label is accurate in some sense! I didn’t hear a thing about an LDS service project, but a senior member in town organized the Mormons to rake up sticks at a local park as part of an interfaith “Beautify the town” effort this weekend. So for us, the impetus had nothing to do with the LDS church.

  14. Left Field says:

    My ward in Louisiana collected canned goods for several months and donated them to three local charities. On April 25, ward members volunteered at the feeding ministry of the local AME Church. The Primary children sang several songs at the event. I sent in some photographs yesterday, but I don’t know if anyone got them.

  15. Mark Brown says:

    Putting them up right now, LF! Thank you.

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