Working Papers in Mormon Studies first meeting

We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Working Papers in Mormon Studies.
Wednesday, April 29, 8pm, at the University of Utah. We’ll be discussing a fascinating treatment of textual and oral culture in the earliest revelations to Joseph Smith. Location is below the fold.

Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building
University of Utah
215 South Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Room 351

Visitor parking is available immediately northwest of the building.


  1. I’ve added this event to Does “Working Papers in Mormon Studies” have a web site, blog, etc. I can link to? In the meantime I’ll just link directly to BCC.

  2. Who’s presenting?

  3. Maybe I’m a little slow, but what subjects are included in studies of textual and oral culture? Could you describe what will be discussed in greater detail?

  4. #3, You’ll have to come to find out. #2 No presentation really, just a discussion of a working paper.
    Kent, there’s no specific separate website.
    If I were better with wordpress, I’d have linked it in this announcement, but just search the sidebar for further details.

  5. Had a wonderful time, thanks for getting this started.

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