BCC Zeitcast 39

Season 2 Album Artwork In which Ronan is sauced the entire time, Amri considers moving to Colorado and Steve takes up archery in the name of Captain Trips.

MP3 can be directly downloaded here.


  1. Mark Brown says:

    I love it when Ronan rolls out the big guns. More! More!

    Amri, wow, grown men don’t trust themselves in your presence.

    I liked hearing Steve’s kids in the background. Nice job, all.

  2. I’ve always assumed that Ronan is the Walking Man.

  3. Mark, the thing is a single woman can be alone in a room, with the door shut, confessing (explicitly sometimes) sexual sins but she can’t be given a ride to a service project?!?!?!

    If you have a rule about no rides so as to not be alone with a woman, then make the women confess to women.

  4. Tangential to The Stand:

    I think we need a Dark Tower post.

  5. Hear, hear Ronan.

  6. zionssuburb says:

    Amri, I can’t speak to the rats, but Jim shaved me almost bald under that carport… my parents weren’t too happy.

  7. ha ha! I remember that zionssuburb! We thought you were so hardcore!

    That carport was a magical place.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    When a sister and I were travelling to the different wards in our stake to give a public affairs presentation to their ward councils, we drove together. I’m sure someone was probably scandalized. But it was early in the morning, and her little boy was with us to play chaperone. By some miraculous happenstance, we did not have sex, either. The double standard Amri identifies in the comment above is indeed ridiculous.

    I hate it when people try to turn Joseph’s leg operation when he was seven years old into a WoW morality play. My sense in reading the account is that he did not want to drink the alcohol for the same reason he didn’t want to be tied down to the bed–he wanted to retain as much control as he could in the situation. He only asked that his father hold him and that his mother leave the room so she wouldn’t have to witness it.

    I agree with Steve on the medical exception to the WoW. That’s why James Talmage smoked cigars. If competent medical authority tells an individual to do something that is otherwise against the WoW, she can respond affirmatively to the TR interview questions and get her recommend.

  9. I’ve probably mentioned before that my father’s first official calling after his baptism was to keep his liquor license current and to make purchases as the bishop directed. That’s your cue to wink and grin at the mention of “medicinal alcohol.”

  10. I always loved the reference in Arrington’s Brigham Young biography wherein he sold WoW exceptions for $100 in order to raise money.

    We should do that again today.

  11. Left Field says:

    Some years ago when I was a stake missionary, I was at a missionary correlation meeting when the subject came up of another stake missionary that often needed a ride to the meeting. I noted that she didn’t live far from me, and that I could pick her up on occasion. There was some concern expressed about the propriety of us riding together until I pointed out that both of us were single, and if I wasn’t allowed to be in the same car with a single sister, that would put quite a damper on my dating life, such as it was.

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