MMTP: Active Afterlife Edition

Your Monday Midday Theological Poll:

Is there sex after the judgment?

Share your wisdom with us below.


  1. Should’ve called this one “Shameless FPR Plug Edition.”

  2. Sex yes..Gender no.

  3. kevinf says:

    Well, if not, I am having second thoughts about the whole thing.

  4. Kristine says:

    Will there still be headaches?

  5. Kristine, I laughed for about two minutes after that comment. Thanks for brightening my day.

  6. Thomas Parkin says:

    Or, something very like it. Yes. ~

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    If the answer is “no,” then how does it qualify as heaven?

  8. If not, then I’m not going.

  9. i’m with kevinf.

  10. Well if there can be a “war in heaven” …

  11. belledame2 says:

    SSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell this to my husband!

  12. Will they have that coffee table book with pictures of Madonna after the judgement?

  13. Benjamin O says:

    I’m not interested in a celestial experience that doesn’t include intimacy of some sort with my wife. Does that mean the awkwardness that sex can sometimes be? Not necessarily. But something deeply intimate, personal, pleasurable and rewarding in the same way would need to be part of the experience of ‘heaven’, or it just doesn’t qualify.

    Then again, maybe we’ll be vastly different creatures by that point, who knows? Somehow I doubt it though. It seems a pretty ingrained part of the creature.

  14. I said yes. Hello. Resurrection. Perfect restoration. Not a hair of the head lost and all that. I know I’m with keveinf, it’s one of the main reasons I came down to earth to get a body.

  15. aloysiusmiller says:

    This is the most important topic in the gospel.

  16. SteveP,

    (Grinch’s grin) Are you suggesting that it doesn’t get any better than this — that to be restored to this body in it’s perfect form is the (ahem) best that Darwin can do?

  17. Velikye Kniaz says:

    Yep, and it’s gonna make the mortal experience pale into nothiness by comparison. One will be able to achieve true union and oneness that will fulfill the ‘and the two shall become one flesh’. (Not literally or permanently, but it will feel that way emotionally. psychologically, and in the penultimate moments, physically.

  18. Matt W. says:

    I voted no.It just doesn’t make sense that an evolutionary bi-product like sexual intercourse would be post mortally necessary.

  19. There better be!

    “Sex in heaven” was a big selling point on my mission.

  20. LL Smoov J says:

    Don’t be hatin’ on celibacy yo.

  21. #9 & #14 proves #2. Dan and StevenP are going with Kevinf.

  22. There is no point in being Mormon if you aren’t going to be planning on having sex in heaven.

  23. This seems to follow the Mormon Matters post:

    It would explain why polygamy really doesn’t have the same meaning in the next life though.

  24. Like most commenters also seem to have done, I interpret “sex” as sexual relations. Because I suspect part of what makes the lower kingdoms less glorious is the inability to engage in some form of said relations, I chose the first option.

  25. #18 All our parts have biological necessity. What are we going to do with all the evolutionary by products like kidneys, tail bones, and eyes? If we get all that stuff in the resurrection (regardless of final Kingdom) why not the other stuff?

  26. I chose the second option, and I have a few reasons why.
    After Jesus was resurrected he ate food. Surely he didn’t need to do anything so base and mortal as eating, but he did. So I suspect resurrected bodies will be, at least, capable of all biological functions whether or not they are necessary, or desired. (I also suspect we’ll have fantastic control over any biological function.)

    Next the one reason I can see to limit sexual intercourse (and sexual organs) to the celestial kingdom is if you believe that sex and spiritual parentage are linked. As in, ‘We can’t have them creating spirit babies, so we’ll take their tools away.’ Since I do not believe that sexual intercourse is involved in the creation of spirit children then I do believe that there is such a thing as a TK smoothie.

    Also, the law of chastity limits intercourse to *legally* married (presumably hetero) couples rather than limiting it to temple sealed couples. And since legal marriage is just a social convention, I would think the same sort of conventions could exist in the lower kingdoms. Therefore I would assume that intercourse within the confines of a legal marriage in a lower kingdom would pass muster.

    At the very least everyone will have their organs intact.

  27. Since I do not believe that sexual intercourse is involved in the creation of spirit children then I do believe that there is such a thing as a TK smoothie.
    Ahem, do NOT believe that blah blah blah.

  28. #26:Biology in Heaven? Support that please. Everything in Biology deals with life, death, and the decay of the earthly body.

  29. Right now, some new investigator is Googling “Celestial Kingdom,” and will shortly have some questions that will make two 19-year-old missionaries very uncomfortable . . .

  30. mehzzdup says:

    I voted ‘yes’ if for no other reason than wishful thinking.
    I will feel robbed if there is no Celestial Big O. Robbed, I tell you. I mean, nice weather just isn’t gonna cut it for me.

  31. “Will there still be headaches?”

    With perfect sex, there will be no need for headaches.

  32. I guess I have interpreted “that same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there” 130:2 to mean sex as well. I can’t say I’ve put a lot of thought into it. I have put more thought into what it will be like to birth a spiritual being. I wonder if the “there must needs be opposition in all things ” makes headaches still an option? Or if not headaches maybe it will still be differences of levels of desire, and instead of one partner being distracted by tv perhaps they will want to go listen to Noah retell the flood again instead.

    We were also wondering in my home about what a celestial library would be like. That would prove a big distraction for me.

    I have assumed that we will still have our desires and feelings and will only have removed any weaknesses we have let be removed.

  33. Also, does anyone expect such a thing as a TK smoothie? After all, it was introduced as an example of a folk doctrine designed to fill gaps in another bit of doctrine.

    It seems to have taken on a life of its own the past week or two.

  34. annegb says:

    Great. sex. one more thing for me to have to do in the celestial kingdom. It so doesn’t sound fun to me.

  35. StillConfused says:

    I think the standard Mormon belief is that there will be sex because of reference to having bodies and references to having more children. I personally think of the afterlife more in terms of spiritual energy rather than a physical form so personally I don’t think there will be sexual relations.

  36. I’m doubtful of actual sexual intercourse, for reasons laid out by #18 and #36. But then, I’m doubtful of reading too much into the whole “same sociality” idea in general. Closet Lutheran that I am, I believe that we Mormons tend to greatly overplay the supposed physical, psychological, indeed phenomenological similarities between God and ourselves. As Jim Faulconer pointed out some time ago, there’s really very, very little we can intelligently say about what “divine embodiment” actually means. If you think beings who have been resurrected and have entered into the presence of God are of such of modality so as to still be capable of and interested in having coitus, then you’re making a statement of faith, not something that we have any possible way of knowing, I think.

  37. Michael says:

    According to the Gospel of Phillip, “it is by a kiss that the perfect conceive and give birth”.

  38. Okay, after my somewhat flippant, yet still sincere comment #3, I’ll put some serious thought to this. The personal intimacy that is fostered by sex in a relationship that is based on fidelity, unconditional love, and complete honesty is a big part of what I believe helps to make us as couples into celestial material. When we talk about becoming one flesh, I believe it not only is discussing the physical act, but also becoming one in purpose, complete unity as husband and wife, and complete equality. I have long believed that we are put in families here as a reminder and role model for what our relationship was with our Heavenly Parents, and as an opportunity to learn and progress towards becoming like them.

    In mortality, sex in that kind of marriage is an important factor in maintaining the unity and fidelity of both body and spirit, and helping us to achieve our eternal potential. So, if as the POTF says, gender is an eternal part of us, then gender will continue to be a part of our individual eternal selves. Whatever that “same sociality” is that is talked about, it either involves some sort of sexual component, or perhaps some sort of Sex 2.0, that generally fulfills the same emotional and spiritual role as our physical relations here. But I do not believe that it will be required to produce “spiritual offspring”, or whatever, if spirits or intelligences are eternal and uncreated.

    Otherwise, I’m having second thoughts. Mark Twain once wrote about this too, but that’s a subject for a different comment, or perhaps different thread altogether.

  39. Our wishful thinking will be meted out according to our hearts. Sans-headaches included. My thought anyhow.

  40. Hmmm Mormons get little sex here in hopes of more sex in the next life. Sounds kind hoky.

  41. StillConfused says:

    #41 made me giggle

  42. Of course there is sex in the next life. Otherwise, what good does it do for God to reward martyrs with 70 virgins?

  43. Larry, I know your comment #41 was not meant to be completely serious, but I would like to point out that the average married couple have more sex on average than people who are unmarried but looking for love in all the wrong places. I think we should dispel the myth that Mormons get little sex. It may hurt missionary efforts. :)

  44. MikeInWeHo says:

    True enough Geoff, but single and gay Mormons might have a different take on things.

  45. Of course there is sex in the next life. Otherwise, what good does it do for God to reward martyrs with 70 virgins?

    If there is sex in the afterlife why would anyone want virgins? Learning good sex takes time and practice. Wouldn’t your rather be rewarded with someone with experience.

    Also, if there’s sex in the afterlife, was the chance of getting caught by one of your billions of spirit children?

  46. Obviously that should read “what’s the chance…”

  47. #46: When I studied Island Cultures, the professor said: “Any native group will throw it’s virgins into the volcano, but none throw their whores.” ( A side effect is few girls stay virgins).

  48. Um…
    What’s a TK Smoothie?

  49. Bee, see here for a concise explanation.

  50. Ooooooooohhhh.


  51. Ohm-nom-nom says:

    Yes. And it will be *divine* dahling.

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