MHA: Call for Papers

Call for papers

A call for papers for next year’s MHA — don’t let the due date creep up on you. More from MHA below…

The forty-fifth annual conference of the Mormon History Association will be held May 27-30, 2010, in Kansas City, Missouri. (It has been 25 years since MHA met in Missouri.) The 2010 theme “The Home and the Homeland: Families in Diverse Mormon Traditions” recognizes the family as a central social and religious institution within Mormon traditions. (This theme is inclusive of the entire Restoration heritage or Latter Day Saint movement.) Tanner Lecturer Catherine Brekus of the University of Chicago will address the topic of “Women in Early Mormonism.”

Mormonism and Restoration traditions have historically recognized the family and home as the spatial, social, and emotional place where men, women, and children become religious and moral people. Fatherhood and motherhood have been interpreted as religious, as well as biological and roles.

Papers and panels on all aspects of the history and practice of family life in all the Restoration traditions are welcomed. Since Independence, Missouri, serves as the “homeland” to dozens of Restoration traditions, we especially encourage papers that examine or compare groups less frequently studied. Of special note, 2010 marks the sesquicentennial of Joseph Smith III’s ordination as prophet and president of the Community of Christ, and the 25th anniversary of its first priesthood ordinations of women. Both events sparked controversy and caused examination of how family roles shaped religious practices. Presenters could explore religious interpretation of the family, gender roles within the family, the Mormon religious experience within families, children and childhood, Mormon domestic architecture, or Mormon material culture.

MHA invites and actively seeks proposals for complete sessions, panels, and other presentations. While we encourage presentations related to the theme and also complete sessions, we also welcome all other proposals. Please send an abstract of the paper (no more than 300 words) that outlines your argument and the sources that will be used plus a short CV (no longer than two pages) for each speaker. Previously published papers will not be considered.

The deadline for proposals is October 1, 2009. Proposals should be sent by email to Notification for acceptance or rejection will be made by January 1, 2010.

Direct further inquiries to the program committee (some of whom will hopefully be on hand here to reply to comments):

David Howlett, Co-Chair
Susanna Morrill, Co-Chair
Matthew Bowman
Rachel Cope
Connie Lamb
Ardis Parshall
Thomas Simpson


  1. Just had to say, whoever made it: hip poster.

  2. John Hamer says:

    thanks, much. :)

  3. You so rock, John. Excellent use of color, SS type and background.

  4. Great program committee. This should be a very excellent conference.

  5. Looking forward to it.

  6. I’m biased, but I am stoked with the young historians-laden committee; should be a great conference.

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