“Nobody Knows” Screening

Benchmark Books will be hosting a screening of “Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons” at their store, 3269 South Main Street, Suite 250, Salt Lake City, on Tuesday, June 30th (one week from today), at 6:00 p.m. Margaret and Darius will both be present to discuss the film and respond to questions.

I have seen the film three times now and think it is absolutely terrific. Although it has been playing at festivals and conferences hither and yon all over the country, I’m not sure whether there has been a previous public showing right in the heart of Zion. For you Utah folk who haven’t seen it yet, get ye down to Benchmark next Tuesday night. You’ll thank me, I promise you.


  1. Any plans to show this in Las Vegas sometime soon? Would love to see it.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    JI put up the complete notice here:


    Just goes to show how lazy I am.

    And Sally, your best bet might be to purchase a copy of the DVD, which is now available. For details, see the JI link above.

  3. It’s so surprising to see the film advertised by someone other than myself. Very kind of you, Kevin! Sally, the real advantage to having the DVD is that it includes 100 minutes of special features.
    Upcoming screenings (September) are in Savannah, GA and Independence, MO (at the Whitmer Association conference), and possibly in Tennessee and Florida (I don’t remember when). We haven’t really launched publicity campaigns yet (we’re waiting to hear from a particular PBS station), but we will. Btw, I’d appreciate prayers for Darius. This would be a good time for them. No questions about that request, please. Just the prayers.

  4. P.S. If you can’t make the screening at Benchmark, you can get the film from our website (www.untoldstoryofblackmormons.com) . But I definitely recommend the Benchmark screening. The bookstore has such a wonderful ambience, and Curt Bench is one of the coolest people I know. It’s worth the trip to Benchmark just to be a part of that scene. I, for example, have seen the film many, many times more than Keven has. I’m just going to the screening to be close to Curt.

  5. Thomas Parkin says:

    I’m planning on being there Tuesday, Margaret.
    Prolly with my Dad in tow. ~

  6. Fantastic, Thomas! I’m so eager to meet you!

  7. Thomas Parkin says:

    Likewise. :)

  8. Thanks for the link, Kevin, just to show how out of it I am, I didn’t even realize you’d posted this notice until now. But it deserves all the pub it gets.