Calling Mormon Fiction Readers

There are approximately 1,016 reasons why you should support a publisher of Mormon fiction that is not Deseret Book. Here’s an opportunity to do it at a discount.

From Chris Bigelow:

Like nearly all publishers in this economic climate, Zarahemla Books
has been hit by massive returns of unsold books from booksellers.

To help us move excess inventory and raise funds to publish several
upcoming new titles, we are currently offering the following titles at
heavily discounted prices:

Hooligan – $4.95
Hunting Gideon – $3.95
On the Road to Heaven – $5.95
Long After Dark – $6.95

Shipping is only $2.95 for orders totaling under $25.00 and FREE for
orders totaling $25.00 or more.

If you’ve been procrastinating purchasing these titles, now’s
obviously the time! It’s also a good time to stock up on gifts. Prices
will return to normal once inventory catches up.

To take advantage of this sale, visit the Zarahemla Books website,
where you can order with secure PayPal payment processing:


  1. Long After Dark is a really good book. I appreciate this. I’ll certainly check it out. I love mormon fiction that reflects my experiences and feelings.

  2. Ryan Bell says:

    Thanks Kristine. I ordered two books.

  3. Elouise says:

    Doug Thayer’s Hooligan is a much better book than the NY Times best-seller Little Heathens (which is a pretty good book in any case, covering a similar period). I can very nearly guarantee that most Mormons will enjoy this book; that anyone over 50 will love this book; and that anyone over 50 who was born in Utah Valley will be calling people on the phone and reading passages out loud to them.

    I suggest the buying up of batches of Hooligan and sending them off one by one as Christmas presents, birthday presents, Fathers’ and Mothers’ Day gifts. . . .

    Full disclosure here: Thayer and I have been colleagues and friends for more than 50 years. I have read most of his output in manuscript form, but the truth is that I do NOT carry on enthusiastically over everything he has written. Far from it. (Just ask him.) But Thayer is one of the few writers who has continued to get better and better as he ages; and I consider that Hooligan, The Tree House, and a forthcoming collection of short stories are resounding proof of that claim.

  4. I second Elouise’s praise of Doug Thayer. My great aunt, who grew up in Provo, has purchased probably thirty copies of _Hooligan_. My mother has purchased at least ten, and at least twenty of _The Treehouse_. I absolutely agree that Thayer is now at his very best. This is a great opportunity.

  5. Only 1016 reasons? I think I could come up with twice that!! [GRIN].

    Seriously, Chris has some great books.

    And supporting the non-DB part of the market is the only way that things will get better.

  6. Nice blog Enjoy it very much. Long After Dark is a really good book is my favourite.

  7. Eric Russell says:

    Wow, these spambots are getting complex.

  8. Eric Russell says:

    I’ve bought from Zarahemla before, so I can tell you that Chris sends out the books pretty quickly. It actually doesn’t end up making a difference for me because books usually sit on my bookshelf for at least six months before I even look at them. But I still appreciate it.

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