Cause me pain! Please!

WAS_logoJust a brief post to shill for some charity pledges: this weekend I’ll be participating in the local Bike MS Ride, a charity ride to benefit the National MS Society. If you’re not familiar with the effects of multiple sclerosis, ask around; odds are that a family member, friend or colleague is familiar with the sudden disorientation, blurred vision or debilitating pain that accompanies this horrible disease. Nobody is sure what triggers it, and there is no cure.

So, I’ll gladly take on a little pain myself for a good cause: 92 miles on Saturday, 68 on Sunday. Easy-peasy for a sleek biking machine such as myself. But let me provide more incentive. I will send each of my sponsors over $25 a handwritten thank-you card, as well as a “get-out-of-admin-jail-free” card good for one truly trollish comment at BCC (think it over, aloysius!). Sponsors who pledge over $100 get the cards, a guest post on BCC, and I will wear a large sign on my jersey that says “I heart [your name here, moneybags]”. Sponsors who pledge $250 or more get all of the above plus a slowdance mixtape and a signed photo of my wife Eddy Merckx [signed by me].

Here is the link to pledge. Think of it this way — you’re obligated to give 10% and you got nothin’ to show for it. Donate a little for this charity and you will have instant fame and glory.


  1. Needless to say, if you donate $500 or more there are even greater prizes. But these are to be had only for the elect.

  2. My lawyerly instincts urge me to add that if you pledge enough to get a guest post, the rest of us permas still get a veto over anything you want to post.

  3. Ride well.

  4. I pledge $25 or its sterling equivalent.

  5. So, downhill all the way?

  6. My lawyerly instincts urge me to add that if you pledge enough to get a guest post, the rest of us permas still get a veto over anything you want to post.

    How about I pledge $125, write a truly trollish guest post, and use my “get-out-of-admin-jail-free” card to get the post published?

  7. Kathryn Soper says:

    You can buy anything in this world with money.

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Kathy, you have sufficient for my needs.

  9. Kathryn Soper says:

    Yeah, if I don’t pay tithing I sure do. Bring on the mixtape!

    Steve, I’ve embraced you as a prophet for some time now, but this is a whole new world.

  10. Steve Evans says:

    Did I mention that the ride starts in Mount Vernon?

  11. I can’t afford to sponsor you, but I just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing. My aunt has MS, and I’m so touched that you’re taking time to raise money to help people like her.

  12. Steve Evans says:

    Keri, thanks!

  13. My aunt also has MS. Count me in as a sponsor.

  14. But I want a photo of you wearing my name on your jersey.

  15. Forget about the pledge incentives, Steve: let’s talk about the HALO that appears over your head in the photo. How do you do that? Does it just appear when you bike for a worthy cause, or any old time you get out there? If someone else puts the helmet on, does it light up? Or does it go with the bike?

  16. I almost hate to ask, but is there a reason you used the words “over $25”, “over $100” and “250 or more”? Were you intending to draw a lawyerly distinction there?

  17. Steve Evans says:

    MCQ, no reason other than raw incentivizing.

  18. So, just to be clear and all lawyerly and everything, you need to pledge at least $25.01 to get the “over $25” incentives and you need to pledge at least $100.01 to get the “over $100” incentives, but $250 even will work just fine for the last level of incentives?

  19. Steve Evans says:


  20. Steve Evans says:


  21. You were setting a trap for the unwary there, counselor.

  22. Steve Evans says:

    Apparently I was also setting a “I am a total dufus trap” for the too-wary.

  23. Nice cover story.

  24. Ok, I gave. When you send the thank you card, can you make it out to my sister? Email me for details, please? This will be her Christmas present this year.

    And no, I don’t need to guest post.

  25. Steve Evans says:

    Matt, you’re on. Besides, you could guest post here already if you wanted.

  26. I dunno, Steve. 92 + 68 miles sounds like a lot to most people, but for you? I’ve tried—and failed—to keep up with your pace. Perhaps to make this legit, the highest donor should be pulled by you in a trailer behind your bike.

  27. aloysiusmiller says:

    Nice cheap shot Stevie Boy.

  28. Steve,

    Good luck with the ride this weekend. May your only pain be muscle and joint fatigue. No falls.

  29. aloysiusmiller says:

    Stevie Boy,

    Real men don’t wear biker shorts. Its against nature.

  30. Si je ne vois pas un drapeau français sur le vélo, je reprends tous mes dollars + interets…

  31. David Blackham says:

    We’ve dubbed Mt. Vernon as the Bermuda Triangle of Washington. We’re glad you got out alive.