What You WILL Be Doing For Conference!

Image courtesy of Brother Matsby

Image courtesy of Brother Matsby

You will be following our masterful coverage of all sessions of this weekend’s 179th Semi-Annual General Conference, of course!

Like last April, By Common Consent will be providing top-notch Live Blogging, Photography, Twitter feeds, Protest Interviews, and free babysitting (courtesy of Times & Seasons). We hope the experience is even better this time around, and welcome your suggestions and especially your participation!

What you need to know:

1. Live-blogging, with BCC perma commentary, photos, and an open thread (haiku appreciated, but not required) here at By Common Consent, starting about 45 minutes before the Saturday morning session.

2. Twitter Updates throughout the weekend at Twitter.com/ByCommonConsent. Search “#ldsconf” on Twitter for more (albeit inferior) updates from the Twittersphere.

3. Photography, Protester Interviews, and More between sessions, posted here at By Common Consent.

4. In Depth Analysis of Select Talks just hours after the last session concludes on Sunday afternoon, with more in the following days.


What You WILL Be Doing For Conference!


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Sounds fantastic, Scott! I appreciate you posting this early notice so folks will know to be on the lookout for the bcc coverage.

  2. BCC readers who attend the General Authority luncheons between sessions might have a hard time following the online coverage.

  3. Nah, I can manage it.

  4. Scott B.,

    Let us know what is on the menu.

  5. No can do. It’s secret, not sacred.

  6. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    Scott, rumors are flying that you’ll be performing your legendary drill team routine during halftime. Can you verify?

  7. Is tweeting permitted in the Conference Center?

  8. Please use cover it live or a similar tool rather than trying to do it all in the comments again. I tried following last conference but it was far too clunky and annoying (in addition to probably evil — but that didn’t bug me).

  9. #7 – it is [under certain conditions].

  10. # 9 — I would hate to see a BCC blogger escorted out of the audience in the middle of a session for tweeting.

    Some college football games have banned tweeting so you better make sure you’re allowed to tweet in the Conference Center.

  11. Sure, President Eyring is *tweeting* during the conference talks, not playing Brick Breaker…

  12. #6 — They will have to have an army to stop me from performing.

    #8 — I will check it out, thanks.

    #10 — We’ll be okay. Don’t you worry.

  13. How can the Deseret News possibly hope to keep up with this? New media wins again!

  14. I learned about the value of twitter last GC and it has been a valuable tool for creating a learning network for myself. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to learn about it as a tool–it made conference super interesting and I appreciate the efforts of BCC to live tweet. I am looking forward to the insightful (and less insightful) comments from the population in general.

  15. By common consent
    Tweets, blogs, and interviews for
    General Conf’rence.

    I have some idea
    How GC haiku tweets would
    Look on BCC:

    “Left his egg sandwich
    In the summer sun a while
    Brad might barf all day

    But friends Steve and Mike
    Exercise God’s mighty pow’r
    Brad is symptom free

    Study dil’gently
    Pray each day so fervently
    Live life righteously”

  16. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    #15 is that actually a Mon-ku?

  17. Shouldn’t the “Twittersphere” be more aptly called the “Blabbernacle”?
    Just a thought…

  18. Jay Hinton says:

    I’ll be out of town so I’ll be forwarding my twitter updates to my phone…I expect to hear all the breaking news!

  19. That kitty’s creeping me out, but I love him anyway.

  20. Liberal mormon says:

    Will the live blogging be done for Sunday as well?

  21. 20.–

  22. Conference is when I catch up on much needed sleep. I catch bits and pieces and then TiVo a talk a day until I have gone through the entire conference.

  23. Any word on the schedule of speakers? Didn’t we get that posted on BCC last GC?

  24. Steve Evans says:

    Nothing yet, Melissa.

  25. This GC weekend
    will be the perfect time to
    hone my haiku skills.

    Seriously, the open threads here have done an excellent job of motivating me to stay awake during Conference. And this year I’ll be contributing, since I’ve broken my silence with my haiku-ing.

  26. alextvalencic says:

    I’m going to have to work this Saturday, so I’ll be relying on my twitter updates to keep me posted on the news of the first two sessions.

    I second the motion for calling the LDS twittersphere the Blabbernacle.

  27. Is there not a better name?

  28. I will be carefully listening for political rhetoric from any right-wing general authority and promptly calling him out on my blog. All I can say is President Monson better speak out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  29. Daniel, or what? You’ll keep complaining?

  30. While I enjoy the BCC haikus, I’m more of a limerick guy. Will there be anyone limericking General Conference for us?

  31. Support Ask a Mormon day in connection with conference: http://bit.ly/3atmHr

  32. Limericks are too much work for me. But, knock yourself out, Rameumpton!

  33. Alas, Scott (#28), is Tweeternacle not just one of many? There isn’t, to my knowledge, a blog called The Bloggernacle… We need a way to speak generally of all Mormon folk using Twitter…

    Anywho, I am excited to be able to watch Conference – I was going to have to work, but one of my employees is going to be available, after all! Huzzah! Alas, I will have to wait another six months before being able to watch Conference with my wife. She’s going to be gone this weekend. I’ll still be following the tweets and the comments on BCC, though.