Saturday Morning General Conference Photos



  1. How embarrassing. All those choir singers wore the same dress to conference!

  2. Nice! This gives a different atmosphere to conference than the close-ups on TV.

  3. Peter LLC says:

    Wow, Bednar is sporting a pretty narrow spread there.

  4. Fantastic shots, Sister B.

  5. There must have been a sale on greyish suits!

  6. I love the ones at the end of the session of the GA’s walking out with their wives. Elder Holland blows a kiss. The Bednars hold hands.

  7. Where are the photos of all the hot conference babes?

  8. The quality of the shots has the unfortunate consequence of disabusing the hopes of non-white-shirters on the open thread.

  9. Tanya Spackman says:

    Brad, sad but true. Sniff.

    Oh, well. My ward is filled with non-white shirt wearers. Even amongst those passing the sacrament. Clearly I’m in an awesome ward :-)

  10. There’s my aunt Marilyn in the choir!

  11. Just a quick question that is totally off topic. I’m thinking of going down tomorrow to shoot some of the protesters for a class. When is the best time to catch the nuttier of the bunch, morning or afternoon, before or after the session?

  12. Uh, I guess I should clarify that by shoot I mean take pictures of for my photography class.