Sunstone Seattle – November 13

In just a few weeks, on the shores of picturesque Lake Union, Seattle will again be favored by some Mormon goodness in the forms of essays, papers, and insight.

The preliminary program is available (PDF), and there is much to look forward to. Margaret Young will be wearing her President of the Association of Mormon Letters, fiction writer extraordinaire, BYU English professor hat rather than her Nobody Knows hat; a super session on the Old Testament with Owen Clark and Stephen Whitlock; George Smith discussing his book on polygamy, particularly focusing on the women of Nauvoo; a largely BCC Pillars of Faith session with Steve Evans and J. Stapley, and a third yet unnamed; Stapley will also present a paper looking at Mormon deathbed ritual; Tom Kimball will speak on Mormon book collecting; and Patrick McKenzie will take a scientist’s look at the resurrection.

Also, the Friday evening before, there will be a social in Kenmore.

Students are free! You can register online.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Sounds fun. I miss the old Chicago regional symposia we used to have.

  2. I’m interested in the results of Tom Kimball’s survey about the top 5 books in various categories of Mormon studies. Can someone in attendance share with us that information after the conference?

  3. Will do Chris.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    But who, who will be this mystery third Pillars presenter?? Will it be, as rumored, one of the Three Nephites? Is it true that Stapley tried to steal my milk skimmings? Do Mormon deathbed rituals include high-fives?

    These and more questions will be revealed.

  5. Somebody say hi to Brent Metcalfe and David Waltz for me, assuming they’re there.

  6. I don’t want more questions revealed. I want answers revealed! Answers to the following questions will suffice: Where is the Zeitcast? Why can’t the panel just be all three of the Three Nephites? Why is there far more matter than antimatter in the observable universe?

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Ben, the Zeitcast is already there for those who believe.

  8. I’m so there for this symposium, BTW, three nephites or no.

  9. Natalie K. says:

    Where exactly does this happen? Gas Works?

  10. Natalie K. says:

    And, what’s the best bus route to get there? :)

  11. And I can make it this time, and I get to meet Margaret! Cool! I’m going to have to get some naps in — I get off work at 8:00 that morning in South Everett — but part will be better than none.

  12. Cynthia L. says:

    #8–Stacey would also like to know if you guys are going to the Gas Works.

  13. (No comparison between Natalie K and Stacey intended! I’m just tripping out on the idea that the Gas Works is a real place. I thought it was only in the movie…)

  14. Natalie, it is a the Lake Washington Rowing Club building (down the road a bit from Gas Works). Not sure what bus to take, but it is within easy walking distance of the Fremont Bridge.

  15. Gas Works!

    Natalie, this is what I use to plan all my metro Seattle bus trips:

  16. Thinking hard about it….May have to do a half day. I do think the program looks more interesting this year than last. What’s with the New Belgium Brewing ad for the rowing club map? New Sunstone sponsor?

  17. HighTower says:

    What steps have the conference organizers taken to reduce the conference’s carbon footprint? Will there be an organized, communal effort to purchase carbon offsets? I didn’t see any information on carpooling opportunities. Was this an oversight?

  18. 17 — I will be coming from the north, and I’m not going to have a lot of time, but I could pick up someone (preferably mess-tolerant), especially someone who can be an effective copilot on the way there. I plan to be there until the end (and if there’s a get-together afterwards, I would stay), but will be napping at some point along the way.

    But I won’t lose a second of sleep concerned about my carbon footprint either way.

    Anybody who wants that seat, let me know.

  19. Molly Bennion says:

    After the cleanup, about 7, we’ll have an informal pizza party at my house on Capitol Hill. Anyone who’d like to come should see me at Sunstone for details.

  20. Molly — I will do so. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. Mary Ellen says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks! Please pre-register by 6 November–especially if you plan to order a box lunch.

  22. Molly Bennion says:

    We couldn’t find a Nephite after all, but we have the next best Pillars speaker: BCC’s own Tracy M!
    So we have enough juice and soda, and enough lunches for those who’d like them, please register asap with Sunstone online or at 801-355-5926. If you think you’d be coming but can’t be sure, please give Sunstone or me (206-355-6868) a call so we can do some guesstimate planning. Since we are not at a hotel, we must bring in our food and drink.
    See you then. It’s always a great day!

  23. Steve Evans says:

    Tracy’s such a great author and person, this will be a good time.

  24. I registered last Friday. This is going to be awesome.

  25. It’ll be fine.

  26. Can anyone remember well enough to follow up on #2? Thanks.

  27. 26 — Tom wasn’t there, but he put together a bookmark that had a list of the books he would have listed. I left my copy at home, or I’d feel bad about not hand-transcribing it here now.