Mormon Studies Conference at UVU this week!

The Religious Studies Program at Utah Valley University sponsors its 10th Annual (wow!) Mormon Studies Conference November 5-6, on campus in Orem. The theme is “Outmigration and the Mormon Quest for Education,” and the lineup of speakers includes Wesley Johnson and Marian Johnson (co-directors of the Mormon Outmigration Project), Grethe and (former University of Utah President) Chase Peterson, and rock star sociologists Armand Mauss and Jan Shipps. Also, it may be the only time that Jack Welch and Mike Quinn have appeared on the same program (putting an end to the persistent rumors that they’re really the same person)*

A brief description of the theme:

In 2009, the PEW Forum’s “Portrait of Mormons in the U.S.” determined that Mormons are “significantly more likely than the population overall” to seek a college education. In the twentieth century, a significant force in Mormon outmigration from Utah was the quest for opportunities in higher education. This two-day conference will reflect on the experience of these migrants as they sought to develop themselves and advance the cause of Mormonism through their studies at prestigious colleges and universities. A variety of outmigrants, their biographers, and Mormon studies scholars will join together to discuss this phenomenon and its connection to broader questions in the Mormon quest for education.

If, for some unfathomable reason you’re not interested in going, please consider coming to Boston to take care of my kids so I can go!!


  1. * but not at the same time–hmmmmmm…

  2. I’ve been waiting to see the Welch/Quinn rumors either verified or proven false. Thanks, Kristine.

  3. I knew Wes and Marian years ago. I either read their papers or listened to past MHA conference recordings. This should be an excellent presentation–I wish I could be there.