Jan Shipps to speak at SLC Library

Hey!! Jan Shipps will be speaking TONIGHT at the Salt Lake City Library. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Jan’s work for Mormon Studies. In particular, her 1985 book Mormonism should be near the very top of anyone’s list of Really Important Books You Must Read if You’re Going to Think of Yourself as a Reasonably Informed Mormon or Student of Mormons or Mormonism (RIBYMRIYGTTOYAARIMOSOMOM).

Jan will be speaking about what the field of Religious Studies offers for the study of Mormonism. Besides being an astute observer of Mormonism, Jan is a witty and engaging speaker and a delightful character and YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS TALK if you can possibly get there!!

Tuesday, November 17
Level 4 Meeting Room, Salt Lake City Main Library
210 East 400 South, Salt Lake.

Mingling at 6:30 pm, lecture starts at 7:00 pm.

Three cheers for Sunstone for sponsoring the event!!


  1. This has nothing to do with the post, but is there a place to comment about the sideblog? You guys are horrible! How can you resist “Do not watch; really, we mean it. Don’t even click”? I clicked back when it just said “Do not watch.” I’m going to have nightmares and will never be able to look at a fish stick the same way again. Next time, just don’t put up the link! Crazies! I love the sideblog, by the way. Lots of fun that keeps me entertained while feeding the baby. Thanks for most of it, you big jerks.

  2. jenna, that one was Ronan’s/

  3. Holy crap, Steve. That video is awful. Nice try passing it off on Ronan.

    [running from the room, hands cupping mouth]

  4. Hunter, there are some things real men are not ashamed to claim. If Evans had done it, he would admit it. In fact, I am kind of surprised he gave the glory–deservedly–to the Brit.

  5. Scott B., you calling Steve a real man?

    Suck up.

  6. The praise is mine.

  7. Reading Bynum’s Resurrection of the Body this morning, and that image fits perfectly into the early Christian milieu.

  8. btw, from bynum (33) “fish were understood in ancient natural philosophy to be both promiscuous and cannibalistic.”

    and fyi the movie is disgusting.

  9. Hunter, Steve is not beyond banninating his own permas. Sucking up is part of the contract.

  10. Eric Russell says:

    Ronan, you just may have succeeded in turning me vegetarian.

    By the way, I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that the disclaimer on the link isn’t going to hold up as a denial of liability. It’s like putting a warning sign on an electric fence in a playground.