BCC Zeitcast 43: The Return of Ronan

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Just in time for Christmas, Scott, Kathy, and Ronan trim your trees and stuff your stockings with unapologetically long and boring banter about Band-Aid, Bond, and Babes. Also, Ronan makes Kathy weak in the knees, first by singing, and later by reading from 2 Nephi. Ronan and Scott try to talk about the Seven Habits of High Effective Churches until Kathy forces them to quit, after which Scott discusses why Christmas is dead to him, Ronan teaches us about his key ingredients to clever, meaningful gift-giving (deception, theft, and being cheap), and Kathy spends thousands of dollars for a free iPod.

A Topless Simon Cowell

A Topless Daniel Craig

Links for your convenience:
1. Do They Know it’s Christmas?
2. Christmas Number One Singles in the UK
3. MI6, the Home of James Bond
4. The Fat Conductor


Zeitcast 3.3.0: The Return of Ronan


  1. Interesting that you left in the fact that both guys have a man-crush on Daniel Craig; thus ensuring that this Zeitcast will be forever known as the “Brokback Zeitcast.”

    BTW, Ronan, my wife gets 40% off at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters but buying her a Christmas gift at her store on her discount is strictly verboten in my house. But good luck with that perfume.

  2. MCQ–
    The man who denies the awesomeness of Daniel Craig is either a fool or a liar or both.

  3. Scott, at least now I know what to get you and Ronan for Christmas. The Daniel Craig photo-of-the-day screensaver and desk calendar are on their way. Enjoy!

  4. My 12 year old wants to know if you are the guy who plays Harry Potter, Ronan.

  5. If BCC sold greeting cards, I’d recommend Ronan’s Verse (its new official name in my imagination) as a theme. Maybe with a “before” picture on the cover and an “after” picture inside. It would be a top seller.

  6. I posted the video to “Do they know it’s Christmas” is a comment. It is awaiting moderation.

    Ronan’s version was great.

  7. I look more like the guy on the right than the one on the left.

  8. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    Chris, we considered having the Band-Aid single playing in the zcast intro (and the awesome b-side at the end). Plus, somewhere in the middle, the ska track which every Bond fan should know. But alas, our intrepid editor Scott had technological limitations in his Scandinavian holiday hamlet. Still, he gets full marks for posting whilst vacationing in the Arctic.


  9. “Do They Know it’s Christmas” is a whole lot better than some people make it out to be.

  10. Pretty freaking brilliant, RAF.

  11. I loved Moonraker when I was a kid. My dad made us watch all JB movies multiple times. In fact, as a kid, I found Sean Connery way too smarmy and preferred Roger Moore. This was helped by the fact that I didn’t get any of the jokes.

    And I would way prefer my husband be tricky and save money (also, then he can buy me more presents) then worry about saving face by paying full price. Suckers pay full price.

  12. Once again the online player stops 20 minutes in. Download it to hear the whole thing.

  13. #13
    It must be on your end. I never have the problem–it plays through.

  14. Steve G–
    What mmiles said. I have listened to all of the zeitcasts on multiple computers for testing, and have had no problems. But thanks for the update, and if I can find something that will help, then I will add a fix.

  15. Kathy,
    I wanted to add the songs you had, but by the time I was making the intro, I had completely forgotten about them…

    I did try to find Santa’s Super Sleigh, as well…

  16. Sheesh, RAF, that is some kick-arse criticism over there. I almost feel bad for having never heard the song! ;)

  17. Hearing Ronan sing was hilarious. And listening to Scott explain that he’s a pop culture neophyte, but then go on and on in detail about James Bond movie miscellany was funny, too. The rest was . . . [snoring]

  18. Yes, it was long and it was boring. But cheer up, Hunter–I edited out like 20 minutes! Just imagine how bored we were!

    We promise to be better next time. Or, at least, I promise to be better next time. Soper can’t really be helped.

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