Tuesday Night Theological Poll: Mormon Monism*?

Post your reasons below.
*Monism is the belief that everything in the universe is made up of one substance.

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  1. Mormonism needs more monism.

    You know, like Mars needs guitars.

  2. I thought Mars needed women…

  3. Clark,
    Technically, yes, Mars needs women. But more specifically, Mars needs moms.

  4. If there is one thing I love about monism it’s that one thing.

  5. I like how all the poll answers are totally meaningless.

  6. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    That’s MARRS, Clark.

  7. Jacob J.,
    There is a deeper meaning in the meaninglessness. Search your heart, grasshopper.

    Everybody else,
    One effect of monism, as it is commonly understood, is that there is no such thing as the supernatural, ie. no distinction between divine and the earthly matter.

  8. This whole time I thought the universe was made up of an Earth, Wind and Fire album or Play doh forms,

  9. And here I thought it was made of Play Doh’s forms.

  10. StillConfused says:

    I think it is all made up of energy. Does that count?

  11. My six year old saw me reading this and asked me to explain Monism. I totally got it wrong…

  12. I believe in om nom nomism. Specifically, I believe that a cute bunny (possibly gerbil) will one day devour the Earth. Does that count?

  13. Steve: no.

  14. Another effect of Monism: the differences between God and Man are not of type, whatever they are.

    A final effect of Monism: God operates according to rules that should be rationally discernable.

    I offer these as a public service, as I don’t believe we are monists.

  15. I think this list could stand some monism. Of course, several could also stand for some Momism, as well. Too many bloggers out of work, and don’t have Mom to make sack lunches for them….

  16. Another effect of Monism: the differences between God and Man are not of type, whatever they are

    Monism implies that all things that exist (in time and space) are composed of the same ultimate substance (or “prime matter”), but not that there can be radically different things built out of that lowest level substance, differences that are generally considered differences “of type”.

    Monism does rule out immutable ontological differences among objects that are immanent in time and space, because it implies you can always disassemble a basketball and reassemble it into a mouse, given adequate energy, effort, and information, for example. No dissassemble. No dissassemble.

  17. By the way, I don’t think Mormonism implies monism, but I don’t think it rules it out. To be a Mormon monist, you typically have to either be a hard materialist (e.g. regard intelligence as epiphenomenal) or be a property dualist (e.g. regard all matter has having both material and “spiritual” properties of some sort).

  18. Wha?

  19. Steve, any bunny large enough to devour the earth, by definition, will not be “cute”.

  20. If Mormons can be monists, we can be so only at the cost of Lehi’s “there must needs be an opposition in all things” speech.

    That said, D&C 88’s light of Christ discussion suggests an alternative.

  21. has anyone considered that “dark matter” may be the more refined spiritual matter which Joseph Smith references in the D&C? It has mass and takes up space, but we have no way of observing or interacting with it.

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