My Top Ten of the Decade

10.  Anathem

9.  Filmspotting

8.  Jack White

7.  Jose Saramago

6.  The 2000-2003 Sacramento Kings Teams

5.  John Luther Adams

4.  Firefly

3.  Alfajores Havanna

2.  The Book of Job

1.  Charity


  1. I have sworn not to read Anathem until I finish book three of the Baroque series. I have been putting it off for 8 months now.

  2. Wow. Firefly gets mentioned in two posts in a row. Cool.

  3. Was “Alias” part of this decade? The first couple of seasons were pure awesomeness.

  4. Mike Parker says:

    +1 for Firefly, quite possibly the best television show ever, made tragic by its martyrdom.

    And queuno is right—the first two seasons of Alias were terrific. Unfortunately the last three proved that the producers had no endgame for the Rambaldi plotline, and were basically making it up as they went along.

  5. I’ve been listening to Filmspotting from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better. I like it enough that their reviews take precedence over long time newspaper reviewers.

  6. You don’t need to read the Baroque Cycle for Anathem–they’re completely different books. That said, I’d highly recommend reading all three books of the Baroque cycle relatively close together, not separated by a couple of years like I did. Much less confusing that way.

    Great list, but don’t we technically have another year of this decade?

  7. If only the Kings hadn’t choked at the last second every time they were under pressure…

  8. I know I don’t have to, but if I don’t read book 3 first I probably never will.

  9. J. Nelson-Seawright says:

    Queuno, Alias did have a good first two seasons, but as Mike argues, the later seasons really retroactively ruined the show for me.

    Jjohnsen, I’ve been listening to Filmspotting I think since the episode when they reviewed the Fantastic Four movie. You’re right that it gets better and better.

    Kristine, I’m indifferent as to the debate about whether next year counts as part of this decade or not. But the media in general seems to have concluded that 2000-2009 is the correct meaningless period of time about which to make meaningless lists.

    Christopher, well, really, there’s only game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference finals. Which wouldn’t even have been necessary if any other three human beings on the planet Earth had officiated in game 6. The wound will never heal, etc.

  10. Anathem was a revelation. The only book I ever read that, upon finishing, I promptly picked up and read again. In a similar vein, William Gibson’s 2000-09 contributions were outstanding.

    I’m shocked, J, that you didn’t include Pan’s Labyrinth.

    You talk about three, but wasn’t it really, really just Dick Bavetta?

  11. John Luther Adams — I’m impressed! Not a composer I expected to encounter in the ‘nacle!

  12. Furthermore, an omission of The Wire from such a list is practically unconscionable.

  13. I’ve also been taken to task for omitting Trader Joe’s from the list.

  14. TJ’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s will not forgive you, JNS.

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