Name my resolution

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I don’t believe much in New Year’s resolutions, but if you guys can arrive at a consensus for what resolution I should make and keep in the new year, I’ll do it. The way I see it, I know myself worse than the rest of you.

Suggestions, to get the ball rolling:

1. Learn to juggle
2. Stop being so darned sexy
3. Be more curt to trollish commenters.

Failing that, what are your resolutions? What does Mormon culture have to say about New Years’ Resolutions? Is the practice of a ‘resolution’ consistent with the general approach of seeking a Christlike life?


  1. Be more civil to people whose behavior annoys and/or angers me.

    Talk less.

    Listen more.

    Pass prelims.

    Mostly the first one, though.

  2. Wait, are those yours, or mine?? Because I’m not passing prelims.

  3. Them’s mine, Evans. Get your own.

  4. OK fine, I can get behind those for you.

  5. Yeah, you stick with learning to juggle. Which those of us who don’t hate Jesus learned on our missions.

  6. What’s more realistic — me learning to juggle, or you talking less?

  7. Well played, sir.

  8. Eat. More.

  9. Me: Use spell check and proof read on the blogs…

  10. Brian: Eat-More? A noble resolution.

  11. Eat-More doubled as the name of a casserole resembling goulash in my home as a child.

  12. Steve, your wife called. She says you already achieved your second resolution, so no need to do any more work there. Congratulations. It’s awesome when you can cross one of those goals off the list.

  13. Steve Evans says:

    MCQ, thanks to you I soon will be able to cross #3 off my list as well.

  14. My mother always said we shouldn’t make resolutions but “set goals.” And I always wondered what the heck the difference was, but I never did either in any case. Until I got to be an adult, and then I both made resolutions and set goals, but I have yet to accomplish anything I’ve set out to do, so whatever.

  15. Aaron Brown says:

    In the coming year Steve should strive to be a tool in the hands of the Lord, rather than just a tool.

  16. AB, FTW!

  17. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    In 2010 Steve should legally change his name to Snave, thus becoming pleasingly palindromic.

  18. Plus Snave feels more appropriately weaselish.

  19. Snave Evans says:

    Oh Brad. I am beginning to lose faith that you’ll pass those prelims — so many of the other resolutions have already fallen by the wayside…

  20. Evans, you underestimate the degree of restraint I exercised in my last comment.

  21. Anyway, it is not the 1st yet so none of these resolutions apply right now.

  22. Tanya Spackman says:

    My resolutions:

    1. Plot the overthrow of a small island nation.

    2. Overthrow a small island nation.

    3. Get abducted by aliens. It’s so unfair that they’ve been ignoring me.

    4. Banish the font Courier New from the planet using lasers and telepathy. I’m hoping the aliens will help on this one.

  23. Banish the font Courier New

    Boo! hiss!

    How do you propose to align nucleotide and amino acid sequences? Tedious, manually-adjusted kerning?! Perhaps the space-traveling aliens—who surely must appreciate a good ClustalW—have been avoiding as opposed to ignoring….

  24. Steve,

    How about adding more Police Beat articles? Surely that well hasn’t run dry yet.

  25. Tanya Spackman says:

    Ah, BrianJ… there is a whole world of monospaced fonts out there! Okay, maybe not a whole world. Maybe only a tenth of a world because people are just more into proportional fonts. How about a lovely DejaVu Sans Mono or Prestige?

    I know, I’m in the minority on this one. But Courier is just so… hideous! Surely we deserve a better font to represent humanity!

    I recently learned that screenplays are to be formatted using Courier. While I can completely understand how Courier is very useful for align nucleotide and amino acid sequences, what purpose does it serve in screenplays?! Sadly, now I can never write a screenplay. To corrupt my certain-to-be brilliant story (stop laughing) into such a horrible font…. Tragedy!

  26. Tanya, in my own life I have always found the greater tragedy to be found in allowing aesthetic concerns to rob the world of my creative genius. Pehaps you can use that as a resolution of your own. You’re welcome.

  27. Thomas Parkin says:

    1. Stop allowing myself to be quoted on the SLC Tribune’s web site.

    2. Watch my cholesterol

    3. Stop eating people

  28. Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to read prose written in Courier. I t ‘ s , l i k e , s o g a p – t o o t h e d .

    Incidentally, the first copy of the Ten Commandments was written in Courier, and that’s actually the reason Moses destroyed them.

  29. StillConfused says:

    Courier is a typographical douche-bag. At least go Times New Roman.

  30. StillConfused says:

    My resolutions for 2010 are:

    1. Hike each of the published hikes at Zion National Park, even the scary Angels Landing (I am a creature of habit and always just do Emerald Pools)

    2. Finish all of the small home improvement projects around my house (I love the big projects but hate the finish work)

    3. Finish two of my online businesses (which requires keeping my computer programmer on task — easier said that done)

  31. My resolution is to read through the sites listed here:
    and figured out how I want to get involved.

  32. I told my wife that I want to gain 200 pounds and get on the Biggest Loser. It seems like it will be more fun gaining 200 than losing the 50 I need to.

    You may want to study up on Lawrence of Arabia quotes :-)

  33. Finish what I star….

  34. 1. Try not to kill my teenagers (I make this resolution every year).
    2. Succeed this year in getting to the end of the Internet.
    3. Stalk Steve Evans less.
    4. Give pithier and well thought out comments on others’ blogs.
    5. Move to a warmer climate. Or at least think warmer….
    6. Start going backwards on my birthdays. While I’m 50 now, I’ll soon turn 49….

  35. Ha ha. You have to already know how to juggle with four children and an important job.

  36. Who says Steve’s job is important?

  37. perhaps he meant impertinent?

  38. rameumptom: your third resolution will be much easier if Steve accomplishes his second.

  39. to not blog about politics on my blog for the whole year.

  40. BrianJ #38,

    So you are saying that my resolution is dependent upon Steve accomplishing his?

    I’m doomed.

  41. Stephanie says:

    My resolution is to enjoy my kids – not endure them, enjoy them. (I know it sounds pitiful that I would even need to make such a resolution, but you don’t live with them)