Hey Kids! Who wants a Mocktail??

Tonight, the world celebrates the coming of the new year with clinking champagne glasses, eventual slurred speech, and possible DUIs.  You, my teetotalling Mormon friends?  For you, I present the great mocktail recipe exhchange.  Eat, drink, be merry, and wake up tomorrow without a hangover, contemplating how you don’t need to set goals, because you constantly strive for anything virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy (including virtuous–or rather virgin–beverages).  I’ve pulled together links from favorite websites that have fantastic mocktail recipes.  Please feel free to post your own favorite mocktail recipe in the comments below, and then return and report on your holiday festivities.  

From our friends at allrecipes.com:  http://allrecipes.com/Search/Recipes.aspx?WithTerm=mocktails

The helpful folks at about.com present these mocktail recipes:  http://cocktails.about.com/od/mocktailmocktail/Mocktail_Recipes.htm

Scroll down past the annoying ads to see this collection of mocktails:  http://www.drinkalternatives.com/non-alcoholic-mocktail-recipes/

Scroll past the real cocktail recipes (that’s right kids, it’s a metaphor!  You can choose to scroll right past the sin) to this delicious collection of mocktails:  http://www.drink-recipes.org.uk/mocktails/index.htm

My favorite mocktail?  Well, the recipe is at home on my fridge, but it’s basically cranberry and apple juice, with a dash of lime and grenadine, and a couple spoonfulls of yummy coconut cream.  Blend with ice and enjoy!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Fresca soda, a squeeze of fresh lime, and coconut milk. Sounds ridiculous, tastes wonderful.

    Also, vanilla strawberry lemonade. Make lemonade as usual, then take a couple handfuls of frozen strawberries, whiz them up in the blender, and throw them in the lemonade along with a teaspoon or so of vanilla extract.

  2. This makes my cranberry juice on the rocks with a twist seem pathetic.

  3. Bad George Thorogood says:

    One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.

    Happy New Year to you, too, Karen.

  4. StillConfused says:

    I don’t really like mocktails or things of the sort. I never really acquired a taste for it. Plus most of them have refined sugar and/or empty calories. Too much of a party for me

  5. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    Somehow, “Abstinence on the Beach” just isn’t the same.

  6. And a warning to you non-alcoholic beer drinkers, it still contains .5% alcohol. What does that mean? Be careful not to drink over 40 cans if you want to be able to drive home with a BAC lower than 0.08!!!

    My favorite mocktail is a strawberry daiquiri, yummy!!!

  7. Are you sure about the “no hangover” part? Seems to me like you could end up in a sugar coma from some of these.

    Maybe you could add some near beer, PG-13 movies, and an herbal hookah to the mix. Now you’re talking party!

  8. StillConfused says:

    My version of a party is throwing in some extra fiber.

  9. Wow! I’m hoping this was written tongue-in-cheek. :D

    You do know that plenty of people drink alcoholic beverages without drinking to excess, right? Not every non-Mormon who imbibes is gunning for a DUI or a hangover.

  10. I’ve heard that Kari, but I prefer to think of the world in extreme terms that entertain me.

  11. I don’t know if mocktails are really necessary. Seems like too much work when fruit juice is pretty darn good as it is …

    Cran-Raspberry juice is just about my favorite thing on the planet.

    Mango juice on ice is very refreshing – again, just as is.

    If I’m really in the mood for a sugar-rush, I also like grape soda with some lime juice squeezed into it.

    Years ago my mom taught me how to make a very good orange julius. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it but it’s easy to make. Still have the recipe memorized, actually. Does anyone drink those anymore?

  12. I’m gunning for a hangover without imbibing. But that’s everyday, not just New Year’s Eve.

  13. Me too, Karen. It’s so much more fun to revel in stereotypes.

  14. Distilled Vinegar Shots – the hard liquor of the LDS world

  15. I want your recipe, Danithew.

    Right now I’m drinking Diet Cherry Coke with fresh lime. De-LISH-us!

  16. Diet Coke, the real kind, not caffeine free. =) Yes I am wired! Happy New Years, everybody!

  17. GatoraideMomma says:

    It’s hard being Diabetic and having to say no to all these delicious blends…Just too much sugar in most. But using diet sodas does help. Personally, I do usually enjoy Diet Coke…the real kind with caffeine. It think the caffeine gives my insulin resistant cells a little boost.

  18. Orange Julius recipe (as I remember it)

    – orange juice concentrate (a third or half of a can, depending on the size)
    – 3 cups of milk
    – 8 ice-cubes (you want enough to make the drink thick and cold)
    – 1/3 cup of sugar
    – just a bit of vanilla (i usually just fill the small vanilla container cap and drop it in)

    Blend the above until the ice cubes have been crunched up.

    Pour into glasses and enjoy.

    We usually would make these during the summer.

  19. I love this one:

    1 part Peach Nectar
    and 2 parts sparkling cider

    Make in a champagne glass, pour the peach nectar in first. Add the cider slowly and down the side of the glass for “head” purposes.

    I call it a baby Bellini. MMMMM