Twelve Days of Christmas Music VI

A collection of small works from a favorite composer, Healey Willan:

The Three Kings

Don’t click away before the end of the piece–the final “Come in, come in, and kiss the feet of God” is what the whole thing is for!

A simple arrangement of “What is this Fragrance?”

Another favorite is his arrangement of the “Hodie” text, but all the recordings on youtube are somewhat painful to listen to/watch.

His setting of “Sun of Righteousness” is exquisite. And check out “O King, All Glorious” while you’re there. The text is wonderful, too. (And check out the setting by Arthur Sullivan–yes, that Sullivan).

There’s lots more–his O Antiphons for Advent are delicious, even if they’re not properly Christmas music. Also, “Lo in the Time Appointed” is great, but sneakily difficult for choir, and thus too often badly performed.

Willan is somebody ward choir directors should know about–some of his stuff is too hard, some of it too Catholic, but a lot of it is accessible and all-purpose enough to be fun for ward choirs.

Finally, here’s a completely non-Christmas-y Willan piece, that’s on the loooong list of music for my funeral. (Text here).