Twelve Days of Christmas Music VII

Not strictly Christmas, and even with one text for New Year’s Day.

Mendelssohn Sechs Sprueche (somebody smart please tell me how to do umlauts in WordPress!). Another performance here.

The texts, with English translation, are here. (It’s a bit of a pain, as you have to look up each individually. The Advent/Christmas texts are #1, #2, and #5)


  1. Lovely. Thanks.

  2. One can usually enter the German umlaut vowels using the numeric keypad, typing the ASCII code while holding the ALT key:

    ä = 132
    Ä = 142
    ö = 148
    Ö = 153
    ü = 129
    Ü = 154
    ß = 225 (esszett)

  3. Wow — it wörked. I näver knüw this ßtuff. Thankß, Patrick.

  4. Peter LLC says:

    My motto: If Mötley Crüe can do it, so can you.

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