Boggs-Doniphan Award 2009 – WINNER!

Voting is over, and the 2009 Gentile of the Year is Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert

Colbert’s playful but pointed coverage of the church in 2009 helped keep us in the limelight on the gay issue at a time when, reeling from the Prop 8 fallout, we might have preferred a low profile. But lets not kid ourselves, most of his votes probably had less to do with that coverage than the fact that, in spite of it, a lot of us are fans of the show.

Please note:

The Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year designation is a recognition of the effect that the person or group of persons recognized has had during the past year. It is not a prize or award, so nothing of value is being given to anyone as a result of this designation, and it is not necessarily meant to honor the person or persons recognized (it is half named after Boggs, after all), so no effort will be made to contact or notify Colbert.

We were very pleased by the interest in selecting the Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year. The BCC readers nominated many possibilities in addition to the original ones in the post. We learned a lot from those nominations, especially the range of our readers’ beliefs and feelings. We even learned about some non-Mormons who have done significant things and really deserve to be on a list of possible Gentiles of the Year.

The LDS Church’s First Presidency (including the Prophet) and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were excluded from nominations because they are Mormons.

We also appreciate those who dropped by and participated in our online vote, which taught us a lot about the passion that many people have for their friends and those that they admire. Nowhere near 2000 people voted in our poll, often coming from outside the bloggernacle, from fan sites associated with some of those nominated. We hope that those who dropped by enjoyed BCC and will drop by again.

Please plan on participating in next year’s Boggs-Doniphan Award nominations and designation. I’m sure that many of the nominees will show up in next year’s process, and those of us who were unfamiliar with some of the nominees can use that time to become more familiar with them. Certainly we will re-nominate some of them next year, if others do not. And, as we discovered this year, each year is very different, bringing a different mix of both news and candidates.


  1. I love Colbert. Amazing satire. I wonder if this will make the show?

  2. StillConfused says:

    I love Colbert too. I just had a Colbert marathon (via Hulu) last night.

  3. He also did a feature on Utah’s 3rd District, with an interview with Chaffetz (who at one point played football for BYU). I’m fairly certain that was in January 2009.

  4. Gee, the language from this post seems very familiar for some reason! I wonder why? [GRIN]

  5. I love how good a parody this turned out to be. Thanks, BCC.

  6. Kevin Barney says:

    At Sunstone they were running a collection of Colbert Mormon clips during lunch time. Funny, funny stuff. This is an excellent pick for the coveted Boggs-Doniphan Award.

  7. #4 You’re a good sport, Bro. Larsen.

  8. I think we should start a Mormons for Colbert campaign. We’d all wear wrist awareness bands, of course. Colbert is quite a remarkable man–devoted to his own faith (Catholic), he served as his daughter’s catechism coach and also teaches Sunday School. He would totally fit into Mormonism. AND he gets Pres. Obama on his show to order him to get a haircut! How cool is that?

  9. Cynthia just won my heart.

  10. So I should stop attempting to contact Colbert?

  11. Maybe if this post gets more comments than PBR #10 then Colbert will notice it? Who is game?!?

  12. Good. I love it every time he talks about Mitt Romney and plays a clip of Guy Smiley. That probably makes me happier than anything else.

  13. I can’t believe you chose this guy! He stands for everything that is evil in the wrold, and this just shows where you all butter your bread at this hell-bound blog!

    Oh, wait.

  14. No, no, somebody contact Colbert! He’d love it, I’m sure.

  15. StillConfused says:

    I would have voted for him as Mormon of the Year too. Why let a little thing like membership status stand in his way.

  16. Yes!!! I love Colbert! And if this happens to make the show, we must celebrate somehow!

  17. sister blah 2 says:

    StillConfused, work on MOTY for next year–just send the missionaries on over.

    On the flip side, if all the consevative nutsos’ dreams come true and Reid gets ex’ed, we’ll make him next year’s GOTY!

  18. I sent an email to the webmaster at Don’t know if he’ll pass it on to the great Stephen himself. Very funny pick!

  19. Alex T. Valencic says:

    sister blah 2, I’m curious, do you make a distinction between sane conservatives and conservative nutsos, or do you believe the two are synonymous?

    I’m glad that Colbert won this amazing award! Someone should make a plaque and mail it to him.

  20. Awesome. My 15yo son is a huge Colbert fan—he was just telling me 30 minutes ago about how he convinced most of his English class to check out his show. I couldn’t believe no one had seen it. But apparently my son was also the only kid in the class who knew what propaganda was.

  21. Just in case anyone is wondering about the legalese portion (we’re getting some visitors to this post who may not be familiar with Times & Seasons), it was taken from T&S’ “Mormon of the Year” post:

    (Sorry to be lame and explain a joke.)

  22. Wow, lame.

  23. Yup.

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