BCC Zeitcast 44: Doh! A Deer!

Download this episode (right click and save) In this edition of the BCC Zeitcast, Scott B. and John C. aim to be less boring than the last episode and discuss Sunday School, Valentine’s Day activities in Utah Valley, Deer Hunting, and more Deer Hunting. Also, John C. pretends to be Ronan. ‘s Brilliant, Mate!!

Also, as a one-time bonus, there is a really awkward 10 second long silent period around the 6:50 mark! I have corrected the silent stretch, and changed the MP3 file name to be more user friendly.

Only a Few Deer Were Harmed in Connection with this Zeitcast

Links for your convenience:

1. John C.’s Sunday School Wars Trilogy: Part IV: A New Hope, Part V: The CES Strikes Back, and Part VI: Only Organic Ewok, Please

2. DMI Dave’s response.

3. The Church News’ condemnation of DMI Dave, and any who associate with him at T&S.

4. Nate Oman’s watershed thesis, “Deer Are Evil.”


Zeitcast 3.3.0


  1. Zeitcast! Just what I needed.

  2. Chris,
    Best to listen before making pronouncements like that!

  3. No kidding. I got my hopes up and then lost the Zeitcast after 7 minutes.

  4. Are you sure it wasn’t the awkward silence I promised at the 6:50 mark? It lasts about 10 seconds….

  5. Just to let it be known: I would totally sit around with my Stake leaders and talk about the Old Testament on Valentine’s Day.

  6. It totally ends shortly after that for me. Maybe it was not meant to be.

  7. BiV,
    I have no doubt that you speak the truth.

    Try downloading the whole file then–it works fine for Steve Evans’ wife and I.

  8. Please consider file names with a date format like yymmdd instead of m-dd-yy. It makes the alphanumeric order be the same as chronological order, no matter what.

    For posterity.

  9. Wah wah wah wah, John C. I was asked to go to a twice-a-year Stake leadership training for all the YW second-counselors in the stake, after church on Sunday.

    EASTER Sunday.

  10. Whoa, SB2–that must have been one bad meeting! Boldface, Italics, and All-Caps: The Trifecta of Mormon blogging angst.

  11. The whole point is that nobody even batted an eye about going to Sunday School inservice on Valentine’s Day. In the evening. That’s why Mormons are great/wierd.

  12. Yeah ours did end up getting canceled. Actually, I think the husband of the woman who organized the meeting told her nobody wanted to go to a meeting on Easter. An example of beneficial patriarchy, I guess.

  13. Wow – what an awesome climax: Scott B. and the deer lock eyes, and . . . Scott winces.


    Good work. Loved it. [still laughing]

  14. Molly Bennion says:

    Nate is so right. Borrowing from like minded friends, we call them the dambies.

  15. That was brilliant!!!!

  16. I just listened to it for the first time. I sound like I’ve been auto-tuned. I can also assume that I will soon be appearing in several major hip-hop collaborations. It will be great! Also, brilliant!

  17. Limey John! BKP sidecar! Bumbling, giggling Scott!

    I startled several deer with my guffaws.

  18. So when is the Zeitcast going to go back to an RSS feed so I can load it in iTunes?

    Or am I just hopelessly technologically challenged?

  19. Wow Scott. All I have to say is, “wow”.

  20. brandt,

    The RSS feed for Zeitcast will be back as soon as I can get it functioning again. The old hosting service we used is now defunct, and it’s taking me some time to get a new one arranged.

  21. brandt – I’ve had success downloading it to my hard drive first and then transferring it to my iTunes file. It takes an extra step, but I’ve been able to get it on my iPod.

  22. I also just fixed the silent stretch in the file, and altered the file name so it’s more convenient for iTunes (HT Blain).

  23. Kevin Barney says:

    When I lived on the tree streets in Provo east of campus up the hill, I’d come home late at night and often encounter roving bands of deer. I thought it was way cool, but then it wasn’t my garden they were feasting on…

  24. Scott,
    I had no idea you were so sexist!

  25. Scott,

    Thanks for the update.


    My laziness knows no bounds. One extra step is torture to me in my streamlined life.

  26. mmiles,

  27. Scott, I had no idea you were so sexist!

    Well, yeah of course. But I am confused about how you inferred that from the ZC.

  28. Because he wouldn’t shoot the does.

    Equal rights for equal deer!

  29. Steve Evans says:

    What’s wrong with being sexy?

  30. Smell the glove.

  31. What was that weird Scottish-Australian accent?

  32. Gold star for KLS.

  33. I can’t recall ever seeing a mounted deer head without antlers.

  34. mmiles,

    Here you go!

  35. D’OE!

  36. Surprised to hear discussion of hunting on this site. (not dismayed, just surprised). However, the picture in the post is of a White-tailed deer. As the discussion was of Utah Valley deer hunting, the appropriate species would be the Mule deer. A White-tailed deer in Utah is very rare, and quite recent. Otherwise, great listening!

  37. Scott’s an Idaho boy, Bambi. Watch your tail.

  38. Sheesh, Bambi! Deer aren’t just evil, they’re insufferable know-it-alls, too!

    (But, yeah…you’re right…it should have been a Mule deer. Crap.)

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