The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 1

As a special new feature, we are pleased to present to you each Wednesday an graven image, an icon if you will, reflecting some of the most important Mormon issues of all time. The craftsman, Matthew Page (or Brother Matsby), is a master artist and Painter of LightTM. Please respect the reverence for which BCC is known and keep an appropriate tone in your comments.

"Bee Young"

Deseret, by Brother Matsby


The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 1


  1. Bee Young indeed.

  2. Is this because he was so good at fulfilling his “bee fruitful and multiply” commandment?

  3. Beehold, the founder of Deseret.

  4. Bee was right. Bee was always right.

  5. That’s quite the beeard.

  6. O death, where is thy sting?

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    Awesome concept. It gives me the willies because I’m allergic to bee venom.

  8. Which of BY’s wives was it who always had a bee in her bonnet?

  9. To bee, or not to bee.

  10. O bee wise; what can I say more?

  11. “In our lovely Deseret….”

    Brother Brigham always good at stirring up a hornet’s nest.

  12. Matsby, will you marry me and have my grandchildren?

  13. I’ll ask my wife and get back to you.

  14. He certainly has more bees than President Hinckley who apparently only had six.

  15. Ah yes, the famous moment in time when Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew bet old B. Young he wouldn’t douse his face in honey at the bee farm.

  16. This picture was inspired by that story from church history about how Brother Brigham started wearing a bee-beard shortly after he arrived in the Utah valley and had his grasshopper-sideburns eaten by a couple of seaguls.

  17. All the prophets since the Ancient of Days have been a friend to insects.

  18. SteveP,
    What about John the Baptist? The guy ate locusts. That’s hardly friendly, if you ask me.

  19. /shudder/

  20. As one who worships Brother Matsby, I know that this new weekly feature is true.

  21. I look forward to this series!

  22. The Mormon creed: Mind your own beeswax.

  23. So that is why Brigham Young is called the American Moses…see this is the eleventh plague.

  24. Mark Brown FTW!

  25. those bees sure are attracted to awesomeness and righteousness, unlike poor Thomas B. Marsh whom all of the fare bees wouldn’t even glance at anymore.

  26. Eat your heart out, Nick Cage.

  27. Homer: Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the prophets? Or the bees? Or the prophets with bees in their mouth and when they preach, they shoot bees at you?

  28. lol!

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