BCC’s Newest Permablogger

By Common Consent is pleased to announce that after nearly a year of investigation, Matt Page, aka Brother Matsby, has agreed to be baptized and confirmed a member of the BCC permabloggers. His many valuable contributions to BCC over the past year include:

Although many in the Bloggernacle are familiar with his 2-time Niblet Award winning My Religious Blog, there is more to him than General Conference LOLcats and Liahona 8-balls.[2] Brother Matsby is a born & raised Utah Mormon, served a mission in South Africa, is married to a lady and is a father of three. Educated at SLCC and the University of Utah, he currently works for the man, but does freelance art and design on the side until he is able to start doing it professionally. Brother Matsby is also a theoretical physicist.

Says Brother Matsby of himself:

“I consider myself a collector: comic books, trading cards,[3] records, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc. Also, action figures. I am a man-child.”

Please join us in welcoming Brother Matsby!


[1] This artwork is also visible in the lower right sidebar. Although not visible due to image size, lovers of Church history and trivia will be interested to know that the song and artist on the iPod are A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and John Taylor, respectively. Also, the song is set on repeat.

[2] For more information about Brother Matsby and his Religious Blog, see entries in Mormon Doctrine, Wikipedia, and the Bible.

[3] Including a complete box set of character cards from the television series Twin Peaks. This even includes an autograph from Sherilyn Fenn.


BCC's Newest Permablogger


  1. Also with this news comes the new By Common Consent slogan:

    BCC’s good (except for one part)

  2. Viva Matsby!

  3. man child = good fit for BCC.

  4. Mommie Dearest says:

    We could use a little more levity around here.

  5. Cynthia L. says:

    “BCC’s good (except for one part)”

    Ha! I think that could be said, one by one, for each perma. Maybe that’s how we pick em–“of whom can it be said, ‘BCC would be good except that part’?”

  6. Very cool addition to BCC! Welcome.

  7. Our best perma yet!

  8. Very Cool. Look forward to seeing more fun stuff.

  9. I’d like to know how you did the Bible picture. It looks amazing!

  10. Thanks. Just scanned my old mission scriptures and then used Photoshop to erase all the type and then wrote my own.

  11. Er, Matsby, we were all under the impression that it was real. Maybe we need to rethink this whole perma decision.

  12. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    Welcome to the black lodge.

  13. Garmonbozia!

  14. Do you like Radiohead?

    Marks out of ten:

  15. Wow, cool video.

  16. Ronan,
    Matsby liked Radiohead before it was cool to like Radiohead.

  17. Matsby — I nominated My Religious Blog for a Niblet last year. I’m glad to see that my vote of confidence directly resulted in your current promotion. Clearly all of your fame and success can be attributed to me. You’re welcome.

  18. One more person with a cool deoder ring.

    Great addition!

  19. “Decoder” – not mis-spelled “de-odor”

  20. Doesn’t actually matter, Ray. Matt has both kinds of rings.

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