BCC Zeitcast 46: A Very Special Zeitcast

After a two week hiatus, BCC’s Zeitcast returns with a Very Special Episode, in which Scott B. hosts a multitude of guests, including Amri Brown, Sir Ronan, and the reigning Bloggernacle Commenter of the Year, Bridget Jack Meyers MikeInWeHo.

All Mormons--even Ricky Schroeder--love a Very Special Episode

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(I apologize for the poor audio quality during the 2nd segment. My cabinet is crap, and I’ll fire them all tomorrow.)

In today’s Very Special Episode, Amri explains to Scott the nuance of mannequin gendering in Iowa. Later, MikeInWeHo gives additional insight and thoughts on his portion of this morning’s segment of the BCC Roundtable Series on Depression. Later, Ronan gives Scott his thoughts on the upcoming World Cup, in which the United States and England are pooled together.

Oh Gordon. You didn't.

Links for your convenience:
1. Very Special Episodes
2. Saved by the Bell Very Special Episode about drug use (“No Hope with Dope”).
3. Punky Brewster Very Special Episode about weight management (“Tons of Fun”)
4. The 2-part Diff’rent Strokes Very Special Episode about child molesters, starring Gordon Jump (“The Bicycle Man”). [HT: Mike M]
5. NAMI.org
6. 2010 FIFA World Cup pairings


Zeitcast 3.6.0: A Very Special Zeitcast


  1. Thanks to MikeInWeHo for being a great guest, especially on a timely and important subject. Indeed, few things are more pertinent in this day and age than ensuring that BJM doesn’t win Commenter of the Year.

    Also, you comments on depression were good, too, Mike. :)

  2. Umm, the correct terminology for the whole of female genitila is not vagina, but vulva.

  3. mmiles, I can’t believe that comment made it through our spam filter.

  4. Mike M. says:

    Nicely done, Scott. One possible oversight… Wouldn’t the Different Strokes episode on child molestation classify as a very special episode? If so, shame on you for not giving props to our very own fellow Mormon Gordon Jump who played the role of the pedophile. And three cheers for Arnold and his friend Dudley for escaping his grasp.

  5. Oh crap! I totally knew about Gordon Jump being the child molester, too. I have no idea how that got left out.

  6. [Updated to include Gordon Jump. Shameful.]

  7. Nice work, all, on this episode — “A Very Special *and Serious* Zeitcast.”

    One quibble: the phone connection with Ronan must have been messed up or something, because the tonal quality of his voice made him come across as a pompous arse. You gotta do something about that phone line next time.

  8. Steve G. says:

    I thought I finally had proof that Ronan is actually R Daneel Olivaw. I kept waiting for him to call Amri “Little Miss”.

  9. Kathryn Lynard Soper says:

    Boz, you are magnificent.

  10. the phone connection with Ronan must have been messed up or something, because the tonal quality of his voice made him come across as a pompous arse.

    Par for the course!

  11. Kevin Barney says:

    I enjoyed the cast. And thanks for the shout out, Mike!

  12. Scott, I am totally into the whole polyandry thing, but I really don’t know you that well. No need to keep mentioning me on your Podcast; let’s just be friends.

    MikeInWeHo, it was interesting to hear your thoughts on depression. It’s a real shame about the sound quality. I hope they bring you back, because IMO more of you can only be a good thing.

  13. Jack, it seems nigh impossible to podcast without you popping up in the discussion. You’re just the center of all our thoughts, words, and deeds around here, evidently.

    The sound quality was not great for the second segment. We need to start a microphone fund for all future Zeitcasters so that we can keep audio quality high.

  14. I just realized that Mike described his “wild” podcast with Amri and Ronan from a couple years ago as:

    a) Amri talking about dancing naked with snakes, and
    b) Mike drinking a Diet Coke during a podcast.

    Mike, you might need to reconsider what “wild” means on your end there.

  15. There was no dancing naked with snakes. The snakes were sedated but there was no nakedness.

    Also, mmiles, I stand by my usage. Only because I wasn’t referring to the specific anatomical thing but the whole surprising package of the mannequin. I mean, trannequin.

  16. Great podcast, all!

  17. MikeInWeHo says:

    Finally was able to listen to this. LOVE the Robo-Ronan. Brilliant!! If you guys invite me back for another zietcast someday, I promise to get a new microphone.

    re: 15 Maybe I was too buzzed on diet coke to remember what you said, but are you sure there was absolutely no sedated-snake-dancing-nakedness Amri? Or maybe just the snakes were naked.

  18. When Amri first told me the trannequin story in email, I just readily assumed the hospital had done it on purpose as a sensitivity training exercise for when future nurses encounter transsexual patients. What can I say, I live in California and have worked for the state government. It seemed totally plausible.

  19. I think maybe you’re mixing theologies up, Mike. Amri was naked until the snake got her to drink some Diet Coke, and then she was clothed.

    But where does all of this leave Trannie Mannie?

  20. MikeInWeHo says:
  21. If Trannie Mannie got a TK Smoothie, then how did Amri put a catheter on him?( Her? It? Thingy?)

  22. I’m not as posh as Robo-Ronan.

  23. Best very special episode? Every episode of Clone High.

  24. bltanner9269 FTW.

  25. Naked sedated snakes.

  26. It’s always after the fact that good conversation ideas come up. Amri, we really blew a golden opportunity to discuss what the classic Very Special Episode for Mormons would be about. Who would star? What is the controversial social issue? What medium would it be delivered in (Fireside? Roadshow? EFY?)

    We dropped the ball, Amri. And by we I mean you and me. But mostly me.

  27. I lurk, don’t usually comment. Really appreciated Mike’s stuff (free therapy) on depression. Found it super insightful as it relates to many people I know. Great zeitcast.

  28. 1st time listener says:

    I was listening to this at work and laughed out loud when Amri exclaimed “There’s nothing funny about vaginas.” Please respect the fact that I disagree. =)

    I didn’t get the deal with Ronan’s text-to-speech. Was it edited in? It was as if nobody else knew he was there and it was added as an after thought.

  29. I thought our Very Special issue was trannequin mannequins. I think we could get the University of Iowa’s on Mr. Rodriguez to star.

    They matter. Don’t say they don’t.

  30. So, do I get an asterick or something for being the top Mormon commentator in the Niblet voting? I am honored to have lost to Mike.

  31. Yes, Chris. Your prize is an extra helping of potatoes/jello/chili at the next Gold & Green Ball.

  32. They matter. Don’t say they don’t.

    Whatever, Amri. You don’t even know if he was born that way.

  33. Besides, Amri–trannequin mannequins can’t be a Very Special Episode for Mormons until they seek the right to marry, and we are all arranged according to zip codes in order to march against the TrannMann Agenda in defense of traditional marriage.

  34. Scott, I will just be happy with the passing reference during the Zeitcast.

  35. So you’re saying that you’re happy with being on equal footing with Bridget Jack Meyers? No! You should be a guest on the Zeitcast sometime…

  36. My favorite Very Special Episode is the one where Punky Brewster’s playing hide-and-seek with her friends and Cherie hides in an abandoned refridgerator and almost suffocates to death because they can’t find her and she can’t open it from the inside.

    The lesson of that episode I believe is that an abandoned fridge is a really really good hiding place.

  37. British side? Really? Was that really Ronan going along with the notion of a “British” football team?

    “Meat pie, sausage roll, come on Britain, giv’s a goal!” doesn’t quite work for me.

  38. Excellent point on the TrannMann march.

    Here’s one:

    A Very Special Mormon Episode: Children of non-General Authorities. Because not everyone can be born to righteous and important people.

    See! Think how many people could benefit from this!


    Another Very Special Mormon Episode: Caffeinated-soda drinkers. Because even though they’re not strong or believing enough to follow what the Word of Wisdom really means, they still matter.

  39. Up next on KBYU: a Very Special Episode of Saturday’s Warrior, in which Jimmy learns the value of keeping his promise.

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