BCC Zeitcast 47: The Neverending Zeitcast

Two Zeitcasts in one week?!? Clearly, these are the last days.

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In this episode, Scott, Steve, and Cynthia take turns revealing who is on their genocide lists, and discuss famous Mormon unibrows and the danger of urinating on downed power lines.

Links for your convenience:
1. Mitt Romney’s New Book
2. The Raymond Takashi Swenson comment.
3. A typical Raymond Takashi Swenson comment. Standard Raymond Takashi Swenson Comment (or “SRTSC”) defined here.
4. The Unibrow Bandit
5. What not to do in rural Washington.
6. Cynthia, revealing her utmost desires.


Zeitcast 3.7.0: The Neverending Zeitcast


  1. Mitt Romney….awesome.

  2. Mitt plans to hire Falkor, the flying Maltese, to hunt down anti-Americans who have apologized to Europe and toss them into a dumpster.

  3. Do none of you watch Mythbusters??!

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Tracy, no. Nobody does.

  5. Tracy, you go right ahead and explain to the dead man with a fried man-part that Mythbusters proved electricity won’t travel up his pee stream.

  6. MONTESANO, Wash. (AP) — Autopsy results show a Washington man was electrocuted by touching a downed power line with his hand, not through his urine stream, as first suspected.

    Grays Harbor County Chief Deputy Dave Pimentel (PIM’-en-tel) said the results showed 50-year-old Roy Messenger of Elma touched the wire and the current shot through his body to his feet.

    Pimentel said Thursday that Messenger may have been urinating at the time, but it had nothing to do with his death.


  7. I smell a cover-up.

  8. ENCORE!


  9. These … facts do exist, that there are [three BCC bloggers], one being more intelligent than the others; there shall be another more intelligent than they; [and then there is Tracy M], who is more intelligent than they all.

  10. Matt W.,
    Can we interpret this as your willingness to urinate on a downed power line to demonstrate your faith in Tracy?

  11. Wow — that moment where you all come together and spontaneously sing “ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah” made me laugh out loud.

    And the best part? It sounds like you’re *actually trying*. I mean, Cynthia’s voice has a little vibrato in it! This has to be the first recorded instance of vibrato on the Bloggernacle.

    Thank you for that, you earnest little trio, you. I needed that laugh.

  12. Cynthia’s voice has “a little vibrato” because she forgot to put headphones on during recording, so she’s actually recording all three of us, and I could correct it during editing. Thus, the “little vibrato” you are hearing is actually Steve and I in the background on her audio track.

  13. Scott’s long, convoluted explanation is just cover for the fact that the vibrato is all Steve.

  14. BTW, if anyone wants to see the HSR vid where the audio at the end came from, it is found here (wait for a bit at the end).

  15. “the vibrato is all Steve”

    I get that a lot, actually.

  16. “its more like The Nothing from the Neverending Story” *cricket cricket* ” . . . you know . . . ” *cricket cricket . . . cricket* .


  17. This ZC could double as an instructional video in generating awkward silence.

  18. Yeah, 152, . . . and then those crickets are followed by Steve dejectedly admitting , “Yeah, I recently saw the movie and was just waiting for a chance to throw out that reference.”


  19. Not to mention the crickets when Scott and Cynthia have never heard of Lost!

  20. Of course they had heard of LOST (it’s all cap, Steve-o). It wasn’t that. In reality, they were both just processing the following thought:
    “Really?! Steve is in a hurry to go watch a two-bit TV show? Huh. Well, to each his own. I won’t say anything to make him feel badly.”

    . . . crickets . . .

  21. OK, here’s MY genocide list:

    Quacks, medical frauds, snake oil salesman, etc. And worse than them are *Mormon* quacks — the ones who mix in their own brand of spirituality/pseudo-religion to peddle their quackerie. (Or is it quackery?)

    OK, so maybe my genocide list isn’t hilarious, but at least it beats Cynthia’s “parking lot attendants.”

  22. I’d say BYU Beard Monitors, but having that job is, I assume, its own circle of hell and therefore they have been punished enough.

  23. I can’t believe I didn’t think of “BYU fans” during the genocide list part of the ZC. Another opportunity blown!

  24. “Another opportunity blown!”

    Yeah, we pretty much expect that of Aggies.

  25. Left Field says:

    I’ve been to Moscow. You can’t make a wrong turn without ending up in Washington.

  26. There was a period of time, no less than 12 months in length, when my #3 child would insist that we sing the theme from the Neverending Story every week for Family Home Evening. I’m sure that song will have quasi-religious significance for all my children for the rest of their lives.

  27. Left Field,
    In Soviet Moscow, the wrong turns end up YOU!

  28. It also just occurred to me that this is the first Bridget Jack Meyers-less Zeitcast in like 2 months. Sorry BJM!

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