The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 4

Another Image of Faith and Devotion



The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 4


  1. “The faces of the prophets are painted on the subway walls”

  2. This tag was obviously done by youthful artists decades ago. The hairline on President Monson is much less full now.

  3. “Sketches were rendered. Spray paint purchased. Law enforcement eluded.”

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Edgar A. Guest once wrote:

    Sunshine and shadow and laughter and tears,
    These are forever the paints of the years,
    Splashed on the canvas of life day by day,
    We are the artists, the colors are they.
    We are the painters, the pigments we use
    Never we’re wholly permitted to chose.
    Grief with its gray tint and joy with its red
    Come from life’s tubes to be blended and spread.

    I think this is exactly what he had in mind.

  5. Who knew that Pres. Monson and Gonzo had similar parentage?

  6. I kinda want that framed in my living room.

  7. The completeness and enduring nature of well-produced graffiti is captured in the words of an unknown poet from years ago:

    Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
    Beginners are many, but enders are few.
    Honor, power, place, and praise
    Will come, in time, to the one who stays.

    Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
    Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
    For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
    Will come life’s victories, after awhile.

  8. You say you want a revelación?

  9. Could we do one with Spencer W. Kimball? Or Joseph F. Smith?

    I kid, gentle reader, I kid.

  10. Cynthia L. says:

    The revelación will be televised.

  11. Brilliant. :)

  12. Awfully clean for a stencil.

  13. Brilliant.

  14. So there’s a Mormon Banksy?

    Or, at least, someone who knows how to use Photoshop.

  15. Ah, Pathways to Prosecution…

  16. Now that’s a Mormonad!

  17. I second the mormonad idea. This belongs in the New Era, or at least the theme of next year’s EFY.

  18. I want this painted under every overpass in the US and on every train fence. Stunning.

  19. Mommie Dearest says:

    ROFLMBO. At the very least on the back of every third stop sign on the east bench.

  20. The only thing that I hate about this post is that blt ruined the whole thing with the best comment possible all the way up at #3. There really was no topping that, and it’s all downhill from there.

  21. Sweet.

  22. I suppose we could improve upon #3 by imposing the requirement of haiku on all Monsonisms.

    Who’s game?

  23. I just ordered a framed version from Deseret Books.

  24. #4 wins.

  25. #22,

    In Monsonology, the term is the “passive triplet.”

  26. BerkeleySatsuki says:

    So…how do I get a shirt with this on it?

  27. Thomas S. Monson has a Giant Posse?

  28. Yeah Matsby, I’m going to come out and say what many people are implying. If you commercialize this one, I’ll buy it! T-shirt specifically. Don’t know if you have any interest.

  29. Thanks guys. I’ll look into the whole T-shirt thing and let you know.

  30. W. V. Smith says:

    Once, driving home from Grady hospital in Atlanta, I saw a really good spray of Gordon B. Hinckley on an underpass. I think it got painted over a week or so later. This would have been like early spring 2001 or so and kind of in an obscure spot. Anyway, this is really cool Matt!

  31. I also concur; comment (#3) was pure genius.

  32. I would so buy this as a t-shirt.

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