Conference is coming!

Spring is in the air, the snows are melting, and General Conference is this weekend. As a heads-up to our readers — we will be continuing our tradition of live Conference coverage, with open threads here at BCC as well as live Twitter coverage here. Additionally, we will be photoblogging conference and providing some special features throughout the weekend. Please let us know if there are any special events you’d like us to cover. BCC permas will be on hand outside the Conference Center to sign autographs.

Also, I heard that this weekend they’re totally going to announce the formal transition to a two-hour block. No, seriously! My sister-in-law’s former roommate married the grandson of a GA and that’s all they talk about these days…


  1. I’ll see your two-hour block and raise you a one-hour GC session!

  2. psh, one-hour GC. I ain’t skeered. I’ll go all in. Reinstituting the United Order, my pancake (that looked suspiciously like Wilford Woodruff) told me this morning!

  3. That’s nothing. I heard that they’re going to build a temple in Missouri… oh wait.

  4. I don’t think we’ll ever be lucky enough to have less than a 3-hour block.

    It would be fun to try to predict the membership statistics – kind of like guessing the number of gumballs in a jar. Ie. Total members, converts, etc. I don’t know what the prize will be.

  5. From what I’ve heard they’ve actually tested the 2-hour block in several places but that the results weren’t ideal. (Sorry – no idea on the details) All of us who had small kids (between birth-5) know how difficult the 3 hour block is. I think our child (5) has just finally been able to handle a full two hours of primary the past few weeks.

    That said the reality is that few even both reading the Sunday School lesson let alone do study on their own. As a practical matter much of the Church only pay attention to religion during the meetings. It’s sad, but true, and I think the Church is reacting accordingly.

  6. Mike, if you guess the membership statistics accurately you get to become a bishop. Congrats!

  7. Yippee! I love the live Conference coverage and chatter. Thanks in advance to BCC for hosting it again.

    Re: “BCC permas will be on hand outside the Conference Center to sign autographs.”

    Steve, will you sign your autograph in ALL CAPS for me? PLEASE?

  8. If that’s the prize, then I guess all 6.8 billion members of the earth will be members and that 6.785 billion will be converts. I hope I’m furthest away.

  9. I heard that attendees at the conference center will be asked to check under their seats for a small white envelope. The envelopes will give some attendees instructions on moving to Jackson County, Missouri.

  10. It’s true, Eric. In fact, the truly elect already received their notices in the mail this past week. Mine sold on eBay for $8.63 to a kid in North Ogden.

  11. Mike S.
    I’ll make a prediction:

    Once of the GA will give a talk we’ve heard before.

  12. Nice try, Hunter. But rumor has it that this Conference will see the first BCC Perma ordained to a quorum of the 70 (hint: rhymes with “Schmaglund”).

  13. It really is a big step forward for BCC, Steve. With Kristine as a GA, anyone who disagrees with her from here on out will be fighting against the Brethren.

  14. Which permas will be at the Conference Center? I will be at the Conf Center for the Saturday Afternoon session and I want to know whether it will be worth actually trying to get these autographs.

  15. Unless you’ve seen our supersuits, you might not recognize anyone, Chris.

  16. I heard from a very good source that one of the three Nephites will be speaking in the Sat PM session. They will announce it in the AM session that day to help build excitement for the afternoon session.

  17. No capes, though. It’s kind of a giveaway.

  18. That, and capes are very dangerous. E heavily discourages them.

  19. Capes don’t scare me nearly as much as Steve’s disapproving glare.

  20. I’ll be watching for speakers with striped or colored shirts or mustaches.

    Incidentally, I heard that mustaches and striped, colored shirts are also features of the BCC perma supersuit! And shark repellent.

  21. Has Steve’s disapproving glare ever caused you to be sucked into a jet engine at 39,000 ft?

    Didn’t think so.

  22. Oh Scott, you silly boy.

  23. As fun as this thread is, there is actually a large amount of value that we place on reader feedback for GC coverage. If you have requests, suggestions, or feedback from past coverage, please speak now.

  24. Eric Russell says:

    I request the following for GC this year:

    1. That some idiot will be compelled to write “first” when a conference thread opens up.
    2. That someone will be banned.
    3. That a hundred comment flair up occurs because some people are agitated by a speaker’s word choice.
    4. That Evans warn us when a speaker is about to say something sad.

  25. Scott,

    Look what you have done.

  26. I am just in it my the comment thread. I think that as long as it is well regulated it will be great. I will likely miss most of it this time round. Which is a bummer, because BCC is my favorite part about conference. Sigh. At least, I know that me not commenting will make many others that much happiers during conference.

  27. I’ve really enjoyed the live Twitter coverage BCC provides. Pure awesomeness for those of us who are watching via the Internet.

  28. #26 is an example of my grammar during conference threads.

  29. Chris, please sit down before you hurt yourself.

  30. Sorry. Back to less public spaces.

  31. Parents, check this out:

  32. #20:

    I think that someone should have gold-rimmed glasses, a mustache, and a wide tie, kind of like a 1970’s detective. At least it would be 2 decades progress from the from the current 1950’s business man look. Really, really cool would be an inversion – white SUIT and a black SHIRT.

  33. I’ll be rooting for Butler

  34. Have you guys ever considered using something like an embedded Cover It Live ( for the live-blogging? Much better than continually hitting the refresh button.

  35. GatoraideMomma says:

    Awe, I thought you did have a real inside to truth that the church would institute 2 hour blocks. I think this 3 hour endurance test has gone on long enough. Everyone who meets in our building was so happy the week we only had one hour meeting due to remodeling issues for one week. I go home every week exhausted and when you add before and after time at church, travel and getting ready, it’s at least a 6 hour commitment on the day of rest.

  36. And where is the refresh button on a macbook anyway? I hit F5 and nothing happens…

  37. Tracy, you must hold down the function key (fn, in the lower left corner of the keyboard) to access the F_ key functionality. Otherwise it’s just turning up the volume, at least on mine.

    I agree that something like coveritlive would be awesome.

  38. What I’m looking forward to from BCC Conference coverage:

    –The non-correlated photos
    –Steve’s inevitable “Most. Depressing. Talk. Ever” comment
    –The preview of who’s on deck (I know some readers hate it) and the ensuing commenter asking just HOW you know the speaker order, followed by silence from the permas

  39. Sorry Hunter! No spoilers this year.

  40. To refresh on a Mac, you can also to Cmd-R.

    I’m also hoping for a 2 hour block.

  41. Dang…

  42. living in zion says:

    Conference is the BEST! We stay in our PJ’s through the first session, eating a lesiurely breakfast. Second session has us in comfy sweats and t-shirts, snuggled on the couch.

    Last conference I spent time following conference on TV and reading the BCC comments. It added another dimension and I was forced to think a lot deeper than usual.

    I just can’t decide if I want to do that again…I so look forward to completely zoning out in my recliner and still getting credit for faithfulness.

  43. I love conference spoilers!

  44. And before I forget, President Monson will quote a really old musical.

  45. I was going to make a prediction that in just about every thread, someone was going to complain about the so-called “1950s businessman look” utilised by the Brethren and/or the pink blazer worn by at least one of the Sisters. It looks like the prediction is already accurate, thanks to Mike S. (32).

  46. The Primary General Presidency will be released and replaced, and there won’t be a single dissenting vote–mark my words.

  47. According to a source I am not authorized to disclosed ;) a two or two-one half hour block was tried in Chile with very mixed result.

  48. Kevin Barney says:

    I’ve heard this rumor about a pilot program for a two hour block with mixed results, and I’m always stunned to think there are apparently some members who would rather go to church for three hours than two. I can scarcely comprehend it!

  49. As a resident lurker, I’m looking forward to participating in the open thread this time. :)

  50. I predict that multiple commenters will risk bannination by using smiley-faces in their comments, which Steve does not suffer easily.

  51. You mean it’s not already two hours? oops…

  52. Zelph (34),
    We looked into CoverItLive last year, but decided we didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t get a transcript to put on BCC later.

  53. You know, I’m debating whether or not to watch conference this go around. Given the fact that I’ll undoubtedly hear every talk given at least once, with the added benefit of the occasional “I think what Elder _______ is trying to say here is . . . “, over the pulpit in my own ward’s sacrament meetings for the next six months.

  54. Kevin, I think the explanation is that the Church has a completely different definition of “successful” than we do, and thus the “mixed results.” I would define the success of such an experience as having happier members, ergo this experiment cannot fail. The Church probably defines success as having more people come to two-hour church than to three-hour church, even though I cannot think of a single person who has decided not to attend church as long as it is three hours but would be willing to come back if they only had to stay for two hours. But this is all conjecture…

  55. GatoraideMomma says:

    “The Church probably defines success as having more people come to two-hour church than to three-hour church, even though I cannot think of a single person who has decided not to attend church as long as it is three hours but would be willing to come back if they only had to stay for two hours. But this is all conjecture…”

    Many who don’t teach primary leave early and don’t stay 3 hours. Some who do primary come late…thus making their own 3 hour block.

  56. Kristine says:

    Who needs coveritlive–can’t we just rent Jared T?

  57. Alex (45), wait until Saturday when the brethren announce they are going to start dressing like ancient Palestine herders and carrying staffs. It’ll be a Conference to remember in 2010!

  58. GatoraideMomma says:

    How about announcing that the church music played will be double time the tempo of all songs sung in meetings so as to reflect energy, enthusiasm, praise, etc.