April Fools!

We couldn’t think of anything funny to do today*.

Yes, we jumped it.

*Correction: we did one little thing. See if you can find it.


  1. Latter-day Guy says:

    It would appear that a certain island chain is now ruled by Strong Bad and the Cheat.

  2. ok, so a few little things.

  3. Latter-day Guy says:

    …and before I forget, congratulations to SteveP. What exciting news! Hopefully you’re not allergic to blue paint.

  4. I was kind of hoping to see Aaron R. listed above Aaron B. on the authors list, and to see Brad Kramer missing.

    Alas, some things seem not to be.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    we were all hoping to see Brad Kramer missing.

  6. Tangent on the sideblog

    “Then she said yes”!!!!!!!

  7. Eric Russell says:

    I thought the post about a Mormon Studies conference in The Netherlands was pretty funny.

  8. You mean besides withholding our “Quickie”?

  9. “withholding our Quickie” should be your new instant message status, 152.

  10. I’m waiting for someone to develop an appropriate emoticon for it.

  11. Fletcher says:

    Wouldn’t the emoticon be two blue spheres?

  12. Fletcher ftw.

  13. Are we supposed to understand “jumping the shark” as a euphemism kind of like the “Thursday morning quickie?” If so, I am anxious to learn who/what is the shark and exactly what is involved in the jumping of him/her/it. From the picture it seems that ropes, foot accouterments, flotation devices, and leather are involved…and yet act is (enticingly) hands free. Consider me titillated!

  14. amen Scott, fletcher ftw.

  15. btw, there are two reasons there was not a TMQ this morning:

    1. Even those of us with superhuman endurance need a break now and then.

    2. I left the manual in SoCal when I left for Utah Tuesday night.


  16. Jumping the shark? I guess since Napoleon has joined the perma ranks perhaps a joke about Waterloo would have been more appropriate?

  17. Don’t tease Steve about his height, Boz.

  18. Steve G. says:

    I always knew Ronan’s accent was a bit off.

  19. I got on this morning just to look for the TMQ. So sad.

  20. Fear not, meggle.

    A return to form next week. Let’s all enjoy Easter, GC, and the like.