EMSA 2010

The European Mormon Studies Association Annual Conference 2010

Tilburg University, Tilburg, Holland

Thursday 15th – Friday 16th July 2010

Keynote Address: Professor Terryl L. Givens

Call for Papers

“European Mormonism and its Experience in Media and the Public Sphere”

Since the organisation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in April 1830, media has been interwoven as an integral part of the Mormon experience. The movement was the object of non-Mormon presses or used the media as a tool in producing its own materials and periodicals.

The central issue to be addressed during this conference pertains to transformations in the public sphere of the European Mormon image. Questions of interest include but are not limited to: How did European media historically perceive the Mormon presence through newspapers, what were the controversies, the tensions and the responses by Mormon leaders, etc. In what ways did Mormon leaders utilise the media to their own benefit either in response to critics or as a tool of proselytisation? How did the public sphere change or develop their perception of Mormonism through such media?

What role does the media play in European Mormonism today in light of the increasing reliance on digital sources such as blogs, newsgroups, web pages? What are the underlying biases or agendas of the various parties in modern times?

Those wishing to present a paper at the conference are requested to send a 200 word abstract to David M. Morris at the below e-mail address. The abstract deadline is 15 April 2009. If accepted, a notification will be given by 15 May 2009. It is expected that final papers will be approximately 3,000 words, being delivered in a time of 20 minutes each. A question and answer period will be available following each paper. It is anticipated that conference proceedings
will be published.

Conference attendees will be charged a small fee to cover costs, with a reduction available to those who register in advance. Please check the website for updates.


David M. Morris
Conference Coordinator

European Mormon Studies Association
E-mail: davidmmorris at hotmail dot com
Web: http://www.euromormonstudies.com


  1. Aaron R. says:

    I really hope to be there. It depends whether my wife would like to holiday in Holland (preferably near Tilburg) this year.