Music for Holy Week–Maundy Thursday

Too many possibilities for just one post. Here’s the first round.

Three settings of the text

Vinea mea electa, ego te plantavi:
quomodo conversa es in amaritudinem,
ut me crucifigeres et Barrabam dimitteres.

Sepivi te, et lapides elegi ex te,
et ædificavi turrim.

Which, being interpreted, is:

O vineyard, my chosen one! I planted you:
how are you changed from sweet to bitter,
to have crucified me and released Barrabas?

I protected you; I have removed stones that could bother you
and built a tower for your defense.



  1. Kristine, we’ve been listening to these selections over dinner each night, and I’ve really enjoyed them. You’ve introduced me to some new pieces, and I really love the spirit they’ve brought to my home. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful music selections. I appreciate this personal observance of Holy Week.