Saturday AM General Conference Photos

The feeling of excitement is up through the roof here at the Conference Center. Some met up with their friends and family, and quickly found their seats. Some where passing the wait time by strolling around and looking at the art work on display. There are smiling patrons everywhere checking tickets and directing people to the correct areas. It’s General Conference.


  1. Yay! Beautiful conference photos!

  2. Excellent! The photos are one of my favorite parts of BCC Conference coverage.

  3. Love the behind-the-scenes look!

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    Makes me feel like I’m there. Top notch work.

  5. Well done! Are these shot using your telephony device?

  6. de Pizan says:

    In that picture of the First Presidency row, I really want to know what Presidents Monson and Uchdorf and looking at. Both seem rather disapproving of whatever’s going on.