Saturday PM General Conference Photos

Photography from around the Conference Center on Saturday afternoon.


  1. Aaron Brown says:

    Scott, I wanna see pictures of you!

  2. Someone has a press pass!

    Wish I were there, and I second Aaron’s motion.

  3. Look at Sunday afternoon photos from last conference if you want to see me.

  4. Thanks to your pictures, this is the first time that I’ve every noticed that the Presiding Bishopric sits directly behind the First Presidency in General Conference. Does anyone know how the seating for General Authorities, General Auxiliary Leaders, and the Apostles’s wives is arranged?

  5. Cameron says:

    There must have been a fire sale on Grey Suits!

  6. C Jones says:

    Awesome photos. Sister Beck looks exhausted– or maybe just relieved. Was that photo before or after her talk?

  7. It was after her talk–it was during the hymn just prior to the sustainings.

  8. C Jones says:

    Haha yep I just realized I’m looking at the photos from the PM session . . .

  9. Chris Henrichsen says:

    Scott, I was there at the session but didn’t see.

  10. Oh, look–my wife put a picture of me in the Church History Library up.

  11. Ryan Eggett, the Orem Institute choir director, is quite the man. I had some classes with him and he is a good soul. Nice to see him lead such well thought out arrangements.