The Illuminated Matsby: A Very Special Conference Edition

My favorite part of General Conference is hearing the church statistical report during the Saturday afternoon session. And as a BCC exclusive, we have a sneak peek of who will be reading the numbers this afternoon.



  1. Five temples under construction! Ah ah ah
    Fourteen million members throughout the world! Ah ah ah
    Twenty five years since humanitarian efforts were integrated officially into the program of the Church! Ah ah ah

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    He’s obviously reading from a teleprompter.

  3. I wonder what Tanya thinks of that cravat.

  4. I want a monocle.

  5. love the image of Elder Count!!

  6. FOUR! Four more sessions of conference to go…Ah Ah Ah!

  7. I was hoping for Elders Bert and Ernie to read something during conference.

    Better yet, I would love to have Statler and Waldorf doing fashion critiques of the street preachers. (

  8. He spoke today, didn’t he?

  9. Isn’t it seven quorums of seventy and not seventy quorums?

  10. Moniker Challenged says:

    Ooh- a dream come true! The Count, ‘ee iz mi favrit!

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