Sunday AM General Conference: An Especially Eastery LiveBlog

Welcome back to By Common Consent’s live coverage of the 180th Annual General Conference on this lovely Easter Sunday morning in Salt Lake City! BCC will continue near-continuous live commentary, photography, and other goodies throughout the day’s activities. Don’t forget to check out our minute-by-minute coverage on Twitter in addition to coverage on the blog. We also encourage you to (if you’re not already doing so) watch Conference live, streaming from

In addition to myself and my stellar wife providing photography, we are pleased to offer all the kids at home a special treat today–John C., the Crawdaddy, will be on site with us to give his keen insights, profound thoughts, and to fetch me water and gummy bears when I need sugar. Conference won’t start for a little over an hour, but I wanted to open the thread early so that people could heap praise upon Crawdaddy, or provide feedback and/or requests for coverage today. Also, please feel free to share how your Easter Morn has been spent thus far.
Music and the Spoken word is about to begin–we’ve got MoTab in spectacular form. The women are wearing azure blue and the men–in a surprise twist–are donning black suits. Lloyd Newell just announced that today is the 4,203rd broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word. What a tradition!

I missed Music & Spoken Word last year during coverage, and it’s nice to be here to listen to the music. Very appropriate for getting in the mood for General Conference, but also wonderful to listen to the Easter-centered program today.
Early photos from Easter Morning at the Conference Center are now up!
MoTab is now performing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah. It’s just extraordinary. Wish you were all here to see and hear it. King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!

And we’re off! President Eyring conducting, wearing a silver-gray tie, I believe. Music is from MoTab, naturally. Opening hymn and invocation coming up now, followed by “This is the Christ” from the choir.
President Uchtdorf, Elder Scott, then Elder Hallstrom up to bat first.
President Uchtdorf: “You Are My Hands”

“When I think of the Savior, I often picture Him with hands outstretched; reaching out to comfort, heal, bless, and love. And He always talked with–never down to people. He loved the humble and the meek and walked among them, ministering to them and offering hope and salvation. That is what He did during His mortal life; it is what He would be doing if He were living among us today; and it is what we should be doing as His disciples and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

“Unfortunately, from time to time we also hear of Church members who become discouraged and, subsequently, quit coming to and participating in our church meetings, because they think they don’t fit in.”

“I am not suggesting that we accept sin or overlook evil. Nevertheless, in our zeal, we sometimes confuse sin with sinner and we condemn too quickly and with too little compassion.”

Strong message from President Uchtdorf so far on welcoming people from all walks of life–this is such a needed message. Really, Pres Uchtdorf is such a rockstar. This sermon is just amazing, and so timely. I can’t think of any better “Christian” message for the body of the Saints to hear today than that of the need to reach out and mourn with all those who mourn.

Elder Richard G. Scott: “He Lives! All Glory to His Name!”

“I realize that no mortal mind can adequately conceive, nor can human tongue appropriately express, the full significance of all that Jesus Christ has done for our Heavenly Father’s children through His Atonement. Yet it is vital that we each learn what we can about it….Your understanding of the Atonement and the insight it provides for your life will greatly enhance your productive use of all the knowledge, experience, and skills you acquire in mortal life.”

(btw, Crawford informs me that he has no time to think, and thus has not had any thoughts yet. We all hope he’ll start thinking soon. I think he can.)

Elder Scott’s tie looks like it’s brown, if I’m not mistaken.

(In case you’re keeping score at home, Crawford does want you all to know that he was complemented on his tie while riding Trax to the CC this morning. It is truly a work of art, and I will get a picture of it for the next session. My tie is mostly yellow. Yellow and spectacular.)

Team BCC, Rocking the Conference Center

Scott B.'s wife and BCC Photographer, Beatta, giving us a self-portrait

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom: “Turn to the Lord”
Everything you ever wanted to know about Elder Hallstrom:

“Throughout the world and among the membership of the Church, there is great joy and great pain. Both are part of the plan. Without one, we cannot know the other. ‘Men are, that they might have joy’ and ‘For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things’ are not contradictory; they are complementary.”

In less than ten months, Symonds Ryder went from an eager convert to a mob leader, his spirtitual decline starting with the offense taken over the mispelling of his name…by one letter.

Interesting–this seems kind of like a Thomas B. Marsh-ish story (yes, BCCers, I know how we feel about the milk-strippings story; please control your outrage), but Elder Hallstrom at least noted that the spiritual decline “started” with an offense–as opposed to being entirely comprised of a single offense.

From the Twittersphere: RT @LaYen: Dear Simons Ryder: you are a big baby. #ldsconf

Elder Hallstrom’s List of possible offenses:
1. Friends
2. Family
3. Church leaders
4. Business associates
5. Death
6. Peeps
7. Health problems
8. Financial Reversals
9. Abuse
10. Addictions

I was kind of surprised he included Peeps, but I’m happy he did–they are the worst Easter candy in the whole world. Truly offensive stuff.
Sister Lant (recently released from the Primary) and Elder Cook of the 12 to follow a hymn.

(Quickie Question: When someone is released from the Primary General Presidency, does someone test their ability to repeat all of the Articles of Faith?)

Sister Cheryl C. Lant: “That Our Children Might See the Face of the Savior”

“What does it mean to seek the face of the Savior? Surely it means more than just recognizing His picture. Christ’s invitation to seek Him is an invitation to know who He is, what He has done for us and what He has asked us to do.”

After Sister Lant, we will have heard from the Relief Society (Beck, yesterday), Young Men (Beck, last night), and Primary. I would guess that at some point we’ll be hearing from either the Young Women or Sunday School presidencies, but probably not both. Also, the High Priests have been omitted from the program, because they are a drag on TV ratings.

Elder Quentin L. Cook: “We Follow Jesus Christ”
(FYI: This talk is fantastic, start to finish. Eyes open, folks)

“As we ponder what it means to be Christians today, think about what our path of discipleship will require of us. I suggest that we contemplate and in appropriate ways emulate what the Savior did in those last two days of His mortal life.”

“The sacrament allows us to witness to God that we will remember His Son and keep His commandments as we renew our baptismal covenant. This increases our love and appreciation for both the Father and the Son.”

“Many in this world are afraid and angry with one another. While we understand these feelings, we need to be civil in our discourse and respectful in our interactions. This is especially true when we disagree. The Savior taught us to love even our enemies. The vast majority of our members heed this counsel. Yet there are some who feel that venting their personal anger or deeply held opinions is more important than conducting themselves as Jesus Christ lived and taught. I invite each of us, individually, to recognize that how we disagree is a real measure of who we are and whether we truly follow the Savior. It is appropriate to disagree, but it is not appropriate to be disagreeable.”

How many think that the above quote relates, at least in part, to the current political discourse among members of the Church?

Elder Cook closes with the following, penned by Eliza R. Snow’s How Great the Wisdom and the Love:

How great, how glorious, how complete,
Redemption’s grand design,
Where justice, love, and mercy meet
In harmony divine!


One more talk, and you may wish to consider grabbing a tissue.

President Thomas S. Monson: “He Is Risen!”

Starts off with a simple “Thank You!” to the recently released Primary Presidency. Well said, TSM.

“If there is a design in this world in which we live, there must be a Designer. Who can behold the many wonders of the universe without believing that there is a design for all mankind? Who can doubt that there is a Designer?”

Well well well, you BCC heathens! It would appear that you and your evolution-believing heresies have been smacked down! (I said you should grab a tissue!)

President Monson has taken this talk and, while starting off with a discussion of the Creation, has turned it into an Easter sermon–a depiction of the last days of Christ’s life, Gethsemane, the Cross on Calvary, and forward to the Resurrection. Although I sort of always hope for something “different” or spectacular when the President of the Church rises to speak, in a sense this sort of talk is the most appropriate and should be expected–a clear testimony and statement of our belief in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

What a story about the young Jason who passed away unexpectedly. TSM brings the tear jerker again this conference. Wow.

He is risen! He is risen!
Tell it out with joyful voice.
He has burst his three days’ prison;
Let the whole wide earth rejoice.
Death is conquered, man is free.
Christ has won the victory!

And MoTab sends us out. Great session, folks.

We’ll see you back here in a couple of hours.


  1. I hope GBM’s talk is about the parallels between Easter and Christmas, and he talks about how he prayed for a “White Easter” in order to illustrate the point he was going to make. I don’t know how else to figure out all this crazy weather in SLC.

  2. Aaron Brown says:

    I request that Scott and Crawdaddy take wild and wacky photos of themselves and post them on the site.

  3. Anybody have a list of those released yesterday? I see the list of those sustained, but not released. Any help would be great!

  4. It’s snowing in Utah? Awesome. Out here in Virginia it’s already 67 degrees and sunny. So far my Easter has consisted of a sunrise service with the Baptists, scrubbing my bathroom and kitchen, and reading the newspaper. I’ve been way too productive this morning. I miss having the morning session of conference actually be in the morning.

  5. It is not snowing now in SLC, but did sometime over night. It is just a small amount where I am, but fully covers the ground…gorgeous Easter morning scene!

  6. Can anyone tell me if Elder Beck, the General YM Preaident and Sister Beck, the General Relief Society Preaident are related??? I have been too lazy so far to do the research myself.

  7. Rob,
    He’s just “Brother” Beck–not a GA, and although they may be related (who knows?) they are not married, in any case.,17884,6285-1,00.html

  8. Why is he refered to as Brother Beck and not President Beck, since he is a President of an organization?

  9. My living room is strewn with plastic grass and my children are in the throes of sugar-induced mania. Bean is climbing the stair railing after eating his weight in peanut butter cups, and Abby is hiding in her closet to keep her brothers from pillaging her basket. Perfect set-up to sit down and reverently worship on Easter Morn. :)

    HI Crawdaddy!

  10. floridagirl says:

    Snow??? Really?? I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but we went to the beach yesterday. Water was a little to cold for a Floridian to put their toes in, but the Europeans and Northerners were having a great time in it.

  11. floridagirl says:

    too, not to. I have a baby hanging off my leg. A baby in SHORTS.

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    I just realized that I didn’t get an Easter basket this morning. I am now holding my breath until I turn blue…

  13. coachodeeps says:

    I love the Music and Spoken Word, especially on Easter Sunday and GC Sunday, together.

  14. While there is still quite a bit of snow in my front and back yards, we haven’t had any fresh snow in this part of Alaska that I’m in for a couple weeks. And my 9 mile run that began in 28 degrees after the first session of conference was quite comfortable.

    At almost 745 AM, I am currently the only one sitting here enjoying the peaceful choir music. 1 of my 8 children is up and looking around for his easter basket. The rest are all still sleeping.

  15. coachodeeps says:

    My Easter Basket was hid sometime last night. When my wife said to go looking for it, I ran right into it within 15 seconds! But, then I helped my 18 month old find it, which I made last longer. He just looked at me confused about what we were looking for, but was excited when we found it. Happy Easter to all!

  16. We always hide our kids’ baskets, but amazingly, my and my wife’s baskets always seem to end up on the dining room table.

  17. Do they get to watch these commercials that I’m seeing on BYUTV in the conference center during the break?

  18. Good 5 inches down here in northeast Orem.

  19. 57 Degrees and Mostly sunny here in Detroit, with a high of 69 degrees.

    With all the wacky weather we ususally get this time of year, I think I’m OK with that.

    Apparently Rexburg Idaho had blizzards over the weekend?

  20. Oh, sure, rub it in floidagirl. =( (wish i was in FL)

  21. Aaron Brown says:

    The gentleman saying the prayer looks like Elle Woods’ boss in Legally Blonde.

  22. I kept waiting for the opening prayer to finish… and it never did.

  23. Just realized I put GBM instead of TSM. I promise I haven’t been that inactive. Oh wait, yes I have.

  24. Aaron Brown says:

    Yeah, Gordon B. Monson hasn’t been prophet in a long time.

  25. Gordon Monson is a prophet of an utterly different stripe. Some say (with reasonable cause) a false prophet.

  26. I would have expected a much brighter colored tie from President Uchtdorf on this Easter Morn.

  27. coachodeeps says:

    Very subdued ties this morning…should be happier! Christ IS risen!!!

  28. Gordon Monson is, in my educated opinion, a false prophet. He is the sort of prophet who would probably trade DWill for Rajon Rondo.

  29. Very strong sermon from Pres. Uchdorf. He really is extraordinary.

  30. He is the sort of prophet who would probably trade DWill for Rajon Rondo.


  31. President Uchtdorf is wearing a silver tie. I’m telling you guys, the GAs check out BCC and take our advice!

  32. Aaron Brown says:

    I appreciate what Elder Uchtdorf is saying here, but I’m going to assume it’s still kosher to harshly judge women with double-piercings, unless he explicitly says not to.

  33. Chelsea says:

    This talk is amazing.

  34. Not to worry, Aaron. Nose piercings cometh of evil and always will.

  35. This, folks, is the best speaker Church leadership has produced in many a decade. A Man among men.

  36. Aaron Brown says:

    Oh, I just meant double ear-piercings, Brad. Nose piercings go without saying!

  37. This is not only a wonderful LDS message, but a wonderful Christian message as well. Absolutely wonderful.

  38. coachodeeps says:

    Maybe a call out to those who are against Democrats from speaking at a fireside about their conversion story?
    “I hope that we welcome all of God’s children, including those who might dress, look, speak, or just do things differently.”

  39. Aaron Brown says:

    Yeah, all kidding aside, this really is an amazing talk.

  40. coachodeeps, I don’t see how you are reading any kind of political message here. All I am hearing is a message of love for all of God’s children.

    Definitely an amazing talk, and what a way to kick off Easter Sunday!

  41. Chris Henrichsen says:

    Pres Uchtdorf is my hero. This is why I watch conference. It helps me forget the interaction I have with my fellow Mormons the rest of the year.

  42. What a beautiful and powerful talk by Pres. U.

  43. What a rock star he is. This was a sermon for any Christian, not just LDSaints.

  44. Laurie in KC says:

    The thought that every person we meet is a VIP to God is a powerful one indeed. What a profound message he is delivering!

  45. Stapley, “love is what inspired God to create our spirits”

  46. coachodeeps says:

    Alex T.-I agree, it is all about love…

  47. As if the candy in their baskets wasn’t enough, we still have a bowl of candy that the kids can get a piece from every time the “Word of the Session” is spoken from the pulpit. The word for this session is LOVE.

  48. coachodeeps says:

    RGS! I love this man!

  49. Scott is a tripartite man.

  50. Rob, just because I haven’t said it yet, I LOVE your family’s Word of the Session game!

  51. I’m streaming online…am I five minutes behind all of you?

  52. Laurie in KC says:

    Alex (#40), yes, all people–including democrats who are invited to tell their conversion story as well as those who oppose them.

  53. Aaron Brown says:

    Rob, we’re also playing a drinking game over here. Our words are “apostolic” and “opportunity.”

  54. Tripartite = good! (grin)

  55. Aaron Brown says:

    No, Laurie. The opposers are beyond redemption, and should be shunned.

  56. About 30 seconds into Uchtdorf’s talk, my 3 year old, who is going through toilet training, came in yelling with crap sliding down his leg.

    I missed the entire thing.

  57. Chris Henrichsen says:

    What if we applied love to our fellow citizens? Crazy idea, I know. Can’t wait till Monday. I prefer cynicism and distrust.

  58. John Taber says:

    I’m streaming online and I’m a little bit ahead of the BYU-TV feed.

  59. IT definitely keeps the kids attentive.

  60. “Rising tide of abomination that infects our world.”

  61. Not a fan of substitutionary atonement.

  62. Re: #58

    Where is Doc Brown when you need him!

  63. Not a fan of substitutionary atonement.

    I can hear BKP rumbling quiet protests in the background.

  64. Glad to hear some cross talk.

  65. Aaron Brown says:

    Did he just say “Satan’s whores”?

  66. On Elder Uchtdorf:
    Some have been waiting for a specific statement condemning racism, such as Pres. Hinckley gave in 2006. I think Elder Uchtdorf has just given that talk. It is based on principle rather than specifics, and hope in the future rather than repudiation of past statements, but I heard some very specific things in the idea of judging perceived “canned good Mormons.” Lovely.

  67. Aaron, I think he said “hordes” but I like your rendering better!

  68. Why do the teenagers always have the hardest time finding their easter baskets? Oh yeah, it’s because we do our best to make theirs the hardest to find.

  69. Good to see you, Margaret!

  70. How long before “Canned Good Mormons” becomes a part of our vernacular?

  71. Margaret, I totally heard that too.

  72. I think “hoardes”

  73. As you all take on RGS call to study the atonement, I suggest reading “Mysterium Liberationis” by Ignacio Ellacuria and Jon Sobrino.

    And Rene Girard.

  74. WWTLJCHMD just doesn’t have the same ring to it as WWJD.

  75. Loving all the talk about teaching in our homes.

  76. I’d suggest N.T. Wright’s book: “Justification.” I’m about a chapter in and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it (from LDS anyway).

  77. Is it just me, or do the Seventies seem to approach the podium with a bit more spring in their step then the Apostles?

  78. Check out a couple of pics of Team BCC in the post above!

  79. Rob, you’re making me laugh.

  80. Black and silver diagonal stripes seem to be the theme of the morning!

  81. Seth — That’s not the Reverend Wright whose church Barack attended for 20+ years is it?

  82. 4 generation without a single spiritual activity? they must be the paradigm of utter and total depravity.

  83. Nope, Rob. That’s Jeremiah Wright. N. T. Wright is an Anglican New Testament scholar. Elder Holland has cited him in GC in recent years.

  84. Seth– I like NT Wright, though I prefer Marcus Borg. For a great mix, read their co-written discussion on Jesus.

  85. No Rob. He’s a British leader in the Anglican Church. He’s one of the main proponents of the so-called “New Perspective on Paul” which revisits Paul’s writings and notes how Protestants have been misreading him.

  86. yikes this is a scary talk for a pregnant lady

  87. I can’t top Seth’s crap story, but my sons, fueled by sugar-saturation, were beating the crap out of each other during RGS’s talk. Everyone is in their room now. And I can finally hear.

  88. Ron Madson says:

    I Second #72 and #75—Girard and NT Wright. We kill our Gods and call it religion/God’s will. When Jesus comes and we don’t kill Him then His Kingdom Come. Awesome.

  89. Not a good talk if you’re wife is currently pregnant.

  90. GA’s need to stop abusing the story of the misspelled name.

  91. glad we’re not the only ones, Tracy.

  92. I wonder how many people’s faith has been destroyed by my bad spelling?

  93. I hate mamas-babies-dying talks. I know it happens, but dang, I hate it.

  94. Steve,
    I suppose we’ll only learn that at the Final Judgment.

  95. Can you remind us of the name of the brother who gave the opening prayer?

  96. I like how he is pointing out the opposition in all things theme.

  97. Love the pictures of Team BCC. Usually I see you guys in shorts and flip-flops- it’s nice to you shined-up. :)

  98. Chelsea says:

    TomB, Kenneth Johnson

  99. Aaron Brown says:

    Simonds Ryder should consider himself lucky they spelled his first name correctly. Who the hell names their child “Simonds”?

  100. Laurie in KC says:

    I suspect there is more to it than the name being improperly spelled. When a person does not want to do something, one excuse is just as good as another, in my humble opinion.

  101. Crawdaddy cleans up quite nicely. Scott’s appearance, however, still utterly terrifies me.

  102. Can someone tell me when/the name of GBHs talk on racism?

  103. It was a priesthood session talk, Leigh. That’s all I remember off the top of my head.

  104. “Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually.” Nice.

  105. Leigh, read it here.

  106. Hinckley’s talk on Racial Intolerance was in April 2006.

  107. Do I hear the slop of milk strippppings?

  108. Listening to Sister Lant, and comparing her to President Beck, I finally understand what you all have been talking about with the Primary Voice.

  109. The title of the talk was The Need For Greater Kindness. Here is the link:,5232,23-1-602-20,00.html

  110. Definite primary voice.

  111. Aw crap. *cringe* The Voice.

  112. Thanks a bundle guys

  113. Well, she is in the Primary Presidency after all…

    Maybe we should have a standing exception. Primary Presidency get to use “Primary voice” if they want to.

  114. Eric Russell says:

    I find it disturbing and disappointing that none of the speakers are talking about Jesus on Easter morning.

  115. I think that the exception for using the “Primary Voice” should only be made if they begin allowing children under the age of 8 to be present in the Conference Center during General Conference.

  116. How many mirror practices here?

  117. Did she say “The Count in Third Nephi shows us…”?

  118. There’s no one around me to look at. :(

  119. In case any of you were wondering–I can assure you that “Primary Voice” is a gift that is bestowed upon a person the moment they are called. Sister Wixom delivered an amazing Primary Voice yesterday in her press conference.

  120. Why do we still spell Simonds Ryder’s name wrong? It’s Symonds Ryder.

  121. S.P. Bailey says:

    Not a fan of the med. mal. story. Was the doc negligent? If so, was it a sin to hold him responsible? I just checked his bio to see whether he was a doc, an insurance exec., or an insurance defense attorney … Real estate … Heh.

  122. “In case any of you were wondering–I can assure you that “Primary Voice” is a gift that is bestowed upon a person the moment they are called. Sister Wixom delivered an amazing Primary Voice yesterday in her press conference.”

    I think this is akin to Correlation- it’s already in us, and we can’t help it. Alas. Even if a man were ever called to the Primary Presidency, he too would receive the gift of The Voice.

    (RGS is the GA closest to having The Voice.)

  123. 116 – I think the “account.”

  124. Aaron Brown says:

    The sister’s plastic bead necklace looks cheap.

  125. Elder COok: “We celebate….” Too Funny!!!

  126. Not to give spoilers, but I’ll just give you the head’s up: Elder Cook’s going to tell people to be nicer in our “disagreements” with each other. It’s a killer talk, and very timely given recent (cough-Harry Reid-cough) events.

  127. Aaron Brown says:

    Yeah, everyone’s got Catholic priests on the brain these days.

  128. #113. Are you being sarcastic, or are you watching a completely different April 4 2010 morning General Conference than me?

  129. He’s being sarcastic. Eric is nothing if not a wildly cynical latter-day saint. ;)

  130. Jeff Spector says:

    It seems funny some people cannot hear Christ no matter how many times He is monetioned.

  131. Jeff, was that a typo of “mentioned” or “monotoned”?

  132. Jeff Spector says:

    typo, oops ‘mentioned’

  133. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    I love the modern church. I can remember any number of Easter Sunday conferences in which there was NO reference to Easter. But then my memory goes back farther than most here.

  134. I think Mormons are the only ones that still quote Frederic Farrar.

  135. Aaron Brown says:

    I assumed it was “monetized”.

  136. Jeff Spector says:

    I thought about that too.

  137. tn,
    That’s due to Talmage’s plagiarisms. :)

  138. Aaron Brown says:

    This is clearly a smackdown of Harry Reid and his socialist comrades.

  139. Jeff Spector says:

    huh oh, here we go

  140. I think he’s saying it’s ok to smack down Harry Reid et al without actually smacking them.

  141. Eric Russell says:

    It’s a smackdown of the bloggernacle.

  142. I can totally imagine DKL respectfully punching Senator Reid in the face inside the celestial room.

  143. Eric, if you need to hear Jesus mentioned more, just watch this over and over again:

  144. Just wondering… does the phrase “disagree without being disagreeable” translate well into other languages, or is this a uniquely English play on words?

  145. Laurie in KC says:

    #125–Scott, Amen! A stunning talk indeed!!

  146. For the first time, I just noticed that #ldsconf is a trending topic on Twitter. It is currently #10.

  147. Jeff Spector says:

    I give Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Cook a tie at this point.

  148. But is it a brightly colored tie, Jeff?

  149. Aaron Brown says:

    An expensive silk tie, or a cheap piece of burlap from Mr. Mac?

  150. Jeff Spector says:

    the white shirts are too bright to notice the ties.

  151. Jeff Spector,
    How presumptuous that you know what ties Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Cook need. They look fabulous without you, thank you very much!

  152. Aaron Brown says:

    Brad, wait your turn.

  153. Jeff Spector says:

    oops, the joke’s on me. Pay atention to the talks! :)

  154. Careful, Aaron…

  155. “A faithful servant in the Restoration.”

  156. john willis says:

    I think Elder Cooks plea to be more civil in our politcal discourse and Pres, Udtchdorf’s plea to be tolerant of all church member regradless of their background are an excellent answer to the members in Nevada who forced the cancellation of Harry Reid’s fireside talk.

  157. W. V. Smith says:

    Jimmy Osmond.

  158. That was the second reference to Eliza R. Snow, right? Cool!

  159. How many think that the above quote relates, at least in part, to the current political discourse among members of the Church?

    A smackdown of Senator Reid? Nah, this was a smackdown of Glenn Beck. This was clearly indicated in his reference to being able to listen to “utter nonsense” shortly thereafter.

  160. Jeff Spector says:

    as opposed to “faithless?”

  161. I don’t know John.

    I would have preferred the use of she-bears myself.

  162. Eric Russell says:

    Rob, you can thank BCC for spamming it every 60 seconds.

  163. or “unfaithful,” I suppose…

  164. Mark N.,
    Umm, yeah. No one with a brain is smacking down Senator Reid–he’s behaving very appropriately in every way. It’s the _other_ folks who need to calm down a bit.

  165. “doubtful”?

  166. I hope it was a smackdown of Glenn Beck. He is a major embarrassment.

  167. Left Field says:

    Ebenezer, you must be very old indeed. The last time someone made that claim, I checked every Easter conference back to the early ’60s and still couldn’t find a conference on Easter Sunday in which Easter wasn’t mentioned prominently. How far back do you have to go to find “any number?”

  168. Laurie in KC says:

    Love the reference to Eliza R. Snow! Great to hear women leaders quoted in General Conference!

  169. There’s a nice theme of Christlike Love and Christlike Compassion in this session. Something that is quite appropriate for Easter Sunday.

    This is a wonderful rendition of “I Wonder If He Comes Again.”

    Did the apocalyptic crowd perk their ears up during Elder Cook’s talk?

  170. Scott, in Mark’s defense, regardless of what you think of this or that particular bit of legislation, Sen. Reid has behaved himself in an exemplary fashion as compared to the folks who lobbied to have his fireside canceled.

  171. KerBearRN says:

    We are watching on a TIVO delay…got our times mixed up…so about an hour behind. Watching with a dear friend of many years (non-LDS) who is visiting with us from Switzerland, but born/raised in Berlin. I broke into the biggest smile when they announced Elder Uchtdorf. And the Spirit is so strong in our home right now. We love Elder Uchtdorf, what an amazing speaker. I love his passion, and humor. Blessed Easter to all.

  172. Thanks, KerBeaRN. Nice of you to drop in! President U. is truly amazing.

  173. Jeff Spector says:

    Don’t worry they will figure out a reason why it does apply to them…

  174. Jeff Spector says:

    should be “doesn’t apply to them”

  175. Brad–read my comment again–that’s what I said. Senator Reid needs no reprimand–he’s been very classy from start to finish.

  176. Sorry, Scott. I misread a sarcastic overtone. Mea culpa.

  177. Jeff,
    If a lifetime of General Conferences has taught you nothing else, it should have taught you with absolute clarity that calls to repentance always apply only to other folks.

  178. Jeff Spector says:

    exactly. Thanks for the reminder. I am hopful you will improve this year!

  179. Monson summoning Paley?

  180. Aaron Brown says:

    “man alone received intelligence”.

    Sorry, ladies.

  181. Likewise, Jeff!

  182. KerBearRN says:

    A further comment–as a nurse, I consider myself a “disciple” (of course in a looser sense) also of Mother Theresa and of St. Faustina, who was a main proponent of being the “hands of Jesus”. It is a concept that really resonates, especially b/c I do so much of my own “laying on of hands.”

  183. Jeff Spector says:

    “man alone received intelligence”.

    we’re just not that good at using it.

  184. Laurie in KC says:

    Left Field (#167), as a convert in the 1960s, I recall wishing that General Conference would acknowledge Easter and trying to convince my Baptist family that Mormons are Christians regardless of what they were hearing in General Conference. Later, as a stake auxiliary president in the 1980s, I objected when the stake presidency determined to “move Easter” rather than “move fast Sunday” in setting the schedule around General Conference. We were also holding Stake Roadshows on Good Friday, while wonder why Christian churches in the area did not regard us as Christian.

  185. Ruh-Roh. Somewhere, SteveP is groaning.

  186. Jeff Spector says:

    Thank you, Brad. There is always hope!

  187. Controlled breathing, Brother Peck…

  188. What? Dolphins didn’t receive intelligence?

    Dang. There goes on of my pet-theories.

  189. Left Field says:

    Just for the record, here is my listing of past conferences on Easter, and examples of talks that addressed that topic. I didn’t have the resources to check conferences more than about 50 years ago, but Easter has been a prominet theme in every conference on Easter during at least the past half-century.

  190. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    Left Field-167, I was afraid someone would do the research. Maybe I’m one who didn’t hear it no matter how many times it was monetized.


  191. Note to Kristine: MAN alone was given a brain, etc…

    Just sayin’

  192. Jeff Spector says:

    Maybe a few more dollars in the Tithing envelope might help

  193. KerBearRN says:

    @Tracy #43– Tell it sister! We described Elder U. to Sven our friend as a “rock star”. BTW Sven actually put down his cup of tea to listen, and partway through, said, “He is good!”. That is high praise coming from his precise German mind…

  194. What’s the deal with Kenneth Johnson lately, always praying for the military? I mean, across the globe (apart from the US) that’s just not culturally acceptable.

  195. Jeff Spector says:

    When in America, do as the Americans do

  196. Pax Americana.

  197. A tweet I just saw from Jay Mohr (jaymohr37):

    Christ has risen!!!! Go love somebody! Love them with everything you got. Hold them to you and TELL them you love them. Then eat peeps! xoxo

    I was amazed it didn’t have an #ldsconf tag on it.

  198. Jeff Spector says:

    Another great Christ-Centered talk by President Monson on EASTER. For free.

  199. Uh-oh, this one’s gonna be a tear-jerker.

  200. Christ-Centered tear-jerkers are my very favorite EASTER candy.

  201. Jeff Spector says:

    that did it!

  202. Laurie in KC says:

    Left Field, interesting discussion thread on the link you provided, and reveals an ongoing discussion. My experience still stands. The emphasis was clearly on the Brigham Young and Joseph Smith rather than on Easter; on the Book of Mormon rather than on the accounts in the New Testament. Perhaps the key word in both threads (the one you linked and this one) is the word: emphasis. I think the historical and cultural context of the Church makes this understandable. Today, this morning, clearly the emphasis is on Easter!

  203. Time for some breakfast burritos.

  204. Great Easter message from TSM. Great.

  205. My daughter agrees with me: President Monson’s right ear is lower than his left ear. Now it’s bugging her.

  206. He is Risen!

  207. It was great. I’m crying.

  208. Jeff Spector says:

    time for preparing Easter dinner.

  209. I’m crying.

  210. I’m not gonna lie….The Choir sounds great on my Surround SOund. The Hallelujah Chorus at the end of music and the spoken word this morning was fantastic!!

  211. I think you and your daughter, Mark, are confusing TSM for Stephen Colbert.

  212. Aaaagh. I just got my eye-makeup done, and now Monson had to whip out the child-dying story and I’m all weepy.

  213. I love this hymn.

  214. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    Left Field, I took your assertion at face value. Now that I have reviewed the FMH discussion, I retract my previous apology. Laurie has the right of it!! One talk does not an emphasis make. All I remember, going back to the 50’s is a consistent restoration emphasis, with occasional references to Easter.

  215. We hit our tweeting limit for the morning. But we’ll be back at it this afternoon

  216. Can’t we all just get along?

  217. Shove it, Rob.


  218. What Rob said. We can fight all afternoon, or all week. Let’s eat lunch now, though.

  219. On a tangent, I liked the Mormon Message commercial that was in Spanish with English subtitles. We need to see more of that for a world-wide church. Yay!

  220. Left Field says:

    214: Your claim in 133 was that there was any number of conferences with NO reference to Easter. All it takes is one reference per conference to refute that. As I pointed out in the FMH discussion, I didn’t make a complete study of all the talks. I just surveyed the titles and always found at least one talk on the subject of Easter. There are no doubt many more Easter refernces that I didn’t cite. Of course, other topics were discussed, but I maintain my point that Easter has always been a prominent topic. And of course the claim that Easter is never mentioned is clearly wrong.

  221. A search of easter in conference talks presents about 140 talks.

  222. That said, clearly Easter is a much more minor event in the west than the east. BYU did a study on this. Of course we try to emphasize it.

    All that said though, I think this tends to reflect what some call “low Church Protestantism” that is typical of Mormon worship outside of the temple.

  223. President Uchtdorf’s talk was balm. I just love his talks. He could not give me more of what I longed to hear if he called me up personal and asked for a topic.

    Elder Hallstrom’s talk had some gems hidden among things I found troublesome. Basically, I can’t stand it when we try to feel good about ourselves by denigrating others. His point about not allowing an earthly situation to destroy us spiritually was a good one, but it was soured by the false dichotomy he set up between the couple who left the church after their child’s death and his faithful grandparents.

    I wish he had spent more time talking about the fruits of the Spirit and living to be worthy of that companionship.

  224. I miss GBH’s constant optimism and love sometimes.

  225. Thanks for that comment Reese. I expect that many people will talk about both of the talks you mentioned in the weeks and months to come.

  226. I heard a great Easter service this morning. What a great session. Ahh, the music alone thrilled me!

  227. Seriously, Ben. The Hallelujah Chorus to close Music & Spoken Word was just astoundingly good. So amazing.

  228. I agree, Reese! LOVED Uchtdorf’s talk!! A great session overall. Ben, totally agreed, it was an Easter service.

    Scott, the Hallelujah chorus was broadcast before the session on BYU-TV. WOW!!! Is it just me, or is MoTab more dynamic today than usual?

  229. This thread is long past current, but for the record in case anyone comes back to it:

    re #220, Easter has always been a prominent topic —

    Not so. For a striking example, when Conference was on Easter Sunday in 1980, what got prominence was the 150th anniversary of the founding of the church. You can review the titles at David B. Haight gave “He is Not Here. He is Risen” and that’s it. There’s no “among others” as asserted in the FMH post. And while this is an unusual circumstance, it is typical of the feeling of earlier years.

    I too heard a great Easter session this time. Just bein’ particular to keep the record straight.

  230. Tatiana says:

    So far behind everyone else, but I just listened to President Uchtdorf’s Sunday morning talk this afternoon. He is so amazing. I loved the talk. Canned goods Mormons, wow. I feel extremely chastened by this. I’m so glad he’s in the First Presidency of my church. I’m glad he always emphasizes the things that truly matter most. I feel uplifted and edified. What a great man he is!