Sunday AM General Conference Photos

More photos from around the Conference Center before and during the Sunday Morning Session.


  1. That’s a lot of people! Nice photos.

  2. Eric Russell says:

    Elder Bednar’s pretending he’s a fourth member of the First Presidency.

  3. Go Aggies!

  4. Great photos. I notice that one member is wearing the Azure A of settling for a lesser university.

  5. Eric Russell says:

    The conference worker sitting by himself is feeling sad because he just realized that he doesn’t belong to a Christian church. If he did, he’d be sitting in front of a painting of Jesus teaching the people. Especially on Easter.

  6. lol @ #5.

  7. Mormon Soprano-MoSop says:

    Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

  8. Picture of Elder Holland blowing a kiss: priceless

    Also, I know the London missionary on the right (his right). He’s from my home ward.