The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 8

Another Image of Faith and Devotion

And lo, the prophecies of Norrin the Younger were that day fulfilled before their very eyes.


  1. Fletcher says:

    I lol’ed. Thanks for that.

  2. Steve Evans says:

    I guess he hungered for some Guatemalan food?

  3. As a fan of both the Book of Mormon and Marvel Comics, I am trying to imagine how this could get any better.

  4. I think I get that whole Olive Tree parable in Jacob 5 now–the servant was Norrin, and the Lord of the Vineyard was Galactus. So Galactus wanted to destroy the vineyard, but Norrin pleaded for Galactus to wait, right?

  5. danithew, that’s easy: Someone could make a movie about either a) the Book of Mormon or b) the Silver Surfer that didn’t suck.

  6. We LOL’d too.

    but, I’m here with my son home sick from school, and we want to know who that guy is. We googled Norrin and Marvel and only got as far as the silver surfer. Somebody clue us in.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Norrin Radd was the herald of Galactus. That should be enough for you, Johnna. This shouldn’t be too easy!

  8. Awesome!

  9. Ah, here I thought it was Mastermind from the X-Men series :(

  10. So Norrin is a type of Elias?

  11. Too far from Star Wars for me. I thought it was one of the Decepticons.

  12. This is making me question all of my hope for the Second Coming . . . Thanks Matsby.

  13. I was really worried no one besides Steve would know who Galactus is, so these comments make me really happy.

    I know this point of view doesn’t make me popular with comic fans, but I liked the Silver Surfer movie, Scott. I just wish they had big purple helmut Galactus instead of the cloud Galactus.

    And yeah, I think the Silver Surfer is a type of Elias.

  14. Contrary to the Book of Mormon account, Galactus actually BROUGHT 3 days of darkness.

  15. twiceuponatime says:

    So, will Mike Allred include this in his Book of Mormon comics?

  16. Brilliant!

  17. Fantastic. A chiseled comic book character fits in perfectly in a Friberg painting!

  18. I almost made a much geekier comment about the Power Cosmic, but had to restrain myself.

  19. I pointed to the picture and asked my husband which character it was to which he replied by BUSTING UP IN HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER… after recovering he told me who it was (I knew the name, but only knew the “cloud” version of him) then I read the Jacob 5 comment… to which he couldn’t contain the laughter…

    BTW He really wants to use this as his desktop at work :)

  20. I would like to see John Byrne do some Book of Mormon artwork …

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