BCC Zeitcast 48: All About the Mormons

After nearly a two-month hiatus, the BCC Zeitcast is back, and this time we promise to actually talk about something related to Mormonism and/or the Bloggernacle. In this episode, Scott B. and Rusty Clifton discuss the popularity of LDS Media/Political personalities, the Facebook updates of fellow Bloggernaclers, and the lack of sports-related themes in the Mormon blogging world. Also, we talk about South Park, and Rusty curses up a storm. Just kidding.

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Poll below the fold.

Links for your convenience:

1. Mitt, Glenn, and Edward are among the Most Inadequatest Things Ever
2. Mr. Irrelevant 2010
3. Peggy Fletcher Stack’s article about South Park creators’ new theatrical production


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  1. Sports discussion!? We get enough of that in Church…

  2. Oh calm down. It’s only like 3 minutes of the podcast, and even then it’s only mildly about sports.

  3. Zeitcast 3.8.0 . . . in which Scott B. whines about how he can’t bag on BYU sports. Most awesomest ever.

    Great to have Rusty resurrected from the dead! And that ending was pretty hilarious.

  4. (3), That Audrey–she’s a potty mouth, huh?

  5. “Who’s Nate Oman?”

  6. I’ve been waiting over a year for Nate Oman to friend me on Facebook so I can see who this fella really is. I can be patient a few months more.

  7. Audrey’s voice is pretty sexy. When are you going to get her on as a guest?

  8. W. V. Smith says:

    Scott B. Nate Oman is a famous person. You can’t be his friend, but you can be a fan.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    Enjoyed the ‘cast.

  10. Played off by keyboard cat? Ouch.
    Seems like you need a “moment of Zen” type of a sign-off.

    Also, thanks for linking me to Mr. Irrelevant. I now know EXACTLY what I would look like if I grew dreds. There goes that childhood dream.

  11. Michael A says:

    Here’s to more sports coverage on BCC.

  12. They scheduled 12 talks and thought they could limit them to 4 1/2 minutes each? Was it all 12-year-old boys they asked to speak?

  13. As a favor to us, please subscribe to the Zeitcast in iTunes. It’s way in the crap down the Podcast list under the search term “Mormon” which stinks. So, even if you think the Zeitcast is lame, please stroke my ego anyway.


  14. Also, I can only express my extreme disappointment that no one is bringing up their own experiences with the Awesomest website thing.

    What are the best comparisons you’ve had? Who would you vote for out of Edward & Mitt? Mitt & Glenn? Glenn & Edward? Bambi 2 & Mitt?

  15. Phosphorus vs. Microsoft – I chose Phosphorus
    War of 1812 vs. John Wayne – I chose John Wayne
    Ice cream sandwich vs. Sports Center – I chose Ice cream sandwich
    Horse vs. Pentagon – I chose Horse
    Debutante vs. Cheeseburger – I chose Cheeseburger
    Ford Pinto vs. Frying Pan – I chose Frying Pan
    Eminem vs. Gary Busey – I chose Gary Busey

    And then I got to Waluigi vs. Egg Yolk and couldn’t decide.

    I would choose Mitt over Edward and Glenn, and probably over Bambi 2 as well, but to be fair, I haven’t seen Bambi 2. I don’t know how I would choose between Glenn and Edward. That’s a toughie.

  16. Winnie Cooper v. Wayne Brady
    Airbags v. TI the rapper
    Saguaro Cactus v. The Rock
    Medical Marijuana v. Jessica Alba
    Doc Martins v. Weezer
    Peter Frampton v. a tiger
    Charles Bronson v. the Mythbusters
    The Venus of Willendorf v. Woodstock

    Some of these were harder than they first seem…

  17. But Tracy, you didn’t tell us who you picked!

    (Besides Winnie Cooper, of course, since she is pretty much the awesomest.)

  18. My hardest one:

    Frank Lloyd Wright v. Curry

  19. Tracy, for your matchups, I have:

    1. Winnie Cooper
    2. Airbags
    3. The Rock
    4. Medical MJ
    5. Weezer
    6. Peter Frampton
    7. Mythbusters (with a silent prayer that Charles Bronson doesn’t hunt me down and kill me)
    8. Woodstock
    9. FLW

  20. Also, please make a comment letting me know if you’re having problems with the audio player. I’ve been told that the audio shuts down at a certain time for some people, and I’m trying to figure out the source of that problem.

  21. I agree we should talk about sports more in the bloggernacle. I’m going to come up with a mormon angle for the Jazz-Nuggetts series. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Also, I like the idea of using facebook updates as the basis for a post. It would be nice to make fun of various facebook updates ala PBR. We could call it Facebook Follies or something.

  22. How is that awsomest website different from Rusty’s “If I had to choose?”

  23. Soooo close Scott:

    1. Winnie Cooper
    2. Airbags
    3. Saguaro
    4. Medical MJ
    5-6. Surprisingly difficult.
    7. Mythbusters
    8. Venus of Willendorf

    I still haven’t decided between FLW and Curry.

  24. I’m sorry, Scott was right. Rock beats Saguaro (its in the Rock, Paper, Saguaro handbook)

  25. MCQ,
    It’s different because it a) has awesome music, b) gives you more than one choice per day, and c) still functions.

  26. Ouch, Scott. Actually the major difference is that site puts two random things together whereas my site had two carefully considered, seemingly-evenly-matched choices. And then the things Scott said.

  27. The Rock most certainly does NOT beat a 500 year old cactus with wooden _bones_ inside it’s fleshy, needled arms.

  28. Yes it does.

  29. Nope.

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