BCC World Cup Predictor

BCC’s World Cup festivities begin here, starting with a World Cup Predictor:

Go to the BBC predictor and tell us who you have in the final and who will win.

I have Argentina beating Brazil in the final. Of course, what I really want to happen is for England to win a second star. First we need to beat the Yanks on Saturday.

More events to follow…


  1. I wouldn’t have predicted Argentina straight off, but the predictor kind of lead me that way and I had them pulling off difficult wins against Spain and Brazil, either of which could also win the whole thing. England have a decent route to the semis if they can win their group.

  2. Oh, and spare us the lame, obvious snarks about soc-cer. Go and watch the NHL instead.

  3. No chance, you tea-drinkers! England shall fall to its western colony this Saturday.

  4. S.P. Bailey says:

    Brazil over Spain in the final. Brazil wins the tournament with tough defense and the occasional flourish in the midfield. Brazilians are generally ashamed of winning “ugly.”

    The U.S. shows well, losing to Argentina in the 3rd place match after a close loss to Brazil in the semifinal. England loses to Argentina in the quarterfinals. Sorry RJH.

  5. Argentina? With that madcap cokehead in charge? Genius with a ball at his feet he may have been, but as a coach he’s clueless. I say Spain, although Jose Mourihno showed that a disciplined team can beat all that tippy-tappy fancy dan Spanish stuff. England to go out on penalties. I’d put my house on it!

  6. Germany over The Netherlands in the final, but they have to defeat England, Mexico, AND Brazil to get there (unlikely, but that’s the way it worked out).

  7. Non-Shocker here: Brazil over Spain in the final, with the Brits taking third.

  8. RJH, I also think that England has a decent route to the semis even if they were to fall against the US and finish group play second, because I don’t think Germany is able to beat you this time around.

  9. I have Brazil beating Argentina. Must be a South American bias.

  10. Ronan,
    It is interesting to see how that worked with the various permutations. In some cases it left me going wow that is really easy for some.

    I think it will be Brazil against Italy in the final.

    Brazil has to beat Honduras, Netherlands, and England.
    Italy has to beat Cameroon, Spain, and Argentina. To be fair any of the last two could beat the Azzurri.

    I think England will beat Argentina for third.

  11. I haven’t been paying as close as attention this time around, but I ended up with Brazil over Spain in the final, England over Argentina for third, with USA losing in the previous round to Argentina.

  12. Aaron R. says:

    Portugal beat Italy in the final.

    England an optimistic third.

  13. StillConfused says:

    What sport are we talking about here?

  14. Last Lemming says:

    1. Germany
    2. Brazil
    3. Italy
    4. England

    pure guesses, but just in case…

  15. #14 see #2.

    Do that again and you’ll be banned.

  16. 14 – Its the Curling World Cup championship. How could you not know with all the buzz lately about curling??

  17. Mark B. says:

    Italy, but only if Luciano Pavarotti comes back from the dead to sing “Nessun Dorma” again.

  18. I got Brazil over the USA. It’ll never happen but it would be a great game!

  19. I think the Netherlands will pull off an upset.

  20. Michael A says:

    I’ve got Brazil and Germany in the finals–with Brazil as the victor–but I don’t follow the sport enough to make very educated guesses. I love watching the games though.

  21. The Argentines beat the Brits for the right to the Malvinas…

  22. I predict a big win for Canada.

  23. Norbert says:

    I have Brazil and Germany in the finals, and I think Brazil.

    However, the African teams, which always seem a bit scrappy and pull a few upsets, might do a little more this year because of the ‘homefiled’ advantage, so I’m excited to see how that plays out.

    But my heart belongs to Netherlands, and in the pool at the Lutheran church men’s group, I drew Denmark.

  24. Latter-day Guy says:

    It doesn’t matter who I cheer for at the beginning of the tournament––by the end, I always find myself firmly in the “AbBB” crowd: Anybody But Brazil!

  25. Italy, but only if Luciano Pavarotti comes back from the dead to sing “Nessun Dorma” again.

    Luciano Pavarotti came back from the dead to sing “Nessun Dorma” once before? That must have been awesome, how come noone ever told me that Luciano pulled a Lazarus?

  26. capt jack says:

    An Argentina-Brazil final is all but impossible, as a quick look at the brackets shows they will most likely play each other in the first game of the quarter-finals.

  27. Spain beats England in the final. Netherlands over USA for 3rd. I’m actually quite surprised at how doable the schedule looks for USA to go far.

    There is no way Argentina gets that far. Maradona is a terrible coach who has no idea how to coach the best player in the world (Messi). He is clueless about who and how to sub. They almost didn’t even make it into the tournament.

  28. capt jack says:

    Strike my earlier comment; a quick look at the brackets will show I was completely wrong.

  29. California Condor says:

    I like North Korea this year.

  30. StillConfused says:

    Don’t ban me but I thought the World Cup was for the sailing races. Crap, I know nothing of sports.

  31. #2 was supposed to be some kind of joke, but the NHL was spectacular last night and has been all playoffs. Sadly, we cannot follow the advice given above, since whether there are one or two more games, the series will end this friday.

    Something else exciting yesterday was University of Utah beating the vastly favored U of California in a national championship rugby match decided in overtime

  32. Brian-A says:

    Brazil over Italy in the final, England over Argentina for third, Hawks skate the Cup Wednesday on Broad Street.

  33. Blackhawks.

    (Soccer on ice, I might watch.)

  34. I hope the Blackhawks win… means the Leafs will be the team with the longest years since cups. Good ole 67!

    Since Wales and Canada have a snowballs chance of qualifying ever again I am not holding my breath for a World Cup win. So I usually follow England, USA or whoever surprises (Japan, Cameroon).

  35. Brazil over Italy in the final, England beating France for third place. Admittedly this is with England besting Germany and Argentina.

    But it hardly matters; it’ll be exciting however it goes.

  36. Please, its either Brasil, Argentina or Germany to win. England will go to the quarter finals but loose, as always, in penalties. Every tournament the British Press hypes the squad, and every tournament they disapoint.

  37. mapinguari says:

    1. Brazil
    2. Argentina
    3. USA

  38. Aaron R. says:

    Without meaning to be offensive I am just surprised that anyone thinks the USA will get to the Semi-final. If England won’t, and admittedly there is a good chance they will fail, then I fail to see how people think the USA will.

  39. Mark B. says:

    I don’t know whether to give B. Russ a lesson in English or in higher culture. If I’d said that I hoped Pavarotti would come back from the dead again to sing, then I’d grant your point, B. Russ.

    But, as to culture, Phil, it was during the 1990 World Cup, held in Italy, that Pavarotti and those other tenors, Domingo and Carreras, made “Nessun Dorma” known to the non-“Turandot”-loving world, in a concert given at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome on the eve of the final. Italy had lost in the semifinals that year, but, if Pavarotti were to come back, that “Vincero! Vincero!” would surely boost Italy to another World Cup.

    And then the local shops with the faded posters of that 1982 team and the fading posters of the 2006 team could add a new one to their walls.

  40. http://bit.ly/bwD611

    Spain beats the Netherlands in the final. England beats Argentina for third place.

    I pray both Brazil and Italy crash early. Please, please, please!

  41. Brian-A says:

    #40 – Last year’s Confederations Cup greatly nursed hopes. National pride and BCC’s large US readership also may be at play.

  42. Aaron, the USA and World Cups have an odd relationship. In 1990, 1998, and 2006 they bombed finishing bottom of their group without a win. In 1994 and 2002 the exceeded expectations making it the the quarters (I think). My own theory is that in the 3 in which they bombed it was because all 3 were in Europe (Italy, France, Germany) where the European teams do much better therefore squeezing the USA out of the knock out rounds. By that reckoning they should do reasonably well in S Africa, especially as they played in a tournament there last year. And they do have a relatively soft group to make it out of. I think they’ll do well to make the quarters.

    Comments about the USA making the semis highlight the difference between USA fans (ever the optimists) and England fans (we’re not Brits when it comes to football). Naturally more reserved anyway, decades of hopes smashed on the rocks of reality have taught us to be very cautious about predictions, however optimistic we may feel.

  43. “Naturally more reserved anyway, decades of hopes smashed on the rocks of reality have taught us to be very cautious about predictions, however optimistic we may feel.”

    In the States, we call those types of people “Cubs fans,” Gomez.

    In all seriousness, though, look for Portugal to be the dark horse. C. Ronaldo is the second best player in the world, and unlike Messi, has a coach who isn’t full-on crazy. I can see them going deep.

  44. Funny, when I lived in the States I felt a natural affinity with the Cubs.

  45. Keep in mind that since 1966, only seven teams have even featured in a Final.

    Germany – 6 (66, 74, 82, 86, 90, 02)
    Brazil – 4 (70, 94, 98, 02)
    Italy – 3 (82, 94, 06)
    Argentina – 3 (78, 86, 90)
    Netherlands – 2 (74, 78)
    England – 1 (66)
    France – 1 (06)

    Since I was born after England won and Johan Cruyff was playing for the Dutch, I will drop them from the list and choose from the remainder. To help me narrow it down, I will consider that since 1950, Brazil or Germany have played in the title match, with the exception of 78 and 06. The odds are on one of them, even if they don’t look good until the knockout round.

    For the record, I am choosing Portugal over Brazil in the Final. Ronaldo is too good and proved it at the last World Cup. Messi hasn’t proved himself on the international stage yet. And I make this choice knowing that Nani is out injured.

  46. Call me a dreamer but I see Cote D’ Ivorie and Germany in the final. Yes. It can happen.

  47. Let me add that the years that Germany nor Brazil were in the Final, one of them finished in 3rd (Brazil 78 and Germany 06). Let it be noted that Brazil should have been in the Final in 78 but for bribing of the Peruvians by Argentina.

  48. Hans,

    Your math doesn’t pencil out.

    There should be 2 teams listed as appearing in the final each year.

    For instance, you have Brazil as appearing by itself in the ’98 final (France was there also, but was only credited on your list with appearing in the ’06 final). Likewise, somehow Brazil is shown as being the only finalist in ’70 (Italy was also there).

    But even so, that doesn’t change the number of teams who’ve appeared in the final since ’66. Based strictly on numbers of appearances, I’d pick Germany + Brazil as a likely matchup, or possibly Italy.

  49. Vincent says:

    It’s funny how not anyone has the Netherlands as favourite. I believe the dutch will win the cup. They haven’t lost the last 23 games, something no other team has accomplished this tournament. They just beat one of the favourites of the tournament: Brazil. I predict Argentina/Spain vs. The Netherlands in the final. Watch the Netherlands do it. They have the best team since the half finales against brazil that they’ve lost on penalty’s in ’98. (youtube: Dennis Bergkamp WK 1998 (Dutch commentary; Jack van Gelder) )

  50. Vincent: Check out the other WC threads on this site.

  51. Come now, MCQ. Making a prediction of a championship for a team already in the semifinals is a bold move!

  52. Vincent,

    In comment #20, I noted “I think the Netherlands will pull off an upset.”

  53. My bracket at work has Netherlands playing Portugal in the final and Portugal winning. Probably wasn’t smart on my part to pick two semi-dark horses.

  54. Netherlands ain’t no dark horse, but Portugal sure is.

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