BCC Zeitcast, Non-Podcast Bleg Edition

Been missing the Zeitcast lately? Okay, don’t answer that.

Although it’s been over two months since we put up a podcast here at BCC, if you subscribed to the podcast in iTunes, you’re aware that I actually recorded and posted four episodes last month in conjunction with the Banner of Heaven Retrospective I conducted over at Bloggernacle Times.[1] Now that that little event largely taken care of, the podcast will return to BCC in short order. But first, a couple of requests:

  1. The old-timers in the group may recall that previous years’ Zeitcasts took the form of individuals discussing posts from around the Bloggernacle. When I started recording podcasts last November, the first several episodes I recorded were largely in-jokes and banter among some of the BCC permas; the past 5-6 have taken a more personal, interview format with guests coming from outside of BCC–Rusty Clifton, MikeInWeHo, Geoff J, & DKL. I personally enjoyed the the 5-6 podcasts the most, and would like to continue in that, but I’m curious about your feedback–What topics are you interested in hearing about via podcast? Who would you like to hear interviews with? What criticism–constructive or otherwise–do you have? Does any of this matter to anyone?
  2. One of the sad realities of long-term website maintenance with many contributors is that, from time to time, things get lost. Such is the case with some of the early editions of the BCC Zeitcast. Over the course of the past few years, the original files changed hands a few times, a hosting service went belly-up, and a majority of the .mp3 files from Seasons 1 and 2 were lost. Through a lot of digging and some outside help from a few commenters, I’ve been able to recover a handful of files, but many are still missing.

At this point, you are certainly thinking, “But Scott B., what can I do to help you?!?” and I’m thrilled to hear it. What you can do is dig around in your computer, your iTunes library, your old iPod, or any other place you just might have stored an MP3 copy of one of old Zeitcast episodes. Below you’ll find a list of the episodes which are still missing from the archives of BCC. If you have any of these files, please contact me at scottb (at) bycommonconsent (dot) com and we can work out the details of a data transfer.

Thanks in advance for your help and/or feedback!

Missing BCC Zeitcast Episodes:

Zeitcast 1.12 – May 7, 2008
Zeitcast 1.15 – May 28, 2008
Zeitcast 1.16 – June 6, 2008
Zeitcast 1.17 – June 10, 2008
Zeitcast 1.18 – June 18, 2008
Zeitcast 1.19 – June 24, 2008
Zeitcast 1.20 – July 3, 2008
Zeitcast 1.21 – July 11, 2008
Zeitcast 2.1 – Sept 16, 2008
Zeitcast 2.2 – Sept 26, 2008
Zeitcast 2.3 – Oct 1, 2008
Zeitcast 2.4 – Nov 6, 2008
Zeitcast 2.5 – Nov 14, 2008
Zeitcast 2.6 – Nov 20, 2008
Zeitcast 2.11 – Feb 17, 2009
Zeitcast 2.12 – March 1, 2009
Zeitcast 2.13 – March 8, 2009
Zeitcast 2.14 – April 23, 2009
Zeitcast 2.15 – April 27, 2009
Zeitcast 2.16 – May 21, 2009

[1] If you missed those podcasts, then you also missed this.


  1. Who was running that dog-and-pony show before you?? Freaking irresponsible.

  2. Seriously. Two-bit monkeys, to be sure.

  3. esodhiambo says:

    Good luck collecting those episodes. Sorry I cannot help you.

    I also enjoy the interviews. I want to hear from annegb and maybe a group one with all those ZD folks. And Susan M. Can’t get enough of her. And BIV, please.

  4. A podcast with all the ZDs would be epic. It would also probably take a year to edit. I’ll think about it…

  5. Kristine says:

    A year to edit–hell, it would take a year to record!!

  6. esodhiambo says:

    Well get to work, then.

  7. The overwhelming response and outpouring of ideas from the apparent masses who wait on anxious toes for the next podcast is very stirring for me.

    I’ll get right on the next one, ESO.

  8. I actually really liked the ones where the guys would critique and review the week in the Bloggernacle.

    And you’re missing the exact episodes I don’t have either. I guess iTunes doesn’t carry those.

  9. Brian-A says:

    I greatly enjoy the Zeitcasts. I even like the banter among permas. Listening to the podcasts helped me discover and appreciate the personalities here. Mormon interview podcasting already is a crowded field, but I’m sure you can find ways to differentiate. That epic ZD interview would be a great start. One of your first posts on BCC was about the misadventures of an economist activity committee chair; I think interviewing another bloggernacle economist and sharing those kind of stories would make an interesting episode.

  10. I’m harvesting my podcast archive, and so far have the following file names that could be among the ones you’re looking for (don’t know dates for them — they’ve been copied too many times) :


  11. More Amri

  12. Meems,
    iTunes carries only what I put in to it. Hence the iTunes store reflects precisely the episodes I have, and am not missing.

    Fabulous! I will send you an email.

  13. Aaron R. says:

    Jacob, I loved Amri too.

    Actually, as part of ‘nacle education I have tried to listen to all the Zeitcasts. I like the discussion-based episodes primarily because I think you got a sense for the personalities and their friendship as well as getting to hear interesting conversation. An added benefit is that then you don’t have to try and come up with interesting content.

    In addition, if you choose the general discussion, as well as having a group of perma’s talking about stuff you could invite regular commenters to participate on a rotating basis.

  14. I like the interviews, but I loved the early discussion-of-the-Bloggernacle episodes and would be really sad to know they were never coming back. Maybe you could do a combination?

    Also: more Amri and Ronan.

  15. John Mansfield says:

    You should just re-record the missing podcasts. On second thought, if you do that, your enemies could modify their copies of the podcasts, and then mock you when your new recording doesn’t match. No. Better to just go on and forget about those old podcasts.

  16. I know Amri seems to be busy doing other things, but, I concur that Amri was a whole heck of a lot of fun and it would be wonderful to snag her again. And yes, more Ronan. Even if he hates all Americans.

    Finally, no vision of the Zeitcast future would be complete without the Cocoa Pebbles-smacking Steve Evans. Good times . . . Seriously, more Evans.

  17. Steve Evans says:

    Hunter, you magnificent sycophantic bastard.

  18. I’ll take that as a compliment.

  19. Okay, let’s do a review here:
    1. More Amri
    2. More old-format podcasts
    3. Steve & Ronan
    4. More Amri

    Is that a fair summary?

  20. I would also like more interview-based podcasts discussing massive Bloggernacle secrets and scandals I’ve never heard of.

  21. Steve Evans says:

    I want more awesome intros and multi-part sagas.

  22. More me! Also, buy me a microphone.

  23. Get the librarian a mic already.

  24. Don’t zeitcast your zeitpearls before zeitswein.

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