Guilty Pleasures

I love movies and watch a lot of them. So it may be surprising that I don’t have a big DVD collection. I usually go to a couple of first run movies a week at the theater, and then I’ll see some older movies on TV or using On Demand during the week. So I don’t really feel the need for a major DVD collection.

I do have a drawer full of DVDs, which mostly fall into three categories. Although I like most genres (except horror), there are some that I really like most of all. One category I actually keep around the house are martial arts films: the Bruce Lee collection, a couple of Tony Jaa’s films, Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. So far, so good.

The next category I keep in the house is Victorian romance. I have some version of all the Austen films in particular. If my wife goes off to a rock show in Minneapolis for the weekend, on occasion I’ll pop in the six-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice and watch the whole thing in one sitting. So now we’re starting to get into the embarrassing territory (or maybe we’re already there).

The last category I have is some of the specifically Mormon films. And here is where the embarrassment begins to skyrocket.

Saturday night my wife went to an art opening at the Cultural Center in Chicago. I had already seen my big screen movie for the day (Cyrus), and there was nothing good on TV. And I was in the mood to just laze and watch a flick.

So I opened the video drawer, considered my options, and plugged a DVD in the slot. My choice for the evening? Singles 2nd Ward!

Oh, my. If Richard Dutcher were dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

But as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I actually enjoyed watching it. There are specific scenes that crack me up, such as the old lady organist, or the soliloquy on Friends of Scouting.

Anyway, now you know my secret. Oh, the shame!

I went first, now it’s your turn. What are some of your guilty pleasures?


  1. Twilight audiobooks when I am travelling (which happens most every week). I can get them online for free from my library.

  2. Duran Duran

  3. Weird that you’re more ashamed of your Jane Austen films–a true literary giant–than you are of your martial arts films.

  4. mapinguari says:


  5. Flight of the Conchords DVD

  6. I listen to the Twilight books while running. Also, I went to the first movie about 8 times. I watch the BBC P&P while grading long tests. I’m sure I’ve done that 15 times at least. And a, Robert E. Howard. There. I said it. Conan.

  7. WVS (6),


    O’Brien? The Barbarian? The Destroyer? Don’t leave us hanging like that!

  8. WVS,

    What would be really awesome is if you listened to a dramatic reading of twilight by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson while running. We could call it coma-cardio.

  9. I like all kinds of movies. I’m with you on Jane Austen films. I haven’t seen one I didn’t like. I watch a lot of indie movies on netflix, but my real guilty pleasure is sappy romantic comedies.

  10. I refuse to feel guilty or embarrassed for liking what I like. I like it, so what?

    One of my favorite movies is A Walk to Remember, I assume a lot of people would be embarrassed to admit that? I don’t really know.

    Most of the movies I really like are pretty out of the mainstream.

  11. Leverage on TNT. The writing is horrible (especially the cliched evil CORPORATIONS in every episode), the acting is serviceable at best, and yet I keep watching it.

  12. Big Brother.

    No wait! I mean… documentaries. And volunteering. (I’m proud to say that at least I don’t watch the live feeds… just the 3 hours of “content” they show on tv.)

  13. Conan as in barbarian stories. (Although I did see the movie too.) I didn’t mean to necessarily connect Arnold to that.

    And don’t diss Bella. There’s something about Ilyana Kadushin’s voice that makes me zone out and not feel the pain. Guilty.

  14. I recently discovered the wonderful show “Family Guy.” Now THAT’S a guilty pleasure!

    Pleasedon’tjudgemepleasedon’tjudgeme . . .

  15. I’ve read an inordinate amount of X-Files fanfic. It’s embarrassing, but I refuse to feel guilty.

    The favored Mormon flick in our house is Sons of Provo. We watched it so many times we wore out the DVD. Don’t feel guilty about that, either. Just sad.

  16. A question for Kevin: How do you find a couple first-run movies each week that are worth seeing?

  17. Kevin Barney says:

    Susan M.: low standards. Plus if it really hits the dregs there’s an art house theater I can go to. (I like independent films.) I saw Winter’s Bone there last weekend, and all I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t raised in backwoods Missouri!

  18. Harry Potter fan fiction. Beat that, beeyatches. (Oh, wait, Rebecca just did.)

  19. I have the first two seasons of Due South, the Canadian TV show from the early ’90s, and plan on getting the third and final season this year. I love it.

  20. Kevin Barney says:

    Speaking of Canadian TV, my daughter turned me on to Trailer Park Boys. That’s some funny stuff!

  21. Two areas: comic books (Buffy, Star Trek, Simpsons, Bone).

    And tween fantasy books, (not Twilight) Goose Girl, Beauty, etc.

  22. Last night as I watched the Cowboy Bebop movie I found myself wondering why more Robotech wasn’t available on Netflix streaming.

  23. tween fantasy books, (not Twilight) Goose Girl, Beauty, etc.

    I cannot understand why any grown man should feel the slightest shred of embarrassment at reading Robin McKinley and Shannon Hale. Both are fine authors.

  24. Gold star for any woman who’s ever said “Let’s watch Dr. Who,” as my wife said to me last night. I could definitely spend eternity with that woman (and they’ll continue making Dr. Who well into the eternities, I’m sure).

  25. I’m fascinated by the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” Bill made fun of me but one day he sat with me and watched an episode and he kind of understands now. Somebody at the beauty shop said it can’t be real. But it looks pretty real. Although since I’ve never met anybody or know anybody who knows somebody who didn’t know they were pregnant, maybe it is fake.

  26. Sara Bay says:

    Kelly Clarkson. Since U Been Gone is a great song.

  27. The Amazing Race

    Fish Tacos

    End-of World scenario science fiction books

    The Gilmore Girls

    Oh, and like that other Kevin, anything Jane Austen.

    Wait, that’s way too much guilt. Okay, I don’t feel guilty about fish tacos anymore.

  28. When I walk around town (my mode of transportation), I always listen to sports podcasts like BS Report, Dan Patrick Show, etc.

    Also, I sometimes (often?) put my literature snobbery on hold and enjoy a novel that, though lacking literary merits, has a gripping plot. Like Dan Brown, Lee Child….*blush*

  29. “What are some of your guilty pleasures?”

    Well, there’s the the Ted Bundy-style serial murders I commit at every full moon. Coming in a close second, though, is watching The Fringe. That is, it’s second only if you consider my ritualistic cannibalism to be a separate event from the aforementioned serial killings, in which case The Fringe comes in third.

  30. Michelle says:

    (Side comment–I just watched the new BBC 4-hour version of Emma, and it is fantastic)

  31. Adam Greenwood says:

    Embezzlement and cockfighting.

  32. JT in Chicago says:

    the Chicago Cubs, an increasingly fruitful source of embarassment.

  33. Matt W. says:

    For Embarrassing:
    I enjoy watching Veggie tales with my kids.

    I check Newsarama six times a day and keep up on comics and tv shows like lost only via wikipedia.

    I blog about Mormon theology

    I watch BYU TV

  34. Molly_MW says:

    Gossip Girl.

  35. Saturday Morning Cartoons a la Johnny Test.

    No, I don’t have kids.

  36. CS Eric says:

    iCarly. Wizards of Waverly Place. We have no children in our house.

    Food Network’s Challenge. Cake Boss.

    Babylon 5.

  37. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you asked. I love the Very Mary-Kate webisodes, they are hilarious. Take a gander. I promise you’ll be glad you did…

  38. Oh dear, iCarly.

  39. Flight of Dragons. Classic 1982 fantasy animation!

  40. So You Think You Can Dance.

    Kevin, I’m so curious if you liked Cyrus. I’ve been interested in seeing it. I have a crush on John C. Reilly.

  41. Harry Potter fan fiction. Beat that, beeyatches. (Oh, wait, Rebecca just did.)

    On the other hand, I don’t write the stuff.

  42. S.P. Bailey says:

    Little House on the Prairie

  43. Celebrity Apprentice. Anything with Gordon Ramsay. The Good Guys.

  44. @26 – *Love* Kelly Clarkson. And almost everything my 13-year-old listens to.

  45. #39–
    My wife has been hoping for a DVD release of the Flight of Dragons for years. I’ve never seen it.

    My guilty pleasure: reading and laughing at creationist arguments. I live close to a world-class creationist “museum” that I need to go and visit while we still live here.

  46. Tim — They should have a good chunk of FoD on YouTube. I admit to having emailed Warner Bros. numerous times lobbying for a DVD release. :)

    Troll 2 anyone?

  47. Scratch that. It’s out on DVD now. Guess I know what I’m getting her for Christmas.

  48. My guilty pleasure? Say Yes to the Dress. And Law & Order reruns.

    And I second nifty–how was Cyrus? It’s about the only movie in theaters now that looks like it’s worth spending money on, so I’m considering whether to see it.

  49. Kevin Barney says:

    I too am (or was) a Gilmore Girls fan.

    Yes, I liked Cyrus and would recommend it.

  50. Anything in the Masterpiece series on PBS. Not too embarrassing, except that most of our friends are watching Chelsea Lately or some such show while we’re hanging out retirement-home style watching Miss Marple.

    We also love Doctor Who and a bunch of other PBS/BBC programming. And now are kids are addicted as well.

    Also, I listen to top 40 rap music quite a bit. I’m embarrassed to admit it.

  51. chelseaw says:

    Amen, JA Benson! I love Flight of the Conchords too. Saw them in concert last year, they were hilarious.

    For guilty pleasure in book form I always go back to Bridget Jones’ Diary (don’t bother with the movies, they’re horrible.)

    And I can watch Arrested Development over and over and over again. It never stops being funny.

  52. Look folks, liking quality shows isn’t a guilty pleasure — it’s just a regular pleasure. Let’s stay focused, people.

  53. Serious. The things you guys feel guilty about blows my mind.

  54. dear abby.
    sneaking chocolate chips and hoping my kids don’t catch me.

  55. Mommie Dearest says:

    Is Glee trashy/lowbrow enough to qualify?

  56. Tom & Lorenzo and Go Fug Yourself.

  57. @55–If you find yourself confused about just what exactly constitutes a “guilty pleasure” then please remind yourself of the atrocity Kevin admitted to in the OP:

    He watched The Singles 2nd Ward. And he liked it.

  58. What Scott said. Liking a show that’s enormously popular and nominated for 19 Emmys doesn’t exactly cut it.

  59. Morgan Lee says:

    I agree with number 52. A high-quality show is not a guilty pleasure. That’s why despite the remarks of a few people I know, I have no apologies for owning all of Seinfeld and Northern Exposure on DVD; for watching The Simpsons which my father tells me I am too old to watch because it’s a “cartoon” (I’m 30+); or for watching True Blood and Dexter.

    True guilty pleasures for me are I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant (already mentioned by someone, and yes, I think it’s real) and having ABBA on my iPod. My husband watches anime cartoons and he is so embarrassed by it that he refuses to do it in front of me. He knows I know about it, but once, when he didn’t hear me coming, I managed to walk in on him while he was watching one. He was so mortified, you’d think he was doing something else…

  60. Now you’re making me feel bad for watching and loving every episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Not kidding.

  61. Mommie Dearest says:

    Nineteen (!) Emmys notwithstanding, there’s something guilt-inducing about having a minor obsession with it. But it’s not in the same league as “The Singles 2nd Ward.”

  62. What Scott said. Liking a show that’s enormously popular and nominated for 19 Emmys doesn’t exactly cut it.

    However, liking a show that’s enormously popular and nominated for 19 Emmys to the point of watching it repeatedly while wearing nothing but a super-short pair of cutoffs would probably cut it.

  63. chelseaw says:

    OK, with Steve Evan’s 52 in mind, my true guilty pleasure is watching marathons of “16 and Pregnant” on MTV. Is that embarrassing enough?

  64. I used to watch a lot (a whole lot) of Saturday Morning Cartoons (including Yu-Gi-Oh). I could say, in all sincerity, that the moral dilemmas presented in Yu-Gi-Oh made it the most compelling cartoon built around selling trading cards ever created. Sadly, there are an awful lot of these.

    The Singles 2nd Ward just isn’t funny. I watched it, too, but then I later started telling people to not check it out. When the librarian tells you to back away slowly from the book or video, that is when it is truly terrible.

    That said, I like The RM.

  65. John C., when next we meet we shall do a dramatic reader’s theatre of Yu-Gi-Oh. Dibs on Seto Kaiba.

    Chelseaw, not nearly guilty enough. But closer.

  66. That’s cool. I can do both Yugi and the Pharaoh (or whatever he is)

  67. I used to stay up all night to watch Adult Swim cartoons, without being stoned. I’m pretty sure that is shaming.

  68. Buffy. And even worse, Charmed. I only watch them when my husband’s gone because I would be too embarrassed to enjoy them in his company. And I want to go see Eclipse, but again, not with him.
    Also paperback mysteries, all kinds, from Charlaine Harris and Elizabeth Peters to Agatha Christie and Rex Stout.

  69. Morgan Lee says:

    I had to do some convincing to get my husband to let me watch Adult Swim with him, but anime is off limits. I guess.

  70. reader Rachel (68),
    Suggesting that one should be embarrassed about liking Buffy is likely to get you banninated if you’re not careful. That’s hallowed ground you’re trampling on there.

  71. I love Survivor.

  72. On the other hand, I don’t write the stuff.

    I have. Published, too.

  73. I used to watch a lot (a whole lot) of Saturday Morning Cartoons (including Yu-Gi-Oh).

    I used to also, only they revolved around “Super Friends” and the like.

  74. Look people: if it’s a critical favorite or a cult classic or a camp classic, it’s not a guilty pleasure no matter what your gender or education level or socioeconomic class and no matter whether it’s a reality show or cartoon or whatever. It also can’t be a guilty pleasure if it’s already a hipster guilty pleasure. So, for example, Teletubbies (even if you watch them while not stoned) don’t count.

    So for example:

    The Amazing Race so doesn’t count — it along with Top Chef (and a few others) are the reality shows that TV critics point to as reality TV done right. Big Brother, on the other hand, is a guilty pleasure (although I’m not sure that pleasure is the right word to associate with it).

    Family Guy doesn’t count. Nor does Adult Swim. Yu-Gi-Oh probably does. Batman the Animated Series doesn’t. With Anime it all depends on which titles we’re talking about.

    Harry Potter fan fiction might be too prevalent a taste to be a true guilty pleasure, but I’ll allow it. X-files fan fic may or may not count. Firefly, Buffy or Angel fan fic definitely does not count. Twilight fan fic is worthy of confession.

    My confessions:

    I watch Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares — the non-British ones.

    I’ve seen at least 15 episodes of Pokemon (not viewed with a child present) and 20-30 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh, 15-20 episodes of ¡Mucha Lucha! and 10-15 episodes of Static Shock.

    I’ve seen almost every episode of Keeping Up Appearances (and Are You Being Served? — but that doesn’t count. Neither does As Time Goes By [because of the Dame Judi Dench factor]).

  75. Mommie Dearest says:

    So, even though I feel both guilt and pleasure when watching it, Pee-Wee’s playhouse doesn’t count?

  76. What about CSPAN? Or CSPAN2?

  77. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse is a classic.

    And no, public interest programming doesn’t count.

  78. The Gilmore Girls?! – perhaps the show with the worst acting in the history of television – except perhaps Murphy Brown and Seinfeld (ok, only Jerry). Yeah, that’s worthy of the guilty label.

    When I was much younger, it was Danielle Steele novels. Three years ago, it was blogging way too much. Now, it’s Nicholas Sparks movies – and Twilight movies.

  79. seriously? Arrested Dev? Try this season’s Bachelorette. I am hooked, so much that I love to see the tabloid covers at the Grocery store hoping they’ll give me a glimpse of what is to come…..definition of guilty pleasure. And I usually eat lots of ice cream while I’m watching it.

  80. The Gilmore Girls had the worst acting in the history of television? What makes you say that, Ray? I can understand not liking for a variety of reasons, but the acting doesn’t make the top of the list at all. But your opinion notwithstanding, the show got too much critical attention for it to be a guilty pleasure. Even for dudes (and, yes, I’ve seen every episode — although only seasons 1-3 are worth watching if you’re late to this series).

    Oh, here’s a question: One Tree Hill is definitely a guilty pleasure (although not one of mine). But what about Felicity? I’ve seen every episode of Felicity. Oh, and I’ve seen probably 2-3 seasons worth of both What I Like About You and Reba episodes. (I went through a major WB phase during the late ’90s/early Oughts).

  81. ABBA is a guilty pleasure? It’s like I’m living in an alternate universe or something.

  82. Things I like that people might see something “wrong” with (and they can bite me — I don’t care):

    Twilight books and movies (not a Twi-dad, but they’re not bad)
    Boy Meets World (and the Torkelsons, although I haven’t been able to find them anywhere)
    Law and Order (every brand, every line up, but I adore the Moriarty/Hennesy/Noth/Florek combination)
    Gilmore Girls (best combination of witty dialog and pretty people not produced by Joss Whedon)
    BSG (the original, as well as the recent one — Jane Seymour was amazingly beautiful and enchanting, although Grace Park was pretty amazing too)
    HaleStorm films (not so much the Home Teachers and The Work and The Story, and I probably would like the Sons of Provo CD more than the film) and SWII over SW (the cute red-head was way more fun to watch)
    Other Mormon films like The Dance, and the Mormon Pride and Prejudice.
    Heart-wrenching/tugging documentaries like Born in Brothels, Murderball, Paperclips, and others.
    All things Austen (although not so much the Frances O’Conner Mansfield Park, and I won’t be watching Lost in Austen a second time).
    Christmas movies and music all year around (It’s a Wonderful Life, One Magic Christmas, Mr. Krueger’s Christmas, etc.)
    Good Romantic Comedies (Serendipity, The Holiday, Must Love Dogs, Return to Me, Raising Helen, etc.)
    Cameron Crow films (Almost Famous, Elizabethtown, Say Anything)
    Anything Whedon except Dollhouse, and I haven’t finished Dr. Horrible.
    I’ll stop now.

  83. 81 — And ABBA. I love ABBA.

  84. This was an adorable post.

    My truly guilty pleasure is Little Britain. Because it’s bad. I had a photo of me taken at Llandewi Brevi’s little village sign.

    Air Supply. That’s a guilty pleasure.

    Hmm. I don’t think I have guilty pleasure TV. I only like awesome TV. Even Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Arthur, both of which I can happily watch without children accompanying me, are awesome.

  85. I think that watching Adult Swim while not stoned, while it may not be a guilty pleasure, is some degree of pathetic. Like listening to Dark Side of the Moon while not being stoned.

    At least half of those things don’t qualify as guilty pleasures. That said, I used to watch Even Stevens. And Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the tv show.

  86. Okay, Mommy Dearest (#55), I definitely think Glee should qualify as a guilty pleasure. I just wrote a short tirade explaining why. But some might call that thread jacking or whatever….

  87. Tracks 5 & 6 from the Campbell Bros. album “Can You Feel It?” go against the grain of every spiritual/musical instinct ingrained from a lifetime of extensive musical experience in the church. However, since John Medeski produced it, I can happily invoke Article 13 due to its loveliness and praiseworthiness, even while feeling slightly deviant for enjoying this stuff every. single. time.

  88. You have to be stoned to listen to Dark Side of the Moon??? All is lost.

    I love Little Britain, Natasha.

  89. While I was among the Enforcers of Guilty-Pleasure Purity above, I have to say that Wm Morris is over the top with his pronouncements of what is and isn’t a guilty pleasure. Boo, Wm Morris! Boo! You’re a Guilty-Pleasure Bully!

  90. The Gilmore Girls

  91. Wow. I guess my chronically short attention span has spared me from having all that many guilty pleasures, so far as movies/TV go. I do like television, but really only couple of half-hour long comedies these days. I pretty much only watch movies as a social obligation, with a few rare exceptions.

    But music, now that’s a whole different story. I keep pretending that my love of trashy pop music is ironic, but really, I just love it.

  92. 70–My husband should be banninated for making me feel guilty about it.

  93. Steve Evans says:

    Wm is right — basically you guys are a bunch of wusses.

  94. 85 — I don’t feel guilt about any of them. (thus the “bite me” introduction) I save guilt for serious stuff. Life’s too short.

  95. Hannah Montana, People Magazine, Reality TV shows (but not the scuzzy ones – I hate those), and game shows. You can call me Mrs. Pedestrian, I guess.

  96. Oh yeah – the worse: The original series of Beverly Hills 90210. :-(

  97. Beeblebrox says:

    Old B&W episodes of Doctor Who from the 60s, full of stagey declaiming by Shakespearean actors and dodgy rubber masks. Just the thing to curl up with, cup of cocoa at hand.

  98. Darwintroll says:

    Robot Chicken! The wife hates it…so I have to keep my finger on the channel changer.

    I regret nothing!

  99. Sometimes I get on a site, perhaps “The People of Wal-Mart” or maybe “Shoes That Kill”, and go back and read every single one of the entries, even though they’re completely boring and repetitive after the first few. It’s like a compulsion to read every last blessed one. It’s not even a pleasure; it’s excruciating! But I can’t stop. Okay, I probably need some Prozac or something.

    I read the entire American Heritage Dictionary and stayed up all night reading it several times. My insomnia can be pretty robust.

  100. America’s Next Top Model.

    I can’t believe I typed that out loud. Totally stupid, worthless, trashy, degrading television. I love it. Go ahead and cast the stones.

    Also, I may or may not have been known to eat an entire can of frosting. By myself. More than once.

  101. Sunny, I drink maple syrup. Damn, that’s STILL classier. I just can’t help it.

  102. Grey’s Anatomy – everyone but the chief is a slut
    Sponge Bob – ALWAYS hilarious
    Saturday’s Warrior – the book, the cd & the movie ! yikes.
    bks – if you murder ppl, I'[ll read it.

  103. By Common Consent.

  104. The Waltons.

  105. There’s absolutely no reason to consider Robert E. Howard a guilty pleasure, WVS: his work’s collected in the Library of America and Penguin Classics. I’d like to see Stephenie Meyer’s work collected there a hundred years hence.

  106. Aaron R. says:

    The Jeremy Kyle Show.

  107. Antonio Parr says:

    I . . . ~occasionally~ listen to . . .

    EFY CD’s.

    There . . . I said it. (Not really — I ~wrote~ it, but the self-loathing is still there . . . )

    Cloying, manipulative, formulaic, and yet there are always a few cuts that evoke in me the syrupy response intended when the song was written.

    Forgive me, Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Leonard Cohen, and all of your inklings, for I have sinned . . .

  108. Peter LLC says:

    Sean Kingston feat. Justin Bieber – Eenie Meenie

    Summer choonz!

  109. StephanieQ says:

    I buy all the KidzBop CDs and immediately put them on my i-pod. More than a few of the songs are better than the original! Plus, it’s hilarious listening to the ways they clean up the lyrics.

  110. 16 and Pregnant. Also, Dharma and Greg, which I can’t believe I actually own a DVD of.

    Sons of Provo is fantastic. I don’t feel guilty about it, just weird because I’m not LDS and I like it so much. Of the many Mormon movies I’ve made my non-Mormon friends watch, it’s the only one (besides maybe Brigham City) that they’ve genuinely enjoyed.

  111. You have to be stoned to listen to Dark Side of the Moon??? All is lost.

    Thats ridiculous. Pink Floyd is its own drug. The entrancing melodies of Pink Floyd listened to in a dark room create a mellow high akin to a bong hit. And thats science people!

  112. D. Fletcher says:

    I have a big collection. Huge. More than 3,000 DVDs and BDs.

    Guilt…means something different to a Mormon. My favorite guilty pleasures (using the LDS kind of guilt) are movies by Quentin Tarantino, all gory and sick and fun.

    The only “Mormon” film I can watch is Napolean Dynamite. The Deutcher films are unwatchable.

  113. I’m not accepting the credibility of your backlash Scott B. until you weigh in on Felicity.

  114. Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.

    Best. Guilty. Pleasure. Ever. Seriously, you should watch it. It makes you feel really good about yourself and your life choices.

  115. D. Fletcher says:

    I’m watching The Bachelorette. Yes, guilty.

  116. Antonio Parr says:

    I thought that by sharing my guilty pleasure I would experience a measure of cathartic cleansing. You know — “My name is Antonio, and I listen to EFY CD’s”, followed by some cyber 12-step, and all would be well.

    Not so — I feel just as sullied –nay, more sullied — then when I began.

    This thread is a trap! For those of you who have yet to join in, run away! Keep you shame hidden and secret. It is for your own good.

  117. run away!

    Well, way to kill the conversation.

  118. Antonio Parr says:

    Brave Sir Robin ran away…
    bravely ran away away…
    When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
    Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about, and valiantly, he chickened out.
    Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat. A brave retreat by brave Sir Robin.

  119. And in an attempt to not run away:

    Guilty pleasure: Chuck. And 80’s hair metal.

  120. How DARE you insinuate some sort of guilt associated with Chuck??? Chuck is awesomeness incarnate. Pride my friend, stand among the Chuck-ites and feel pride!

    80s hair metal? If not used in an ironic sense, blasting it with a bunch of friends and laughing at Bret Michaels trying to be cool while wairing makeup, hairspay, and singing Unskinny Bop. Yeah, THAT would be a guilty pleasure.

  121. #118, Antonio Parr, you are an upper class twit! Got any Stinking Bishop?

  122. Antonio Parr says:

    121: Kevinf

    Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of silly persons!

    P.S. You father smelt of elderberries . . .

  123. Only because of the very conservative neighborhood I live in, I am embarrased to admit this, but my most favorite show ever was and is West Wing. I know it is a fabulous show that I shouldn’t feel shame but I can’t talk about it ever, so it feels like a guilty pleasure. Welcome to Provo. I love SpongeBob and will watch it with or without my kidos. I find myself quoting it and referencing it as a teaching tool when a particular episode applies.

  124. Mark B. says:

    Not a single person fessing up to watching Jerry Springer while waiting at the doctor’s office, or Maury “you ARE the father” Povich while at the emergency room.

    So, we’ve got a sanitized list of guilty pleasures, I’m afraid.

  125. Eric S. says:

    Fun post, thank you! The best part is how different people’s guilt-dar is calibrated differently. Here’s mine: singing George Michael out loud in the car. Boo yah! There, you drew it out of me! There are others. Too funny when someone on the freeway catches me.

  126. Ok, I’ll say it: I watch paternity testing on Maury Povich and I love it.

  127. Antonio and kevin, I wave . . . never mind.

  128. Do and count? How about

  129. Sanitized is right. People are talking “embarrassing” pleasures. Now I’m not saying a lot of your TV shows aren’t dumb, but the only guilt is from wasting time. For it to be a guilty pleasure, there should be some real guilt. That doesn’t mean shoplifting or porn, necessarily. It could be eating ice cream before bedtime (makes you fat!) If you’re a smug, self-righteous Mormon like me, it could include watching “Kill Bill” or drinking Dr. Pepper.

    Personally, I like tickling my kids. To the point that they can’t breathe. To the point that I can make them run away squealing with a single look.

    My wife wonders what’s wrong with me. She asks if I don’t feel guilty that a simple bedtime hug from me will cause my kids to vibrate, and I have to admit, yes. It most definitely makes me feel guilty.

    But the pleasure I feel at being able to shred my 16-year-old’s veneer of maturity with a single feint is too great to resist.

  130. Eric S. says:

    Anna 126–That is friggin’ nuanced and hilarious!! You couldn’t resist Mark B’s call out two posts earlier. Good stuff.

  131. Spray cheese in a can. With or without crackers. Especially the bacon flavor. Any closer to a guilty pleasure?

  132. Martin,
    I also love tickling my kids; however, in my case, my kids love it. LOVE IT. Seriously, my 4-year old probably asks me to tickle him 2-4 times a day. And I’m not talking about light tickling–but the kind you describe, where he finally just collapses from exhaustion with his face red from laughing so hard. Then, a few minutes later, he wants more tickling.

    My 2-year old daughter has recently picked up on this, and is now doing the same.

  133. Antonio Parr says:

    Another guilty pleasure:

    I am a shrubber. I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies.

    However, there is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress in this period in history.

  134. 133 — Ni! Ni!

    132 — Be sure to thank God for every day of that.

  135. I used to watch Elimidate. I do feel guilty about that.

  136. willswords says:

    Let me try again. My current guilty pleasure are Old Spice ads.

  137. Antihero says:

    World’s Strongest Man competitions at 2 AM on any alternate ESPN channel. Or if they are on during the day. Pretty much anytime they are on, I’ll watch them.

  138. Plastic surgery shows. We don’t have cable anymore but when we did I lost so much sleep watching plastic surgery shows. Oh and the original Japanese “Iron Chef” Any closer? I really want a guilty pleasure. I pretty much just have guilt with no pleasure.

  139. cinepro says:

    Actually, “Singles 2nd Ward” was pretty dang funny for what it was.

    The funniest joke is in the deleted scenes, where they have several different takes of a guy making announcements in Sacrament meeting. Each take is a different announcement, the last one being something like “Tonight’s fireside with Richard Dutcher on Avoiding Temptation in the Media has been Postponed indefinitely…”

    There’s also a funny take on mormon urban legends.

  140. I got sucked right into Kid Nation. I watched the whole series in two days. Also, I listened to the whole audiobook of The Da Vinci Code and hated myself for enjoying it so much.

    But my favorite guilty pleasure–movies with prominent LGBT characters. Especially Rent and Kinky Boots.

  141. I saw Singles 2nd Ward and, even though there were a few funny parts, I couldn’t enjoy it. The whole thing just seemed to be making unfair jabs and caricatures of non-members.

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