Monday Late Night Lived Mormonism Poll: Third Answer Edition

We are all familiar with the “Sunday School” answers. They are prayer, reading the scriptures, and…

It seems to me that we all have the same first two answers, but that there is some variation on the third. So, what do you think is the third Sunday School answer? I’ve come up with some possibilities, but feel free to chose and post a different answer in the comments. Or feel free to object to my saying that the first two are always the same. You’d be wrong, of course, but I can live with that.

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  1. Prayer, scripture study, *Family Home Evening*

  2. People,
    If you choose other, please put your other in the comments. It will help my sanity.

  3. Hmm, “Attending Church” is the pre-mission age answer. I think “Temple” is the adult answer. So are you talking youth or adult Sunday School?

  4. The third was always “tithing settlement” in our seminary.

  5. Latter-day Guy says:

    “Pray, read your scriptures, go to church…” is the way I’ve heard it most often. (However, I sometimes wonder if––at least in the wards I’ve lived in––there wasn’t a silent item hiding in there: “Pray, read your scriptures, [vote republican,] go to church…”)

  6. “pray, read your scriptures, pay your tithing” was most common in my youth sunday school (not very long ago), but “go to church was an occasional variant.

  7. Other. All of the above? And John, nothing can help your sanity.

  8. Other = pay your tithing.

  9. Definitely “go to church” (not “attend”–these are quick SS answers after all) for all those years growing up, but then Temple gets added after you are an adult.

  10. There’s actually a “top ten SS answers.” The top three are pray, read the scriptures, attend church, but the list goes on, i.e., pay tithing, fast, obey the WoW, be honest, be chaste, have charity, and endure to the end.

    You’re welcome.

  11. … and oppose “those people who want us to pay for their health care.”

  12. Peter LLC says:

    “those people who want us to pay for their health care.”

    Although I suspect that for some sunday schools those people are just a subset of “those who want to take away our freedoms.”

  13. Exactly, Peter.

  14. living in zion says:

    Obviously, the third answer has to be Go To The Temple. As a youth, it is about participating in Baptisms for the Dead. As an adult it is preparing and being worthy to go to temple. All other answers fall under the requirements needed to qualify to attend the temple.

    The answers in life order are:
    1. Nursery – “Jesus”
    2. Sunbeam – “Jesus loves me”
    3. Early Primary – ” Get Baptized”
    4. Senior Primary – ” Prayer, Scriptures, Family”
    5. YM/YW – “Prayer, Scriptures, Temple, Priesthood, Motherhood”
    6. Adulthood- “Prayer, Scriptures, Temple”

    Feel free to print this reference out and laminate it for future use. You will never be wrong in any setting.

  15. I was going to put tithing up as an answer. Now I feel shame.

  16. Gilgamesh says:

    It should be service, but I picked “Attending Church.”

  17. philomytha says:

    I thought it was either “listen to the Holy Ghost” or “pay your tithing.”

  18. living in zion says:

    # 15 – Don’t feel bad. You didn’t have full enlightenment. Now you know the proper order of things. Go forth and sin no more.

  19. There is no third answer. It’s “pray and read your scriptures,” period.

  20. keep the commandments

  21. #12 – I’ve heard the “health care” topic and “freedoms being absconded” here in Arizona during Sunday School. (Which I why I hang out in the clerk’s office with my husband during that hour…)

  22. StillConfused says:

    I chose attending church because I would have picked “renewing your covenants” – the standard sacrament answer. I didn’t pick temple because not ever adult does the temple thing. I didn’t pick fasting because that seems to be more of a monthly thing whereas going to church is more weekly. I didn’t pick service because, while I consider it of utmost importance, it seems that the LDS faith wants you doing LDS specific stuff.

    P.s. I went back east to visit my daughter in DC (I live in Provo now). Church was great because: 1. the songs were played at tempo; 2. There was ethnic diversity (African-Americans both blessed and passed the sacrament); and 3. the Sunday School class was devoid of any “pat answer” questions. My husband was quite shocked but he is a Utah/Idaho boy.

  23. and the 3rd is…

    .be poor in spirit (and come unto the Lord)
    .mourn for those who mourn
    .be meek
    .hunger and thirst after righteousness
    .be merciful
    .be pure in heart
    .be a peacemaker

    nah – only kidding – we don’t talk about that stuff. In my seven years on the high council I was never once given any of the beatitudes as a subject for a talk in sacrament meeting.

  24. The correct answer is “Pray, Read your Scriptures, Joseph Smith.”
    For the next three, it is “Jesus, Tithing, BYU.”
    After that, it is “Brother Beck, Family Home Evening, Word of Wisdom.”

  25. follow the girl money prophet.

  26. ah, Norbert is right. “Follow the (living) prophet” is a close third and gaining ground on the other two.

  27. Benson’s “pray, pay, and obey” is a pretty strong threesome also.

  28. If you follow Beck’s ‘Faith Hope and Charity’ you will not be led astray.. lol

  29. I voted ‘go to church’, but I’m sure if some folks had a choice in the youth programs it’d be “You have sex, you die. Don’t have sex.” Or something along the lines of any other extreme parenting ideas, such as “___ sin is next to murder” even if it’s not so.

  30. lurker123 says:

    Newly Housewife, what do you make of Alma 29: 5, then? Maintaining that sexual sin is abominable and nearly as grievous as murder is not just a “parenting idea”–it’s in the scriptures.

  31. Faith. They have to be answers that would be shouted out in a call and response type discussion/lesson.

  32. The other is definitively: Keep the Commandments.

  33. Oh I just read the comments and notice that Joy also said Keep the Commandments. I just wanted to let you know that she and I are right.

  34. Last Lemming says:

    Joy and meems are indeed correct.

  35. It's a series of tubes says:

    re: 30 – Haven’t you yet noticed that it’s quite ‘hip’ around here to express views that are clearly contradicted in the canon?