BCC Zeitcast 55: More Topics Than Usual

The BCC Zeitcast returns from a short summer vacation! In this episode, Scott B. is joined by DKL and a random John for a discussion of too many topics to list, including Glenn Beck, Church block programs, thinking evil of your fellow saints, chocolate, and a fractured [BLEEP]. Download this episode here or subscribe to the BCC Zeitcast in iTunes. (And don’t forget to leave a rating/review in iTunes!)

Links for your convenience:

1. The new SCMC Blog
2. arJ’s Kulturblog post about pure cane sugar soda.
3. Clark’s chocolate website.
4. The beginning of the rehash of the fight between TT & Kurt at BT.
5. The Brazilian [BLEEP] Fish, as featured on Grey’s Anatomy.


  1. Oh man, I am scared to death of the Candiru! I’ll never go to Brazil.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    Listened to it over lunch; I enjoyed the ‘cast.

  3. >a fractured [BLEEP]


    Oh wait, hilarious!

  4. SCMC screams fake blog.

    Is that a bleep worthy word?
    and apparently, it is really common in Iran.

  5. It’s not a bleep worthy word except to the extent that it actually was a HIPPA violation to disclose it.

  6. Ronan is never impressed.


  7. Oh good! Time to break out the iPod.

  8. I believe it was because back in the olden days kids didn’t really go to the sacrament meetings.

  9. Actually, of course, it’s good. Well done lads.

  10. ROUSes??? All over Argentina. They have a really trippy leather.

  11. J, I can’t remember too well back then because I was pretty young, but I definitely remember attending both Sunday School in the morning and Sacrament Mtg. in the late afternoon/evening. I can’t remember specifically if I got the sacrament twice, though.

  12. mmiles, I just read your link. And people think the “Miracle of Forgiveness” is harsh…

  13. Sorry about the lack of clarification. I may be mistaken, but I believe that in the early Utah period children really didn’t attend Sunday services (hours long preaching in the Tabernacles). The Sunday Schools where more accessible and so they offered the sacrament. With time as more people brought their children (actually more people came themselves) to Sacrament Meeting the older practice just continued. As I said, I may be mistaken; I need to look into this a bit more.

  14. Re children and the sacrament: “In order that children may have the opportunity to partake of the sacrament, and be taught the value and importance of that ordinance, we desire the bishops and their counselors in the various Wards to administer the sacrament every Sunday morning in the Sunday Schools. In settlements where there are Meeting Houses sufficiently spacious to admit of children attending the public meetings on Sunday afternoon, we suggest that they be encouraged to go there. If it should not require too much walking, they might assemble first at the place where the Sunday School is held, and from there walk, under the guidance of their superintendents and teachers, to the meeting. But whether this be done or not, they should have seats set apart for them to occupy in the Meeting House, and while there they should be in charge of their teachers. These seats should be made very comfortable, so that the children will not get uneasy; the children should be waited upon with water to drink. This need not interfere with the administration of the sacrament in the schools; for though some of the children may partake of it there and at meeting also, there others would miss it altogether if they did not partake of it in the school room. The proper observance of the Lord’s day would be greatly increased among the rising generation if this were to become a custom in all our settlements.” FP Circular, July 11, 1877.

  15. B.Russ,
    The Chupacabra is the only ROUS with which the Bloggernacle is well pleased.

  16. Justin (14),
    Fantastic find. Thank you!

  17. 15 well now you’re just confusing mythologies.

    Also, I get the feeling from various comments I’ve read over the months that chupacabras are part of a ‘nacle joke that I’m not “in” on. Is that the case?

  18. It is true. I know the author of a series called “Bloggernacle Classics” who may or may not be planning on doing a post about the role of the Chupacabra in the Bloggernacle in the near future.

  19. awesome.

  20. Nice job, guys. What was the end bumper music, Scott?

  21. Glad you asked, Tracy–it is one of my favorite songs in the world. The song is called The Parting Glass, and the singer in this version of is Shaun Davey. I extracted it from the actual film score of Waking Ned Devine, since it’s not included on the soundtrack.

    There are other versions, including a nice one by the Wailin’ Jennys and another by Sinead O’Connor, but this one is by far my favorite.

  22. AS a side story, a friend in my ward was recently telling me that when she was little her Bishop made her father sign a letter promising he would not bring his kids to church, while her Sunday School teacher kept pushing for her father to bring the kids to church.. His Bishop was eventually excommunicated over the issue, and her Sunday School teacher went on to replace him as Bishop. What makes this story interesting is that the Sunday School teacher was Bruce R. McConkie.

  23. DKL,

    They were nice to you at Sunstone because they were in awe of you good looks.

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